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11 Purse Snatcher Photobombs for Your Internet Meme Consideration

Girls Bent Over
By now you’ve probably heard about the purse snatcher who inadvertently photobombed the Wisconsin family he was trying to rob. Police were able to use the photo to identify the would-be thief, making this perhaps the first photobomb in history that landed someone in prison. In honor of this momentous occasion, we here at Holy Taco took it upon ourselves to create 11 of our own photobombs using the perp in question. From the planet Pandora to the oil-strewn shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the now infamous purse snatcher has come along way since Madison. Without further ado, here are the photos in question.

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Original Purse Snatcher Photobomb
JFK Purse Snatcher
JFK Dallas Photobomb
Hitler Purse Snatcher
Hitler Photobomb
Lunar Purse Snatcher
Oil Spill Purse Snatcher
Oil Spill purse snatcher
Mosque Purse Snatcher
mosque photobomb
Avatar Purse Snatcher
Avatar Photobomb
Vietnam Purse Snatcher
Vietnam Photobomb
Iron Worker Purse Snatcher
Sky Scraper Photobomb
Tienanmen Square Purse Snatcher
Tank Protest Photobomb Tienanmen
Sad Keanu Purse Snatcher
Sad Keanu Photobomb Purse Snatcher

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    im awesome.

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    No Palin photobombs? WTF?