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15 Interrupting Kanye Memes



211 Responses to "15 Interrupting Kanye Memes"

  1. wa? says:

    i never heard of him so i don’t get these :( Prolly some ignorant black dude that thinks his raps are helping/saving the world and thanks god or most likely thinks he’s god….while in the mean time his time is to important for these people and little money is seen to help the unfortunate people he describes in his music. Oh my bad I just described every rap artist….

    BTW i had a very easy time figuring out your word to type so i can post this…so i will not register

  2. JonBarleyCorn says:

    Well said… With the other comments posted by “adults?”, a young person admids age, a case of guidense is in order. It would be different if it was opinion based on original though. The young one was posting on reaction to previous posts. I only saw what Kayne did on vid on a news feed. It was uncool. I’m not down with, he needed to be murdered (at all) or even lambasted in this fasion. Pretty sure he feels like he made a mistake… Pretty sure ya’ll can get in with some other freak show to spend your day worrying about what mistake someone else made, rather than paying attention to what you can do to better your own lifes…

    Our nation is in trouble… I’m happy that this could keep you side stepped form the real issues… I think ya’ll need to keep your eye on the ball…

    And what ever happend to speaking to one another with some degree of respect! everyone is a fucktard, ar and assClown or a ButtPirate, douche bag, SphenkterBoy, fuckWad, polepuffer, turdBurgler…??? If one can’t speak with respect to his brother and sister, one should hold one’s tounge. (but wash your hands first, you know with the dreaded swine flu and all)

    Seriously, Chill, move on… See if you can something to help your Brother. Rather than attacking Kayne, maybe an education on how one conducts himself in public would be in order. I also saw a news feed with Taylor. She was having fun with it. Yes she was rattled, but she knows… For cryin out loud, she’s 19 and she knows she’ll win more awards, she has better things to do rather than worry about this deal.

    Good luck with the getting on with your lifes thing…


  3. Anonymous1 says:

    I like kanye’s music too, and i’m older than you too kym. you can like someone’s music without liking everything a person does. And even if they like Kanye, that’s up to them, it doesn’t make them brainless to have an opinion on something. Was what kanye did disrespectful? yes. but so is the comment you just left, by your logic you’re no better than kanye right now, so you should calm down a little and think about what you’re saying before you say it, some things are best left unsaid.

  4. I beg your pardon? says:

    What exactly are you saying?
    Why can’t you people speak properly?

  5. i hate ALL NIGGGS says:


  6. Marlin says:

    Name.. your view and acceptance of such rude behavior is appalling. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate to state it. I could care less if he had grabbed a camera right after the show, stared at it and said “I think Beyonce deserved that award, not Taylor Swift!”

    Just because you have an opinion does not mean someone has to allow you to interrupt them to state it. The way he stole the mic from Taylor and mouthed off his opinion- how is that not trampling on HER right to express her opinion? I mean, the people paying for that show were allowing HER a moment to express herself, and Kanye, as a guest, decided “No, *I* deserve to speak more than anyone else.” Yeah, that’s a great man right there.

    I’m not fired up about Kanye, he’s not why I’m commenting. I’m bothered by how the standards of how people deal with one another seem to teeter on the edge of acceptable and appalling, and by the fact that some people see absolutely nothing wrong with having such lack of respect and courtesy.

  7. pratik says:

    I actually agree with the first one, but the others are correct.

  8. Kanye West's Witless says:

    On TV I hear ‘em talk,
    The dumbest story ever told,
    During VMA awards
    He lost his mind
    To a bottle of cognac
    How could you be so dumbass oh
    How could you be so witless?

    How could you be so,
    Drunk as the hobos outside when they booze yo
    Just remember you’re not at home yo
    You need to watch the way you behave with that Taylor ho
    I mean after all the alcohol that you consumed
    I mean after the costume your bitch squeezed into
    And yo I know Beyonce is nice to get bouncy on me
    But yo what you did was way beyond silly
    And now you gonna have to watch your back
    And you gon’ show me
    That you can handle Hennessy and waning glory
    You got no more friends
    No calls from homies
    If you don’t make amends you be so lonely

    On TV I hear ‘em talk,
    The dumbest story ever told,
    During VMA awards
    He lost his mind
    To a bottle of cognac
    How could you be so dumbass oh
    How could you be so witless?

