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10 Ways Rock Band 2 Will Change The World

Rock Band and Rock Band 2 are changing the way that young people across the globe view, study, and engage in music. As these young people become adults, characteristics of their formative, youthful years are bound to cross over into every day life, and their Rock Band experiences will be no exception. Here are 10 ways that Rock Band will change the world:

1. Complex Tasks Will Be Simplified Into A Series Of Colored Buttons

2. Drum Controllers For Everything

3. Every Decision Will Be Accompanied By A Rockin’ Guitar Hit

4. Sheet Music Will Be Modernized

5. Everyone Will Be Able To Easily Hire A Merch Girl

6. Deployment Will Be Utilized To Save Teammates In Trouble

7. Those Who Can Perform In Unison Will Score More

8. Everyone Will Have One Heavy Metal Friend

9. “Star Grade” System Will Become The Standard Grading Scale

10. The Best Accomplishments Will Have To Be Earned

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  2. hbxuz ombwz says:

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  3. Le Foro says:

    lol, I want my merch girl NOW

  4. Anonymous says:

    i wish my chemistry class was that easy

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey its Beefcake! (pic 8)


  6. These are some interesting ways, there are plenty people willing to go for this. Actually some of these would work for me just fine, you don’t have to be a rock band member to find these points interesting.