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12 Videos Of Famous People Falling Down

Whether you want to admit it or not, seeing someone stumble, trip and take a face-first tumble to the ground is always funny. But somehow it’s always funnier when that person is famous.
Carmen Electra Falls At Fashion Show – Watch more free videos Carmen Electra It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about. Some random woman is coming to save Carmen…or not.
Beyonce Falls Onstage – Watch more free videos Beyonce I think my favorite Beyonce song is the one that goes "To the left, To the left. To the left, Then down the stairs on my face. To the left."
Down Goes Frasier, Down Goes Frasier – Watch more free videos Kelsey Grammer Instead of therapy and Prozac, depressed people just need to hear Kelsey’s startled "Oh good lord!" as he’s falling whenever they’re feeling down. It’s hard to slit your wrists when you’re chuckling at pompous douchebags.

Miss USA Rachel Smith Falls Down – Watch more free videos Rachel Smith I have to hand it to this Miss Universe contestant. After falling flat on her ass, she gets up and gives us a "What? I totally meant to do that" look. I can’t wait to see what she has planned for the swimsuit competition.
Fidel Castro Falls – Watch more free videos Fidel Castro If I knew the fall of Communism was going to be this funny, I would’ve resurrected Joseph McCarthy a long time ago.
Robbie Williams Falls Onstage – Watch more free videos Robbie Williams Yes, Robbie. That is embarrassing.
Girl From Destinys Child Takes A Fall – Watch more free videos Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child I think my favorite Destiny’s Child song is the one that goes "Say my name, Say my name. Fall down the stairs, Say my name."
Mary Carey Falls – Watch more free videos Mary Carey Don’t worry, she’s OK. She’s a porn star, she’s used to being on her back. Bono Apparently saving Africa is easier than staying upright. Or not wearing crappy glasses.
Shakira Falls Onstage – Watch more free videos Shakira I have no idea what these newscasters are saying but I assume it’s something like, "It’s too bad Shakira fell on her head instead of her enormous, cushiony ass."
Model Kamilia Wawrzynia falls on the runway – Watch more free videos Kamilia Wawrzynia Falling once is understandable. But falling twice? Well, that’s just awesome.
I cant dance – Watch more free videos Juan Gabriel This clip proves that it’s not the falling that’s the best part, it’s the trying to not fall. (And maybe the stupid dancing right beforehand.)
Down Goes Asimo – Watch more free videos Bonus Fall: Asimo He’s not actually "human," but knowing that millions of research and development dollars went into creating a robot that can fall down stairs more than makes up for it.

22 Responses to "12 Videos Of Famous People Falling Down"

  1. Anonymous says:

    The robot video is by far the best, and I usually like hot bitches getting laughed at and made fun of.

  2. Red1 says:

    All of you cracking up about the robot are retards. That is old, and the robot fell due to a failure of sorts. it had nothing to do with “roflpwnt” or showboating or any other nonsense. It’s also old as hell, from 2004. ASIMO is still being worked on and is in development.

    Seriously, sometimes people seem all too willing to be obvious dumbasses to get a laugh. Clue in folks. Clue in.

  3. roflpwnt says:

    I love you, BillyBilly. You tell that wiener.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The best by far was the Spanish guy farting about doing that dance then trying his hardest not to fall – fucking hillarious!

  5. BillyBilly says:

    Do you work for the company or something? Honestly, what crawled up your ass?

    And it’s obvious that the robot fell due to a “failure of sorts”. Thanks, Captain Obvious. That is true for all of the people, too!

    If laughing at the robot face-plant into the stairs and tumble back down to the ground stiff as a board makes me an “obvious dumbass”, then I don’t want to know what the alternative is, because that’s funny. I suppose the alternative is you, a whiny, prissy, pretentious bastard who’s fckn clued in.

  6. Rick says:

    The only person I had any sympathy for was the robot.

  7. Hossi says:

    the robot

    lmao he fucks up and he breaks his glass face


  8. youtube says:

    ehehe bune yaa comicc :D

  9. Y35 says:

    SO! Asivov is the greatgranfather of… ED-209!

    Defeated by some random stair. That’s why in T4 they will live in some montain…

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey you know why Beyonce sings “to the left to the left…”?
    Because shes black and they dont have any rights any rights, except to remain silent!

  12. Fap says:

    lol @ Rachel.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey you know why Beyonce sings to he left to the left…? because shes black and she dosent have any rights any rights!

  14. Pratik says:

    On the video of the robot falling down, the guy at the end of it cracks me up. He just packs up his stuff while laughing his ass off and leaves.

  15. i like how the japanese dude runs up and hides asimo behind that little wall thing rather than just pick him up. The japanese are strange. i guess that’s what you get 2 generations after a nuclear attack.

  16. Eli says:

    Oh god damnit, the robot video plays, then decides it only wants to go for a few seconds. What the fuck!

  17. youtube says:

    youtue, eli, youtube

  18. hottie says:

    this shit fucken sucked

  19. bono says:

    yea good shit

  20. Andrew says:

    maybe Asimo should look where the fuck he/she is going next time instead of being an ass and looking at the crowd, dumb robots…

  21. nate says:

    Medic! Asimo is down! Quick! Hide him from the public’s view, they don’t need to see the horrific gore of a robot having fallen down the stairs! I hope he makes a quick recovery… I love that robot so much..

  22. Brad says:

    Sadly Asimo is gone. Thats the same method used when a race horse needs to be “put down”. Cover him from the audience and put a bullet in the head. The shame was just too much to live with.