    How could be so drunk and peevish?
    Booze brings out a side of you that now we all know
    You decided you wanted Beyonce
    Why you went at it like a douche? Why, now she’s mad you bro?
    Homie, you fucked up, you thought you were bold
    You couldn’t stop, you messed it all up
    ‘Cause shit like this don’t nowhere go You run and tell your staff that you are sorry
    They say that they think you should not worry
    You wait a couple months, hide in your mansion,
    The do some charity shows like it’s the fashion.

    On TV I hear ‘em talk,
    The dumbest story ever told,
    During VMA awards
    He lost his mind
    To a bottle of cognac
    How could you be so dumbass oh
    How could you be so witless?

    Talkin’, talkin’, talkin’, shit,
    Your career is knocked out
    They all know that you are through
    They all stay away from you
    You really fucked up,you see
    Not where you want to be.
    And now you have enemies
    I know you can’t believe
    That you could do any wrong
    and you can’t make it right
    You better be gone tonight
    Into the night

    On TV I hear ‘em talk,
    The dumbest story ever told,
    During VMA awards
    He lost his mind
    To a bottle of whiskey
    How could you be so dumbass oh
    How could you be so witless?

  9. Harry says:

    kanye west is to music as mc donald’s is to dinner…cheap, uninspired, and made by someone else

  10. lalalala says:

    That was very immature of him to do such a thing. If Beyonce thought she should have won it then SHE would have been the one to stand up & speak for herself.& did anyone hear someone ask Kanye what his opinion was? No. Didn’t think so.

  11. Kanye Blows Goats for Milkmoney says:

    And the most frequent representative is a no talent ass-clown.

  12. AtLeastWhenIHearHisVoice says:

    And makes me sick to my stomach!

  13. balls says:

    i like kanye west

  14. JEENYUS says:

    kanye west is a no talent self centered fag.. he needs to realise that he doesnt even have any talent.. hes worse then any rapper on the charts… he doesnt deserve any award….

  15. George Bush does not care about Beyonce says:

    These caused me much lulz.

    Kanye West is the loudmouth motherfucker at the party that everyone is hoping will just leave – or get his ass kicked.

    Like most contemporary black musicians he has zero talent.
    This is also true of contemporary white musicians.
    And all Hispanic musicians, past or present.
    Only the Inuit Eskimo truly seems to truly grasp the intricacies of modern music composition.

  16. Name says:

    OH MY GOD I HATE IT when people do this. “Nobody asked him for his opinion.” WHO THE FUCK CARES? Nobody said he had to be asked.
    We do not live in some retarded society where you can only give your opinion when you are asked for it.

    “Nobody asked him for his opinion.” Nobody asked for yours either, and yet you gave yours anyway. This statement is retarded in so many ways.

    Everyone, whenever you hear someone say this, bitch-slap them across the face, please. They deserve it.

  17. King Kong says:

    typical ninja!! Is anybody really surprised. You can take the jungle out of the ninja, but you cant take the nigger out of the jungle!!!!

  18. Jabrel says:

    Kanye west is BLACK TRASH

  19. Name says:

    MMMmmm. Pop music is shit. I truly hate everyone who likes it. The artists just rip off good songs, then sing or rap obnoxiously over it. And every damn song gets stuck in my head the whole fucking day. Goddammit it’s annoying.

  20. Anonymous B says:

    yo patrick swayze i know you just died and all but michael jackson had the best death by far this year!

  21. MissBrookeBamBam says:

    That was so funny!

  22. poopants says:

    and the vmas got 28x as much publicity as they would have otherwise, hello award shows 50 most outrageous moments. I say kanye, mtv, swift all win here.

