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10 WTF Moments From The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

(My favorite part of this photo isn’t the Flyers fan throwing double-birds at Daniel Carcillo — it’s the blonde woman directly behind him, who has her fists at her chin just in case things get out of hand. That’s a Philly chick, folks. / Photo via AP)

By Alex Giardini

The National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup playoffs are a pivotal sports tournament only Canadians could understand. In a world where basketball and football playoffs rule the universe (America), hockey is a game for warriors…where pucks in the face and silly goal celebrations are considered profound moments in history.

The playoffs have been relatively exciting thus far, complete with rivalries, historical comebacks and odd post-game interviews. You’re also getting your fair share of dirty plays, too.

But, in sports, there are moments where we sit in front of the television with our sixth bag of popcorn laying directly on our respective crotches in disbelief. Some sequences are simply too good to be true.

With four teams left in the playoffs, it’s time to round up some of those events. Without further ado, here are 10 WTF Moments from the NHL Playoffs…

Ryan Getzlaf Channels Inner Ultimate Warrior With Injured Jaw

Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf took a shot to the face you’d only see in either Quentin Tarantino movies or porn, shattering his jaw and forcing him to wear a plastic Hannibal Lector-style hockey mask. The warrior then came back with a goal and two assists in his return game and guided the Ducks to a series victory shortly afterwards.

Repeat Offender Matt Cooke Knees Tyson Barrie

One of the dirtiest players in the league, Matt Cooke must have been high when he went knee-on-knee with the Colorado Avalanche’s Tyson Barrie in round one of the Wild vs. Avalanche encounter. Seriously, what in the Christ are you doing?

P.K. Subban Kisses Pierre McGuire

After defeating the Boston Bruins in game seven to advance to the Eastern Conference Final, P.K. Subban smacks analyst and hockey know-it-all Pierre McGuire with a big kiss on the cheek. That had to be the greatest moment of McGuire’s life, but let’s not think about what he did in his hotel room afterwards.

Minnesota Wild Eliminates Colorado Avalanche After Bouncing Back Four Times

In game seven of their Western Conference encounter, the Minnesota Wild stunned Patrick Roy’s Colorado Avalanche by evening things out on four occasions after the Av’s scored four goals before Nino Neiderreiter slotted home the game winner in overtime.

Kings Come Back From 3-0 Deficit to Eliminate the Sharks

The 2012 Stanley Cup Champions have faced difficulties in the first round since their big win, and it was no different this year. After the San Jose Sharks took a series lead of 3-0, the Kings forced a game seven by winning three straight and went sea hunting by eliminating the Sharks — who have become hockey’s equivalent to the Chicago Cubs.

P.K. Subban Receives Racist Taunts After Game 1 vs. Boston

In a world where social media provides humanity with useless trends like planking and award-show selfies, things got ugly after game one between the Canadiens vs. the Bruins on the internet, as P.K. Subban was subject to racist taunts from some of Boston’s “fans.” The Canadiens defenseman was a class act when responded to reporters.

Henrik Lundqvist Hoses Crosby With His Water Bottle

In one of the funniest goalie highlights you’ll see all year long, New York Rangers netminder and good-looking stud Henrik Lundqvist hosed Pittsburgh Penguins phenom Sidney Crosby with his water bottle as tension escalated between both teams at the end of the second period in game six of their series. The goalie was fined $5,000, but really, what the hell does he care?

Milan Lucic Spears Detroit’s Danny Dekeyser With a WWE Low Blow

The Boston forward makes his second appearance on the list, but this time, it’s because of a good ol’ nut shot. In the Bruins vs. Red Wings series, which took place in the Eastern Conference’s first round, the Vancouver-born beast pulled a Nelson from The Simpsons and delivered a low blow to Detroit’s Danny Dekeyser when the referees weren’t looking. Cups don’t do shit, man.

Milan Lucic Has Choice Words for Dale Weise and Alexei Emelin

The handshake line in hockey is a place where you basically keep it short and sweet, telling your adversary, “good game,” or “what strip club you going to tonight?” Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins wasn’t having any of that, as he threatened Montreal Canadiens players Dale Weise and Alexei Emelin after bitter quarrels with both players throughout the season and playoff series.

Daniel Carcillo Taunts Flyers Fans

When an old flame dumps you and your new significant other is straight out of a magazine and somehow sees something in your depressing life, cue the Bee Gees beat. That’s exactly what Danny Carcillo did to his former team, the Philadelphia Flyers, when he scored a goal to put his New York Rangers up 4-1 in game three of their series.

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