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The 10 Best Beer Slogans Of All Time

Everyone knows that beer is great. But sometimes the slogans used to sell it are even better. 
10. Blatz – How Mother and Baby "Picked Up"
This advertisement actually says, "A case of Blatz Beer in your home means much to the young mother, and obviously baby participates in its benefits." If a baby ever "picked up" a case of Blatz and came over to my house, I would definitely help him participate in its benefits.
9. Schlitz – The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous
Being famous for Schlitz is up there with being famous for dandruff. If Milwaukee is famous for the notorious swill that is Schlitz, maybe they should throw a few tax dollars into building a huge cheese statue or an oversized sausage replica–anything to put their name on the map for any other reason.
8. Red Stripe – Hooray Beer!
Screw the cutesy little slogans, the rhymes and the alliteration. Red Stripe breaks it down to the basest emotion you have for beer. After three or four brewskis the little man in your brain isn’t thinking about problems at work, your mortgage payment or the fact that your wife doesn’t find you attractive anymore. He’s just dancing around in his boxers and yelling, "Hooray Beer!"

 7. Mackeson Milk Stout – It looks good, it tastes good, and by golly it does you good.
The days before the pesky FDA and FCC got involved with advertising were amazing. You could say anything about any of our vices and get away with it. Cigarettes gave you energy, gambling was educational and hell, beer was good for you. Other ads claimed that Mackeson’s vitamin-rich Milk stout (which contained no milk) was healthy and nutritious enough for nursing mothers and was great for a baby’s skin when they bathed in it. Apparently all you needed to raise a healthy child in the 1950s was a case of Blatz and a few Mackeson Milk Stouts.
6. Carlsberg – Probably the Best Beer in the World.
Hey, this beer might be the best one in the world. Or maybe it’s not. It depends on what you like, really. If you like this, then it definitely is. If you like something a bit darker, then you probably won’t like this at all. But whatever. 
5. Courage Beer – It’s What Your Right Arm Is For
God gave you two arms for a reason. Your right one is for shoveling Courage Beer into your face. And your left one is for everything else. (I’m pretty sure that’s somewhere in the Bible.)
4. Miller High Life – The Champagne of Beers
Does it make sense to use another type of alcohol to try and sell your own brand of alcohol? This would be like if Ford made the slogan for their Escort be "The BMW of Cars." Or if Applebee’s slogan was "The Sizzler of Food."
3. Pabst Blue Ribbon – This One Has The Touch!
I have an uncle who got a case of "the touch" after a case of Pabst. He’s not allowed to come over for Thanksgiving anymore.
2. Colt 45 – It Works Every Time
Colt 45 wants to make it very clear. It will get you laid EVERY TIME you drink it. Not 1/3 of the time. Not 74% of the time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just ask Billy Dee Williams.
1. Schaefer – It’s The One Beer To Have When You’re Having More Than One
I think this slogan finally gets the message right: When you want to get wasted, drink Schaefers.

52 Responses to "The 10 Best Beer Slogans Of All Time"

  1. grumpy old ma'am says:

    Oh, yeah, and remember all the Firkin bars? Fawn & Firkin, Fox & Firkin…. oh, man, the 80s were a long time ago!

  2. drunko says:

    What about “Piels – It’s a good drinkin’ beer.”
    “The introduction of Piels Draft Style Beer in cans was a milestone in brewing history.”

  3. Barrage says:

    I’m drinking a Schlitz as I read this! It’s better than Blatz, sans breast.

  4. downunderling says:

    Here’s number 0 of the countdown – an New Zealand beer called
    Viking. The slogan, on the can, is “Conquer the Taste”.
    Quite the mean feat it would be too.

  5. Richard says:

    How about Narragansett?

    With all their great slogans:
    “Hey neighbor! Have a ‘Gansett!”
    “Brewed just right for drinking”
    “Made on Honor, Sold on Merit”

  6. Anonymous says:

    When I clicked on an article about beer I never, ever thought I would be reading about lactation. The internet continues to amaze me.

  7. drmary says:

    I still sing “Genessee . . ing is believing” Anyone else?

    Oh, yeah, and I can’t forget all the stolen bar towels from my youth in London that said: Guiness is good for ya!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about the classy Keystone packaging,
    Always Smooth, even when youre not.

    “Asked her when shes due (Shes not)”
    “remembered her birthday (three days late)”
    “Filled it up with premium (Its a diesel).”
    “Recorded the game (over the wedding video).”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your explaination of number 4 is retarded… For High Life’s slogan to be comparable to what you explained it would have to be something like, “The Guiness of Beers” which makes no sense. Instead they used a different type of alcoholic drink. Your explaination could have been better if you had said suggested Ford use “The Harley of Cars” which would actually make sense.

  10. ilumn8r says:

    Wow! I feel like I’ve come home! This site is awesome! I agree with all of you! Gotta stop now and go have a beer…

  11. Segodnya says:

    Thank God for all beer, even the shitty ones.

    Let’s not forget that magnificent innovation, Three Stooges Beer, whose slogan was “This beer is suitable for drinking OR bathing.”


  12. Anonymous says:

    raaaaaaaaaaaaaaay neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    Classic Rainier Beer commercial shown in the Seattle Area in the 80′s

  13. Ada says:

    I like all these beer adverts, the Billy Dee Williams one is the best. It’s so funny seeing Lando Calrissian promote beer. I’ll have to show this to some of the guys at my beer club and see if they remember any of these funny slogans.

  14. Anomynous says:

    The motorcycle? Yeah, that was shown everywhere.

  15. alcoLOLic says:

    i was always a big fan of the “Dick” ads for Miller Lite. that guy was pure class.