  23. kym says:

    wow thats FUCKING SAD that u still like him after what he did it just proves what kind of person u are! and im 14 and ur most likey older and u dont even have a mind WOW what has this world come too!!!!

  24. 420love says:

    you guys suck! hes the voice of a generation! a motha fuckin lyrical genius!

  25. Anon Amos says:

    I don’t know who Taylor Swift is or care much for Kanye West, but I just thought that whole situation was hilarious.
    Best VMAs since Jimmy Fallon.

  26. Cracked says:

    I didn’t even see the awards but reading about it here made me laugh out loud.

  27. andrueatskids says:

    sirriously i think he’s a crazy ass mutha fucka and i love him for it he knows how to make these boring ass award shows fun, i got nothing agenst taylor swift but i think that was funny, no press is bad press :)

  28. stoned says:

    kanye west is a fuckin turd..id shit on his face

  29. aylo says:

    its so amazing so amazing so amazing so so amazing so amazing so amazing so amazings o amazing so amazing so amazing so amazing so amazing so amazing so amazing so amazing x 10 bazillion= song? I think not. Ass clown

  30. Ima rap you goat assed bitch h8 muthafuka! says:

    Yo yo yo nigga hea my rap
    chicka chikachikachikazipzop wobawoba zim zam
    jackin ona fritz wamin on a zim zap yo my nigga woo!

    cause U no dat ima gay fish

  31. Kanye says:

    Yo, I’m a let you finish shitting on Kanye, but that astronaut chick who shit in a diaper was the best shitter of all time. Of all time!!!

  32. You know what this is? says:

    This is calibrated, bitches.

  33. Me-Mo says:

    He had to do something for publicity,his career is in the crapper.I believe he is racist,from his comments and actions.Regardless of wether he was drinking or not,what he did was effed up.It’s best that he did that bullshit to the little white girl,cos Eminem would have bitch slapped his ass.And his fake ass apology(oh I’m sooooooooo sorry ) don’t mean shit.Just because he says he’s sorry doesn’t change a thing.He is an asshole.

  34. Ketol says:

    Kayne’s always been a dick. he proved it last night, yet again.

    this is the funniest Kayne-meme I’ve seen yet!

  35. Music Fiend says:

    Kanye can produce and do all that music stuff, but as an actual human being he is one of the most arrogant, self-obsessed assholes in the entertainment industry right now.

  36. Sabrina says:

    I think the death of Kayne’s public image ranks high up there too. He went on Leno’s new show to boo hoo some good will back for himself and Leno aided him by tossing him the make em cry Barbara Walter’s special.

  37. bfbfb says:

    pssst, he’s still alive

  38. Dick Johnson says:

    Can anyone explain the people by the lake meme? I’ve never seen that one…

  39. nobodyfukingnows says:

    i applaud kayne for that, it’s about time the entertainment industry broke away from its kiss ass of all people they deem “talented” and spoke the truth. grow some balls and produce quality shit if you don’t want it just to be illegally dl’d, goddamn. 5 bucks if it wasn’t a pretty white girl being interrupted, nobody would have given a shit. just like when a white girl gets kidnapped, its all over the news, but a latino boy gettin napped and all you see is a 5 sec news blurb from it.

  40. ANONIMUJZ says:


  41. Kelli Claire says:

    I do think it was rude, its not the worst thing someone could have done, but it was rude….

    None the less, I think the fact that it’s this big of a deal is ridiculous. He’s an attention whore and everyone is obviously giving him what he wanted when he went up on that stage and stole someones moment by talking about him 24/7…. I don’t think he deserves all this attention, even if it is shit talk.

    Lets move on and talk about something that actually matters.. like Global Warming or our fucked up Health Care or something…. shit.

  42. pwned says:

    Fakes!! No way a giant groundhog was at the VMA’s Totally unconvincing photoshopping.
    I can tell becuz Kanye couldn’t be on moon with Neil Armstrong. He would die from lack of oxygen w/o spacesuit.
    Also bad ‘shopage. learn to silhouette dummy
    p.s. 4 any1 re: my comment i keed becuz lota peeps throw in that TOTALLY ‘SHOPPEd bs

  43. Phil E. Drifter says:

    VMA, for artists who feel self conscious and need to constantly be reminded.

