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“Golden-voiced” Homeless Man Offered Job With Cleveland Cavilers, Accepts Job From Miami Heat

A rapidly spreading video of a homeless man by the name of Ted Williams showing off his surprising “radio voice” has now become the reason Mr. Williams was offered a full-time job with the Cleveland Cavaliers, offering him the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity turn his back on the team and the city to join the play-by-play crew of the Miami Heat.

Ted Williams credits his vocal talent to a school field trip to a radio station when he was 14 and living in Brooklyn, New York. During the field trip, Mr. Williams was surprised to discover the radio announcer looked nothing like he sounded. The announcer telling a young Williams, “Radio is defined ‘theater of mind’”.

Ever since then, Williams began to hone his own radio voice, even going to school for professional training.

After an addiction to alcohol and drugs ruined his life, Mr. Williams was reduced to panhandling on the side of an Ohio road, offering up his “golden voice” in exchange for spare change. After an Ohio-based news outlet filmed Mr. Williams and showed his story and talent to the world, job offers began to pour in – one of which coming from the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

But mere minutes after the Cavaliers offered Williams the job during a live interview with an Ohio radio station, legendary basketball coach and President of the Miami Heat Pat Riley offered Williams an even dreamier dream job: to be the play-by-play announcer for the Miami Heat.

Cornered in to making a tough choice, Williams did not immediately accept either offer, instead choosing to meet with both ball clubs separately to listen to their sales pitches.

“Ohio is my home,” said a smoothly baritone Williams, in an exclusive interview with Holy Taco. “But right now I have to weigh my options and decide if I want to bask in the warm, loving glow of the sun that radiates all over Miami and its bikini-clad supermodels, or if I want to live in Cleveland, which is notable for its many…notable for its…for its Cleveland-y things…I guess.”

The decision did not come until an interview with Matt Lauer during this morning’s edition of The Today Show. Sitting face-to-face, and with fans standing patiently just outside of the Today Show’s windowed studio, Mr. Lauer began with a series of opening questions, leading up to the decision everyone in America had been waiting for:

“Um, this spring,” he began. “Man, this is very tough –This spring I’m going to take my vocal talents to South Beach and join the play-by-play crew of the Miami Heat.”

Mr. Williams went on to state that the decision was a hard one; ultimately, though, it came down to the allure of getting to call the games of a team that can win championships.

“Just a few days ago I was using my voice to get some spare change,” said Williams, “and today I was given the chance to utterly crush the souls of an entire city by vocally describing the actions of the professional athletes of a different city. I have been truly blessed by God.”

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    Cool story! He must be making a couple of thau a year??

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