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10 Beers You Need To Try Before You Die

We like beer. And so do the guys at RateBeer.com, so we decided to join forces and give you the 10 beers you need to pour into your face before you die. Some of these are hard to find, some of them will taste like no beer you’ve ever had before, but all of these are some of the finest beers on the planet. Do whatever it takes to get a mug full of all these.
The best Trappist Ale and currently only available at the Abbey in Belgium (and a few places around the world that resell it). It’s been a highly-rated and sought after beer for many years. It’s very limited supplies only add to its allure.
The only way to get your hands on Dark Lord is to make the pilgrimage to the brewery in Indiana on "Dark Lord Day" and wait in line for hours with like-minded beer fans. Or you can pay hudreds of dollars for it on eBay. Your choice.
Yes, it’s a salty beer, full of funk and comes in a weird bottle from Germany. You probably won’t like it. But that’s not stopping the brewer from making it and other people with sophisticated palates from getting into it.

One of Germany’s best beers that offers spectacular views from the brewery-monastery. If you make the journey, throw in a trip across Ammersee to make it memorable for a lifetime…as long as you don’t put back enough Doppelbock to forget what country you’re in.
One of the strongest beers in the world at 29% and it’s now 15 years old. It’s in dwindling supplies, so do whatever you can to get a thimble full before it’s gone forever.
5. Russian River Pliny The Younger
Brewed with ridiculous quantities of fresh hops and only available for a short time in February, this beer has fans around the world that have it shipped out in small quantities.
You need to try a great lambic and what better example than this gem from Belgium’s Drie Fonteinen. Sour and funky and lots of amazing. This gueze was bottled in 1998.
It’s brewed in Minnesota and hard to get outside the area but it’s worth the effort. Loads of velvety deep dark chocolate along with a major citrusy hop element make this an epic beer dessert.
All you need to know is, there’s over a pound of cherries in every bottle and it’s lagered in oak.
It’s an unfiltered smoke beer for drinking during Lent (if you’re not abstaining from alcohol…and really, why would you?). The idea is that it’s hearty enough to be drunk as a snack. The barley is smoked over beechwood and the smoke acts as a preservative (as it does for meats, cheeses and fish) for some malt flavors.
Check out even more Top Rated Beers here. If you like drinking beer, you’ll love drinking these beers. If you don’t love drinking beer, go back to Russia.

39 Responses to "10 Beers You Need To Try Before You Die"

  1. Your mom says:

    Worthington’s cream flow, can never get enough.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you have never tried it you should try Samichlaus. It is almost like a brandy it has a bit of an overpowering alcohol burn and smell. Its really good, I’ve only had it once but it was excellent.

    “Samichlaus beer is brewed once a year, in each case on December 6th, and stored and matured afterwards for over 10 months before it is bottled. “Samichlaus beer can mature for many years in the bottle; older vintages obtain a complexity and receive their creamy warm aftertaste. This beer can be served with heavy meals and desserts, particularly with chocolate – or as digestive and meditations drink. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the strongest lager beer in the world with 14 % alcohol and 32° original extract content. It is brewed exclusively of natural raw ingredients after the purity requirement of 1516. “Samichlaus beer is filled in a 0.33 litre designer bottle embossed with Schloss Eggenberg and in barrels of 15 and 30 litres for export.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the guy above: the “Samichlaus beer is unreal. It’s definatly one that should be on the list. I paid $25 for a six pack and that was a good price! Well worth it…

  4. beer pro says:

    slab city brew of wisconsin entered world beer championship open division only once…and won…also won u.s. championship next year in only entering one time.their not interested in winning awards – just making the most incredible beer ever.10 bucks for a 6 pack.hard to find anywhere but bonduel wisconsin..is available in 2 stores in green bay.

  5. Vince says:

    Pliny the Elder is great too, so many beers so little time. This is an awesome top ten list, you can post this to our site http://www.toptentopten.com/ and then link back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  6. stdg says:

    What? warm beer, no bubbles and hardly any alcohol: no thanks.
    by the way: Stella Artois is Belgian.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How bout good old fasion Pilsner Cant go wrong with the Beer that sponsors Canada’s Team the RIDERS

  8. Anonymous says:

    Westvleteren and Dark Lord are both incredibly better than Utopias (those being the only 2 on the list I’ve tried). Expensive doesn’t mean good. Westvleteren 8 is also incredibly better than Utopias.

    Additions that are mostly more accessible:
    Alesmith Speedway Stout
    Schneider Aventinus Eisbock
    Most of the strong Dogfish Head ones (Olde School Barleywine, Immort Ale, Worldwide Stout, 120 Minute IPA)
    Stone Ruination
    Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
    Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock
    Struisse Pannepot

    Speedway, Aventinus Eisbock, Ruination, 90 Minute, Celebrator, Pannepot are more accessible and also very delicious. Speedway is a wash with Dark Lord. Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru is also unique and necessary to try at some point.

  9. pj says:

    Im a aussie so I know a bit about beer,,,,best beer in the world is from new caledonia,,,,its called number 1 ,funny that!

  10. stdg says:

    That ‘s just not true. You can have your opinion on the taste of Belgian Beers (we have more than 400 kinds, they can’t all be bad?), but don’t say Belgian’s don’t drink it. It is actualy hard to find a foreign beer in Belgium (I think Heineken is forbidden here, never saw it in a store or bar, which is good.)

  11. Cat man due says:

    Way to get our hopes ups then crush them with beer we will never be able to acquire.