    Nothing like a bunch of rich folk getting together to lavish praise on each other to let the common man know that they’re not welcome there.

    I couldn’t give a shit less about the VMA, the MTV awards, the Grammy’s, the Emmy’s, etc. I COULD NOT CARE LESS.

    For all you famous people who might come across this page:

  44. Christ! says:

    Damn, all these kanye things i see online are incredibly lame. I’d rather look at those fucked up lolcatzzz. I mean seriously, every Kanye meme is basically the same, and not even entertaining to LOOK at. geez

  45. Anonymouso says:

    lol everyone who posted here is an idiot.

  46. Kanye Westicles says:


  47. kingofthecrop says:


  48. Angela says:

    I just want to say that I think all of you are fucking idiots. ‘Tis all.

  49. Fuckyou whocares says:

    Fuck you WhoCares?
    “bitch can play the guitar and sing country, who the fuck can’t?”
    Lets see you do that good you bitch ass motherfucker

  50. Rose says:

    September 14th, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    since wen does shooting sum1 make them stick around longer…go read a book..ur all uneducated fuckheads”

    Hmmm, I think someone needs to learn how to spell…

  51. HillBilly says:

    Could we please get back to shooting this cocksucker?
    And not in the head. If you want to kill a nigga, shoot them in the heel.

  52. An0nymous says:

    Let’s see, hmm… Why don’t we start with Abe Lincoln? K. There’s one. Oh, I know! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There’s another. JFK anyone? And then there’s John Lennon.

    And what about 50 cent? He got shot and he’s still around!

  53. Mik says:

    You speak the truth…kill that motherfucker. He’s grade A, top choice DOUCHE BAG.

  54. Merdril says:

    I never understood why people feel obliged to respond personally to others in a non-personal medium (the Internet). What Kanye did was reprehensible and simply stupid. It’s wrong to take a mike from someone (especially a newcomer) during their moment and say that someone else is better than them.

    Troll Spoiler: To those who would say that my use of “their” and “them” is incorrect, there is no formal rule that says this is wrong. This is still an ongoing debate.

  55. kanye takes it in the ass! says:

    He is a fucking fag! He loves cock and gobbles up sperm…. Oh and bible thumpers keep god out of it!

  56. Who you calling Anonymous ? says:

    Yes, some of those were quite funny. Coming from me that’s quite a compliment because none of this “Kanye meme, amma let you finish” none of that seems all that funny.

    What Kanye did was rude. He also make a fool out of himself, with that massive ego being a huge downfall when the talent is not there to back it up.
    But if you were to ask me I’d say that most of those cribs living, medallion wearing rappers are disgustingly egotistical, rude and disrespectful to women, white people, black people and the whole nation that might live outside their perception of “how one should roll”.
    These guys, these overpaid, spoiled, disgustingly materialistic hypocrites are all worse than “doucebags”. They are tacky and shallow and the worst of everything bad about capitalism, about the “Industry” and about America.

    That was a little bit of a rant, but looking around, I think I’m in the “rant section” so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    PS. I wouldn’t take “someone should put a bullet in him” comment literally.
    No sane person would. But I wouldn’t say a thing like that either as some insane person might think it a rational idea.

    What planet are some of these commentators living on ? Maybe the same planet as Kanye ?

  57. AnonymousUK says:

    it seems that nobody gets the use of a phrase or saying to express disilke or anger, and takes it too seriously.

    If i said “im gunna fuck your shit up” im not gunna actually fuck your shit!

    tldr: Kanye was out of order and should be banned from Awards events till he can learn to control himself and stfu….

