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10 Best Sports Press Conference Meltdowns

After seeing Kevin Borseth’s amazing post-game press conference freak out over a women’s college basketball game, we were reminded about some of our favorite post-game tirades. Because it’s not about who wins and loses, it’s about who has a mental breakdown on camera after the game.

Jim Mora , “Playoffs?”
Starting this list with any other clip would be like starting to masturbate without first locking your office door. You just don’t do it. Notice Mora’s use of repetition. It will become a theme here.

Kevin Borseth Rant – Watch more free videos
Kevin Borseth – “After the game, was I mad? Yes.”
The last women’s sporting event I watched was Lingerie Bowl I, so maybe I don’t have the best frame of reference here. Yet, when a women’s basketball coach flies in from off screen and slams the stat sheet on the podium to start his post-game press conference, well, this could be the most entertaining thing to happen in women’s basketball since Juwanna Mann.

Terrell Owens Is A Cry Baby – Watch more free videos
Terrell Owens , The Crying (Post)Game
TO is clearly a changed man. Before this, the NFL’s douchiest receiver was known for blaming his teammates after a tough loss. Now he’s just known as a little bitch.

Herm Edwards , “You play to win the game.”
Not only is this a public temper tantrum, it’s also informative! On another note: somebody better send this clip over to the Miami Dolphins, they seem to be confused as to why you play the game.

Dennis Green , “The Bears are who we thought they were.”
Coaching the Arizona Cardinals can drive just about anybody insane, so when you start with a coach as batshit crazy as Dennis Green, you’ve got yourself a ticking time bomb. This clip has it all: table pounding, premature storm off, and, of course, the staple of the press conference tantrum, nonsensical repetition.

Allen Iverson , “Practice?”
Did somebody say “nonsensical repetition”? No, he said “practice.” 24 and a half times.

Mike Gundy Goes Off! – Watch more free videos
Mike Gundy – “I’m a man!”
I would be able to take him a lot more seriously if he wasn’t wearing a visor. As it is, instead of listening to his passionate rant about the loss of innocence in college football, all I can think is: “Aren’t visors for frat pledges who pass out and have balls drawn on their faces with magic markers?”

Avery Johnson – “What was your impression?”
Seeing a professional coach who gets paid millions of dollars acting this immature makes me feel pretty good about myself. Then I remember that he goes to sleep every night on a pile of money while I sleep on a pile of Long John Silver’s shrimp tails, and I begin to weep again.

Bob Knight , “What a shitty question.”
We know Bob Knight is funny – I mean, he strangles student-athletes! – but who knew his prop comedy was so polished? Lookout, Carrot Top! (Bonus points for featuring Pat O’Brien doing something other than drunk-dialing his co-workers.)

Compilation Of Funniest Tyson Quotes – Watch more free videos
Mike Tyson vs The Entire World – “I’ll eat your asshole alive, bitch.”
This montage of Mike Tyson’s greatest moments with the press really drives home the point that Mike Tyson should have his own TV show.

Bonus Mashup:
Jim Mora and Allen Iverson
These two classics discuss their favorite words.

Bonus Crying:
Tracy McGrady , First round flameout
I’d cry too if I never made it out of the first round of the playoffs. At least he has all of those All-Star game appearances to lean back on. Oh, and shitloads of money. And probably a groupie or two. Wait, what’s he crying about again?

21 Responses to "10 Best Sports Press Conference Meltdowns"

  1. PLink says:

    giovani trappatoni when he was head coach of munich. look for it on youtube. it’s in germand with subtitles. but, nothing on the list above compares even slightly. imagine an enraged italian, completely beserk, shouting in mangeled german.

  2. doug says:

    Anyone who thinks any press conference even comes close to Cub’s skipper Lee Elia’s 1983 tirade, clearly hasn’t heard it.


  3. micah says:

    What about John L. Smith, Michigan States former coach. After a Notre Dame game Charlie Weiss said he got hit during the fight. So John L. says “then I got hit” and slaps himself in the face.

  4. reed says:

    no jerry burns?
    he melted down after every game!

  5. Ensign Pulver says:

    Don’t forget Hitler’s meltdown after the Cowboys lost in the playoffs last year…

  6. Matt says:

    PLEASE upload your videos to YouTube and embed them here. This HolyTaco brand video player is just not good.

  7. Chris says:

    Hey in Mike Gundy’s defense he was defending one of his own players. He was in all rights to blow up!!!

  8. ChuckM says:

    Agreed with misterjingo and doug. Any other meltdown does not compare.

  9. HAL MCREA says:

    NOTHING beats the video of Hal Mcrea..shame on you for missing this one!

  10. Winston Smtih says:

    The Lee Elia rant is on youtube, accompanied by a photo montage that help make his tirade jump off the screen a bit more. Here’s the link:


  11. Anonymous says:

    No George Brett?

  12. Sir Fatty says:

    long john silver shrimp tails!

    Excellent work as always!

  13. AlcoLOL says:

    I’ll fuck you till you love me bitch

  14. tallboy says:

    Eat my Children!

  15. Mr. B says:

    Bob Knight looks like he’s strokin’ a cock with that glass.

  16. NS4W says:

    Terrell Owens on Romo Going away with Jessica Simpson.

    Should have said:

    “That’s Jessica Simpson Man, That’s Jessica Simpson Man”

  17. lex says:

    awesome stuff. Practice!

  18. Suave says:

    What about Bobby Knight’s “game faces”

  19. Stacey says:

    You forgot two of the best ever…

    A) Tommy Lasorda’s drunken interview

    B) Rick Pitino’s “Larry Bird ain’t walkin’ through that door” speech.

  20. misterjingo says:

    Best press conference meltdown is an old school one. Lee Elia was the manager of the Cubs back in the early 80′s. It was caught as an audio clip only, but YouTube has it somewhere with a montage.

    Also, there was a blowup by Royals’ manage Hal McRae. Not sure if it is on YouTube, but IIRC it involved throwing a phone and destroying his own office.