  16. Sabra says:

    The women who’ve mentioned beer being good for lactating are 100% right. It’s not all beer, but certain ones. Guinness is a good example. We just don’t like admitting this anymore in America; we’ve sanitized it to suggest brewer’s yeast as a supplement instead (I’ve actually tried it, it doesn’t work nearly as well as an actual beer).

  17. stdg says:

    Come live in Europe dude, I’ve been drinking beer legaly since I was 16! And no, my liver is not the size of a basketball by now, ten years later. I think people should learn how to deal with alcohol at a young age. If you forbid something to a teenager, they just want to do it more. the Blatz-way is the right way!

  18. Mount Lushmore says:

    Honorable mention: He’Brew, the beer the chosen people choose

  19. Anonymous says:

    dude beer, its slogan is dude, have a beer

  20. Anonymous says:

    There’s a great Australian beer slogan:

    Carlton Draught: “Made from Beer”

    It’s used ironically.

  21. ffionaffiona says:

    Spitfire Beer advert

    Going down all over the South West of England – just like the Luftwaffe

  22. stdg says:

    LOL @ “I have an uncle who got a case of “the touch” after a case of Pabst. He’s not allowed to come over for Thanksgiving anymore.” great stuff! Hooray Beer!

  23. Niecy says:

    My mother in law told me if I was having trouble nursing my son that I should drink a couple of beers. I wonder if that ad is where she got that idea…

  24. General Chicken says:

    I am disappointed that the Hamm’s Beer Bear wasn’t in this list. :(

  25. Sean says:

    My personal beer of choice when you’re going camping with your buddies and take a flat (24) per man per day….. Lucky Lager – The only way it could be better is if it came out of a nipple.

    And considering the class (negotiable) of most girls where I come from, I am certain that many babies have had it out of a nipple. Come to think of it, so might have I, both as a baby and as the man I am.

  26. Buddy Ice says:

    “…being famous for dandruff.” and The Pabst blurb might be some of the finest literature I’ve read on this site.

  27. Pratik says:

    I always suspected Lando to be a pimp.

  28. Elisa says:

    Being a guy you probably wouldn’t know this fact. About the baby one. The yeast in beer helps produce breast milk, so mothers are suggested to drink beer when they’re having trouble producing milk.

  29. eric says:

    The benefits of beer being passed to the baby through the mother, is much better than being through the father.

  30. isaac says:

    i dont want to be a smartass. but high life is called the champagne of beers because of the unique way it bubbles. and also of course because it is SHIZNITLE BAM SNIP SNAP SACK!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Kokanee…..”THE Beer Out Here”

  32. You missed National Bohemian’s slogan: “Cold. Wet. Delicious” At least it’s cold and wet.

  33. Claude Balls says:

    “Olympia Beer — It’s the water.”

    You have to love a slogan that doubles as an excuse for the shitty taste of the beer.

  34. willie says:

    Heinekin used to have a slogan they used in the Caribbean saying ‘ A baby in every Bottle!’

  35. Dirty Davey says:

    My fave: “Guinness Is Good For You.”

    Why yes, indeed, it is.

    Also, “Guinness Gives You Strength”.

  36. Your Hands Are Soaking In It says:

    Jax had some pretty good beer commercials in the 1960s.

  37. mrbonuscup says:

    How about Polygamy Porter from the Wasatch Brewery in Utah.

    “Can’t have just 1″

  38. Big Sparty says:

    I’ll drink Red Stripe but I can’t tolerate those commercials — always hit Mute on the remote. From my collection of beer glasses “branded’ with the name of foreign brewers, how about these two:

    Passionate about our beers

    and among the Guinness g;asses, one has a flock of the toucans in flight, each with two jars of the black stuff on its bill, and the legend:

    It’s a lovely day for a Guinness

    And frankly, when ISN’T it?

  39. Big Sparty says:

    Red Stripe’s okay to drink but I hit Mute when I see those commercials.

    From my collection of “branded’ beer glasses, how about these:

    Passionate about our beers

    and one of the Guinness glasses shows a flock of the toucans in flight, each with two jars of the black stuff on its beak, and the advice:

    It’s a lovely day for a Guinness

  40. crotchety beer geek says:

    While I love these, your comments about #7 are mildly incorrect. Milk Stouts contain lactose, or milk sugars, and were quite nutritious. Still are, although you haven’t been allowed to call them that since 194something.

  41. Anonymous says:

    i hate not being 21,

  42. doc says:

    OK. You missed my all time favorite beer slogan. Egyptian Stella’s slogan is right on their label: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” It works on so many levels.

  43. KeithOK says:

    How about this one from The Duquesne Brewing Company around 1970 or so, just before it went out of business:

    Duke … It even sounds like a man’s beer.

    Marketing plan:
    First, cut your market in half.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I hate you for not being 21

  45. Dom says:

    You do realize that they are talking about the benefits of the mother drinking the beer and passing it through breast feeding in #10, right?

    That’s awesome!

  46. Anonymous says:

    you forgot what it says on the box

    “take some home to the wives”

  47. cory says:
    I wish I got all my beer from breast. ALL OF IT.
  48. Buddy Ice says:

    I’m calling bullshit … you’re not a girl, girls don’t come to this site.

  49. Randall says:

    Oh just stop it right now! Your sole intention was to be a smartass. Congratulations, smartass.

  50. MamaJ says:

    I’m a girl and come to this site all the time! Also, I was advised to have a beer to increase my supply when I was lactating. I thought the same thing when I saw the ad.

  51. Another woman who reads the internet! Oh noes! says:

    Just cause you don’t interact with any females doesn’t mean beer isn’t good for lactation. Because it is.