  58. Anonymous me says:

    it’s obviuos that you are all american because you are all about guns. how about stabbing him, not with a knife but with a herion needle. HE ODs and dies everyone remembers him as the herion addicted gay fish from south park.

    it would have been funny if he had done it to someone who deserved it, or someone who would have knocked him out

  59. It’s more fun to laugh at Kanye’s stupidity than to get upset at it. It is universal knowledge that he is a douche.

  60. i think you're all stupid says:

    i think all of you are overdramatic. i love kanye and what he did was great. it was hilarious. the rest of the show was lame. shut the fuck up and laugh at it. taylor’s a big girl, its not like he punched a baby.


  61. Alarm Clock says:

    Everyone is talking about shooting kayne west but the very next day senator nelson calls president obama a liar during a national meeting and you barely hear a peep about. Everyone need to tighten up and get there shit straight and see whats important and whats going on. A black man make and interruption hes a fag and need to get his shit stomped in but a white man in congress no less stands and calls the current president a liar during his own meeting 2 times and all you hear is he always does that or he just made a bad decision. . . Wake up America. . . damn just wake up.

  62. StringEnder says:

    Adolf Hitler.
    The End

  63. i think the guy above me is stupid says:

    because he is

  64. Juice says:

    Pointless is retarded,

    Are you fucking serious? I have to see kids running around in Kurt Co-fucking-bain T-shirts, and you’re going to doubt the death=legend factor?

    Kurt Cobain would be shit if he still had his head.

  65. KORNELIA says:

    My dear Sweethearts,

    I am from the South, and it does not at all interest me what whatever his name says ( By the way, I do know his name ), but who cares ? He has bad manners and for some reason he thinks very highly of himself, God only knows why.

    Do I make myself clear ?

    Why would anybody put a bullet in him, is a mistery to me. He is not even worth as my husbend would say ” a pot to piss in”.

    This is what we Texans think about this.

    Love all of you,


  66. PoopOnYouKanye says:

    Kanye is a shittard. The end.

  67. Kanye'saFaggot says:

    I wish someone would put a bullet in that piece of shit’s head….

  68. Anonymour says:

    yes because murder is the abslote best answer to everything

  69. JetLXIX says:


  70. poopyscoopy says:

    yeah guys gawd, murder doesn’t solve anything right?

    that’s why we get a black van, some chloroform, a really secluded basement, some sharp and rusty metallic objects, and have him disappear for a while…

    That should straighten him out, if he don’t have a tongue how can he talk?


  71. jethro says:

    I agree

  72. Anon2.0 says:


  73. kanye west says:

    Fuck all you bitches…its me kanye. Ya’ll pussies wanna talk shit come bring your guns you stupid fucks. i’ll murder you all with my rifle. fuckin dumshits goonna get killed.

  74. Rahul says:

    Kanye is Stupid. And he’s probably Gay too! Come on Kanye, you can’t be as pretty as Taylor or Beyonce.

  75. aaaa says:

    you buncha 12 year olds need to calm your shit down right now

  76. VoodooLogic says:

    …over a music video award show? You guys watch too much TV.

  77. marge. says:

    His interruption at the VMAs is just one of the many reasons why I dislike Kanye, but I would also say that shooting him in the head is a bit excessive.

  78. Taylor Swift says:

    yall dont know how much that hurt me *sobs* *daddy that mean negro hurt my feelins* (taylor swifts daddy) dont worry lil pumpkin me n the boys will take care of him (the boys) dont forget the moonshine its in the carryin basket of ma tractor *hootin and a hollerin*


  79. Mrs. Casey says:

    I don’t agree with what Kanye did and he is an ass for it. But put a bullet in someone’s head. That’s just stupid and whomever submitted that is so fucking stupid. God will truly get u for that comment and for thinking something like that and that goes for all if the people who agree to the bullet in the head thing.

  80. Pointless says:

    It’s pointless to shoot him. That would make him a little more famous and stick around longer. I say let him continue messing up his career. I think it’s funny that before this VMA I’ve heard nothing about him ^_^

  81. bombud says:

    kurt cobain shot himself in the stomach…not the head. kanye is the one that said bush hates black people…lol just another whiny ass negro “because we are entitled”


    since wen does shooting sum1 make them stick around longer…go read a book..ur all uneducated fuckheads

  83. cowbert says:

    funny stuff! all over the place it was, keep doing more like this!! as for the incident that happened, whoooo CARES!!!!