    Killian’s may not be the “best” beer ever but at least it loves me back.

  12. masai pearson says:

    anonymous, you are a fucking idiot talking out your ass. so you had one stella once — yeah, all belgian beers must suck. any trappist beer, Duvel, Kasteel, Delirium Tremens (or Nocturnum), Chimay, any of those will blow your tiny little mongoloid brain. fuck. if you don’t like belgian beer, stick to Miller Lite or PBR.

  13. cory says:
    Well played, sir.
  14. remarker541 says:

    Any of the Grimbergen Abbey ales, God Dam those monks know how to make beer. Starting with the Blonde, then the Dubel, then thre triple on up to the really dark shit. 5.7% up to almost 11% alcohol. mmm mmmm good

  15. Anonymous says:

    Delirium Nocturnum. Velvety feel, with a deep, candy-like sweetness that doesn’t doesn’t overpower. All capped off with a caramel head.

  16. mb says:

    No way no how will I try a beer that uses Comic Sans on its label. That means you, Russian River Pliny The Younger.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This list was composed by an idiot.

    Every real beer fan knows that Belgian beer is pure shite.

    Not even Belgians drink it.

  18. memphis tony says:

    +1 on the dogfish – try the red&white. They are definitely doing some fun things with beer. for everyday heavy drinking I like hofbrau and lowenbrau. Fun list, thanks!

  19. Anonymous says:

    What the hell??? No Bud Light on here??

  20. Anonymous says:

    WHAT NO BRITISH BEER only the best on the planet.. you need to taste some quick before it too late.:0

  21. jacques says:

    This is list is ill conceieved, I can make a better ont in three minutes.

    Thomas Hardy’s Ale (Eng)
    Delerium Noel (Belg)
    Bournem Double (Belg)
    La Trappe Quadrupel (Neth)
    Weyerbacher Insanity or Blasphemy (US)
    Lagunitas Sirius (US)
    Fuller’s ESB (Eng)
    Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye (US)
    Wexford Cream Ale (Ire)
    Troegs Mad Elf (US)
    DogfishHead 90 Minute (US)


  22. Anonymous says:

    or you could just make your way out to the GABF in Denver every October like I do and try Utopias and hundreds of other beers yo’ve never heard of. plus it costs only $40 for what will end up being the greatest drinking event of your life.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I live in Denver and this is not true. It’s a neat event, but Oktoberfest in La Crosse, WI is a week long experience that everyone should try once.

  24. Anonymous says:

    or you could just make your way out to the GABF in Denver every October like I do and try Utopias and hundreds of other beers yo’ve never heard of. plus it costs only $40 for what will end up being the greatest drinking event of your life.

  25. dino says:

    i miss this so much. went to the UW. havent had it in years… :(

  26. chad2bert says:

    2. New Glarus Belgian Red


    and i can get it whenever I want :0.

    (one of the few happy things about living in wisconsin…)

  27. eBay Selling says:

    I like the local microbrews.

  28. Anonymous says:

    sunshine wheat

  29. garth says:

    Russian River FTW. There’s a ton of great american brewers not on the list tho. For a slightly more accessible beer I’d recommend Older Viscosity by Port Brewing. Pure awesomeness in a bottle.

  30. stdg says:

    That’s because you’ve never tasted Westvleteren. Anyway, if it was up to me, this list would have all 7 Trappist beers (except maybe Orval). Taste ‘Liefmans Kriek’ if you want to give Lambic beers another chance.

  31. mic says:

    I agree with Pierre. Chimay Red (available in many places) is the best Trappist beer I’ve ever tasted. Lambics on the other hand, are more sour, disgusting and foul than a pint of warm sloth wizz after a month out in the sun.

  32. drexl says:

    + La Chouffe + Delirium Tremens. Delirium Tremens was named as “Best Beer in the World” in 1998 at the World Beer Championships in Chicago.

  33. Pierre says:

    No Chimay or Gulden Draak? I’m disappointed.

  34. Thunderscrotum says:

    Chimay FTW, & I liked Gulden Draak, didn’t love it. I might have been more impressed with it if I hadn’t had Kasteel Donker, but hey, it does taste amazing and gets you fucked up.

    Also, I find sloth whiz to be woefully underrated. Pair it with liver and onions to bring out its subtle flavors.

  35. Buddy Ice says:

    The Schlenkerla Beers are great. I’ve never had the Lent Beer, but I’ve had the Smoked Lager and Smoked Wheat, the lager has a much more potent smoked flavor. It’s bad ass.

  36. Anonymous says:

    La Crosse City Brewery (formally Heileman Brewery) is home to the worlds largest six pack. This six pack contains 22,200 barrels of beer – enough to fill 7,340,796, twelve ounce cans. Placed end to end these cans would run 565 miles, enough to supply one person a six pack a day for 3,351 years.

    La Crosse, with over 360 bars, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most bars per capita and also for the most bars on one street….3rd street baby!

  37. Cracker says:

    *Utopias…and its more like $500 a bottle if you don’t “know someone”. Check out ebay.

  38. Anonymous says:

    no Sam Adams Utopia? its the rarest beer, and one that has more distinct flavors than any I have ever tried. Although at $135 a bottle you might want to get a few people to go in on it and share. Oh, and the bottle is probably the coolest ever!

  39. Lame List says:

    Other then the Westy this list isn’t that exciting.

    Dog Fish Head
    Saint Bernardus