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11 Biggest Gaffes In Presidential Debate History

Debate season is in full swing, so we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at some of the most notable blunders in presidential debate history.

11. Dukakis Wears Klansman Uniform
In a misguided, but well-intentioned, effort to make a point about racial equality in America, democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis dons a full KKK uniform.

10. Bush Sr. Flips Off Perot, Clinton Uses Diversion To Throw Up Gang Sign
In a surprising turn of events, the three man debate devolved in to a shouting match between Ross Perot and George Bush Sr. During the scuffle, Clinton went through a series of hand signs showing allegiance to the Los Angeles gang referred to as “the Bloods.”

9. Cheney Waves Bloody Leg Stump In Edwards’ Direction
In what was called a brazen show of power, Dick Cheney waved a bloody leg stump in John Edwards direction in lieu of a verbal rebuttal numerous times throughout the debate.

8. Nixon Falls Victim To JFK Prank
During a pre-debate chat, Kennedy wished Nixon luck, and embraced him. During this embrace he reached into his pocket and pulled out a derogatory note, which he taped to Nixon’s back.

7. President Bush Forgets To Take Off Hello Kitty Backpack
After arriving late due to rush hour traffic, President Bush had to run up to the podium to make the 8p.m. debate start time. In his haste, he forgot he was wearing his favorite Hello Kitty backpack.

6. Dan Quayle Challenges Lloyd Bentson To Flex Off
Although intellectually overmatched, Quayle seemed to be holding his own until a question about his reaction to a recent SEC ruling caused him to freeze up. At which point quayle paused for a few moments then declared “my reaction was…THIS!” and proceeded to rip his shirt from his body and instantly go into a full bicep flex position.

5. Senator Lieberman Performs A Briss
Senator Lieberman attempted to prove his unwavering dedication to his ethnic background by bringing an eight-day-old baby onto the dais and performing a ceremonial Judaic circumcision.

4. McCain Urinates On Stage
In an effort to solidify his standing as a maverick, McCain refused to relieve himself in a bathroom, like the other candidates had done, and instead urinated on stage.

3. Mondale Challenges Reagan To A Dunk Contest
While trying to capitalize on the public’s concern with Ronald Reagan’s age, Walter Mondale pulled out a basketball and performed a flawless Statue of Liberty Slam on a nearby hoop.

2. Ron Paul Devours Kielbasa
In an attempt to make a metaphor about the rapid rate of pork barrel spending in congress, Paul swallowed a 12-inch kielbasa.

1. Hillary Clinton Puts Them On The Glass
After dealing with accusations that she is too cold and business-like in her approach to politics, Hillary Clinton unbuttoned her bra and placed both of her exposed breasts on a large pane of glass.

10 Responses to "11 Biggest Gaffes In Presidential Debate History"

  1. Oh, to be that pane of glass.

  2. Buddy Ice says:

    Bad photoshop job on Hillary. If her titties really looked that good Bill would have never jumped on that pig Lewinsky.

  3. Jay T. says:

    Talk about challenging the glass ceiling…

  4. That pane of glass says:

    Not really dude. My life sucks. Ain’t no glass and surface cleaner that can get those smear marks off of me.

  5. The Pundit says:

    Holy Taco has been good. But this was not. Unfunny.

  6. I’m convinced if Qualye actually did that, he would have been our next president.

  7. Vinnie says:

    … or at least the governor of california.

  8. movie fan says:

    i can’t to see those additional VP debates that Palin promised