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10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails

Game Shows are the most awesome time-waster ever invented. They’re on all the time, and the contestants are usually just normal people like you and me, only slightly dumber because a host in a fancy haircut is flashing money in front of them.  Whenever you put dumb people on television who aren’t used to being on television, hilarity is bound to ensue. Here are some of the best hilarious Game Show moments ever:
He’s Getting Dates, Just the Wrong Kind
It seems like Bob Fagot just can’t catch a break, but things are actually looking up for him since he had his name legally changed.  It used to be Assrape McDicksucker. That’s right, ladies: he’s Irish. 
Old Mario vs. Ghetto Ghandi
A friend of mine once saw Drew Carrey sitting in a Denny’s by himself at 2 in the morning crying into his hands. That’s more interesting than this clip.
Anything in Space is a Planet, Right?

It’s a good thing she made all that money selling Pine-Sol, because this woman is dumber than the planet Moon.
This Man is Completely Stupid
Like a lot of people, I try really, really hard not to be racist, but watching Family Feud is like watching stereotypes emerge from the womb.
College Makes You An Idiot
There are two colleges in Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt University, and the Nashville Auto/Diesel College. I’m guessing this guy doesn’t go to Vanderbilt.
Fauxhawks Make You Racist
To add insult to injury, this little racist kid gets pwned by the yellow kid he’s up against. That’s harsh.
I Would Buy a Self-Potato, Just To See What It Does
After she missed that question, she promptly removed her happy eyes from her face and switched them out with the angry eyes she had stored in her ass compartment.
The Shortest Stupid Answer Ever
She got robbed! Behold: The Chipmunk Bird!
How Do You Spell "Eksclusive"?
She should’ve spent less time watching G.I. Jane and more time reading something. Anything. Menus, billboards, whatever. Anything with a f*cking "X" in it. She could’ve won that 10K and had a shopping spree at the PX.  Well, she knows it as the PK.
How to Shout "Penis!" On Television
C’mon. You’re telling me you wouldn’t have shouted "Penis"? Even if you lose the game, you’re still gonna get some of that Family Feud groupie tail after the show. I don’t care if he missed the question, this guy’s a total winner.
Also, there’s this, which is kind of weird:

36 Responses to "10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails"

  1. Megan Lewis says:

    There are more than two colleges in Nashville, dumbass.

  2. avatar28 says:

    I’d just like to point out that there are TWENTY colleges in Nashville, not two. I realize it kills your joke but you’re off by a factor of 10 there.

  3. dumbshitbuffet says:

    Thats why her name is LOLita

  4. Prego says:

    It’s Bono. I actually saw that episode. (I was pregnant last summer and daytime t.v. doesn’t offer much)

  5. Anonymous123 says:


  6. boardbud says:

    a fruit thats red inside. Id have said Richard Simmons. hahaha

  7. reefer says:

    M-O-O-N that spells moon.

  8. Jack says:

    Have you noticed this is 10. As is 10 Game Show Answer Fails.

  9. moe says:

    it wouldnt be the first nor last time he had said it

  10. Stu says:

    Should have had that Family Feud video run a little longer, just to hear Louie Anderson say, “Show me PENIS!”

  11. Will says:

    my favorite… watch till the end


  12. Shane says:

    He said Fried Chicken AND Watermelon. And we wonder where stereotypes come from…

  13. Shane says:

    It doesn’t kill the joke. HT editors are from Nashville too, but with their edumacation, they can only count to two.

  14. Shane says:

    Haven’t you noticed how many of their “25 pictures of…” don’t even have 25 pictures?

  15. Just Jikki says:

    Not only a Kentucky fried but also a fruit that’s red in the middle… Kiwi
    Seriously…that’s a win.

  16. Just Jikki says:

    Not only a mans’ name is Kentucky Fried, Kiwi is a fruit that is red in the center. This guy is a win.

  17. Knoxville says:


  18. Supreme says:

    Racist white kid. How sad society has come to be.

  19. Alvador says:

    Hands down dumbest answer I ever saw was Wheel of Fortune- with the puzzle almost completely solved at “_t takes one to know one” this woman literally says, “I’d like to solve the puzzle- E.T. takes one to know one.” She had like $5K racked up on all the other letters, and the next woman got to spin and then buy a vowel and won something like $300.

  20. Fred33 says:

    Wow, the writer of this truly needs to review the definition of racism.

  21. Wigger says:

    Why come Kentucky Fry is funny to yall? That shit is finger licking good, Nephews.

  22. FARP_Thor says:

    The guy is daltonic, that’s for sure! And what about the fruit being watermelon, I didn’t get that. Didn’t the question was for a fruit who’s inside is red?

  23. Kiddiss says:

    “Penis” was a total WIN! XD


  24. Augie says:

    Cash Cab had a family from the deep South get in the car …they had to get out of the car within a few blocks thanks to their good old boy “genius” displayed to the world who was watching. We still laugh recalling their “space invaders” twanged for an answer shortly after telling the driver how pleased they were he ‘twernt a yankee’.

    Making it all the funnier for the savvy viewers… were the ‘persons of color’ who were the next contestants who got to ride all the way to their destination and walk away with the big bucks.

  25. Jojo says:

    Its George Michael… Look at the way hes smiling. Watch a george michael concert.

  26. B.A. Barracus says:

    I recognize George W Bush, Elvis Presley, Howard Stern and Johnny Depp but who’s the first guy supposed to be, a latin Bono?

  27. pratik says:

    Yup, it’s supposed to be Bono. Can’t you tell from the $500 sunglasses he wears while trying to help the poor needy African kids?

  28. Anonymous1 says:

    Hey, once you donate a ton of money to charity and help hundreds of people who are in need out, you can wear 500 dollar glasses too.

  29. Stinky Twink says:

    Hit by the jackpot! = http://bit.ly/8n02R1

  30. Ekclusive says:

    I punched my face in after she yelled “K”

  31. W/e says:

    10-awesome-game-show-answer-fails-comments-fails LOL !!!

  32. Jebus says:

    The yellow-Chinese one was BS. It may not have been politically correct, but it’s not like he was wrong.

  33. Some Jerk Off says:

    ROTFL, dude that is just WAY too funny.


  34. Anonymousous says:


  35. Olala says:

    For an old man that presenter is actually quite the hottie!

  36. DOLEMITE says:

    “Old Mario vs. Ghetto Ghandi” looks more like pajama claus vs 50 year-old urkel