  84. JonBarleyCorn says:

    In wonder how many would have the courage to stand before Kayne and profess he is a (use your own words here)? I wonder how many would stand before they’re Mothers and repeat what they just wrote about a man they have never met. I couln’t name one song this man has composed, or written. I’m sure he did something to be able to be in stage with other musicians at an event (not really sure how this even warrented merit). I wonder if anyone posting here is even a musician and have a clue of the hours of time put in to learn to do what it is they do. I wonder…

    Oh… heh, that’s right, I forgot, this is a place where faceless people can just say any hurtful thing they want and be safe, feel like they are all that…

    Think about it, the next time you post, a picture of you (or even a video of you) posting with your name and address are posted along with your post. So you can be confronted in real life by the person you are attacking to explain wher your information adn why are you so filled with hate.

    The world is breading haters and this is the incubator, Needs to change… Needs to change pretty quick…


  85. Robot Chicken says:

    Leave Kanye Alone…damn, we get it, he jerked out on
    innocent lil Snow White but is this any worst than Joe
    Wilson’s jerk out spell when he said “You Lie” to the president? Half of yall don’t even listen to Taylor Swift just move on, it’s not that serious

  86. Kanye fan says:

    kanye is marketing guru why not get free promo it’s called ROI return on investment or ROAI return on asshole investment.
    It cost nothing to be asshloe ask Bill O’Riely.

    check my site http://www.myspace.com/giezecom

  87. The Impaler says:


    First Amendment gives people the right, along with the second amendment to back it up.

    You are absolutely right. It takes long hours and hard work to be a musician(no harder that being a professional at anything, but we’ll pretend its harder being a musician). Thats why everyone is upset at Kayne. He is a musician and knows first hand how hard it is and he still had the nerve to disrespect another musician on tv and in front of an audience of her peers and fans.

    That gives everyone, typing here, the right to disrespect him. He doesnt even respect his own community, which means he doesnt respect himself.

    I play the penny whistle, Kayne play the skin flute.

  88. sdngdsasbnfdsasfbdsascvbdsascfdsadfadfgvsasdfdsaksdfgjudsakA says:

    wtf racist ass fuckers i don’t know who the fuck u ppl think u are making jokes about white ppl but guess what lard ass the only reason we r crakers is bcuz we crack that chain across that ass! Make some more fuckin jokes bitch!

  89. lauramichelle says:

    “since wen does shooting sum1 make them stick around longer…go read a book..ur all uneducated fuckheads”

    Holy shit, did I actually just read that?

    *brain melts*

  90. pop says:

    sdngdsasbnfdsasfbdsascvbdsascfdsadfadfgvsasdfdsaksdfgjudsakA you need to calm down it was just a joke! I’m white and i still laughed at the joke. Alot of white ppl make fun of blacks and alot of blacks make fun of whites and it’s like an everyday thing so calm down gees

  91. AnonymousPotamous says:

    Because it’s all too easy.

  92. Poop-a-Loop says:

    He is the reason why the word nigger is still in use today. You act like one, you are going to be called one.

  93. lol says:

    man fuck every body that got something to say she didnt deserve that bull shit so fuck yall B Easy kanya west allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day

  94. kanye west says:

    fo sho

  95. kanye west says:

    i hate to interrupt you guys,w but i made my way to the top by sucking dick for quarters.

  96. kanye west says:

    try canada

  97. Anonymousny says:

    the vmas sucked ass so be happy something interestin happened, losers…….

  98. Gixman says:

    He Kanye why don´t you get a cosmetic surgery like your mom did, if we all are lucky, whe can get the same result and nobody has to shoot you.

  99. Blues Chick says:

    what a moron, he should be banned from ALL live shows

  100. Blues Chick says:

    if it sucked ass why did u watch it? your da loser!

