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10 Hilarious Vladimir Putin Reaction GIFs for All Occasions

The 2014 Winter Olympics have rekindled our fascination with Russia’s badass/terrifying president, Vladimir Putin. There’s something about Putin’s emotionless, tough-guy persona that lends itself very well to reaction GIFs. We’ve handpicked some of our favorites below. Please use responsibly.

When you don’t give a damn because you’re high, homey:

When one of your Facebook-friends posts spoilers about your favorite TV show before you had a chance to watch the episode:

When you receive unwanted affection from a member of the clergy:

When it’s 5:30 p.m., and you’re just waiting for this goddamned conference call to end:

When your cold, emotionless heart experiences something close to love:

When you’re too drunk to use your words:

When your message-board comment gets upvoted, quoted, or +1′d:

When you try to do anything before your first cup of coffee:

When the girl you met on Match.com is even hotter in person:

When you want to give those titties two thumbs up:

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