  101. Dreambaby says:

    Yall all are sick – America and beyond is so full of violence that’s why everything is in such a bad way. What in the world would shooting this man do? This stuff is a form of entertainment – not your life’s worth. Who cares what these people do on TV – just because the make the money don’t make them better than the rest of us ordinary people. As a matter of fact we are better than them because we’re not on TV making a butt of ourselves…they don’t pay your bills or impact your life in a positive. Black or white…people in this country have totally lost their minds.

  102. ken says:

    he’s a great rapper

  103. Racist white person says:

    I wish all awards shows were this exciting. It would at least make them almost worth watching!

    PS I picked my name because that seems to be a prerequisite for commenting on anything kanye related. Just so there is no confusion.

  104. johnnygirl says:

    big deal so he interupted her , she could have easily finished but instead she stood there like a dear in the headlights . move it along bambi eyes , laugh it off and continue, dont boo hoo because your moment was ‘ruined’.

  105. hotline4 says:



    does shooting


    make them stick around longer…go read a book..


    all uneducated fuckheads”

    If you are going to call someone uneducated.. Please type it like this guy..

  106. Www says:

    K.West is fun, but lacks social skills.

    There are Entertainers that do drugs, beat people (their fans included), flush their cash down the toilet, are greedy and selfish.

    Yet Kanye interrupts someone, and he is Villain?
    Was it stupid and rude? Yes, most certainly. But don’t use this as an excuse to make death threats and racists comments.

  107. Chelu says:

    Yo Yo, All you haters and lovers of Kanye,
    Imma go-na let you finish,
    but this comment board’s one-a da most
    repetitive things I’d evah seen.

  108. Chelu says:

    Yo Yo, All you haters and lovers of Kanye,
    Imma go-na let you finish,
    but this comment board’s one-a da most
    repetitive things I’d evah seen.

  109. Chase Sisco says:

    Kanye isn’t a “marketing guru” you twat. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” is completely false. He’s not a genius, he’s a compulsive moron. What “investment” is he getting a return on here? That doesn’t even apply to this situation in any way.

  110. Amononomys says:

    Yo HolyTaco, im really happy for u for discovering this meme and imma let u finish but this shit has been done to death nao

  111. The Impaler says:

    Kayne is egocentric. He loves to hear himself talk and thinks anything that comes out of his mouth is the word of God. So, I say let him keep doing these things.

    Like the Dixie Chicks, he’s goin to express himself out of the music industry.

    Like Billy Coregin, no other artist want to work with him.

    Like Mariah Carey, no one wants to listen to their self appreciation.

    Killing him would put him out of his own misery. I say let him live in the nightmare he is creating.

  112. Everyone's missing the point says:

    How about this, the VMAs dont mean anything, therefore this Kanye BS is pointless. Could have been staged, or maybe he really is an asshole. But the point of this little chat thing was to comment on the funny pictures posted above. BTW check out the new Phish album called “Joy”. Masterpiece.

  113. Someone Who Cares says:

    It seems as though many of those posting here are just as bad as Kanye West. Racist and homophobic is probably not how you want to present yourself when insulting him. Especially if you are saying that he is either or both of those.

    What he did to Taylor Swift was very mean. I know because I’ve had the same thing done to me, only not as well publicised. But perhaps it will die down after a few weeks and nobody will really care, except for Taylor herself, because that type of comment hurts for ages afterwards.

  114. Mik says:

    Boop, you’re a fuckwad.

  115. idiotsgalore says:

    Grammar idiots: Go proofread something else. Seriously, how bored are you? And to the person who claims none of these are funny. I’ve been laughing for the last 10 min. over this stuff, even though it is getting a lil’ old at this point.

  116. Gy Fox says:

    Um.. how bout the fact that he is completely racist. If a white dude pulled some shit like that he would be going in front of a judge or loose his job there whoul dbe mass hysteria in teh black community. Black people would loose their minds. It’s bullshit fuck Kanye.

  117. boop de doop says:

    You’re making as much a big deal about Kanye as MTV hopes you do. Also, none of these are funny.

  118. srks3mpr says:

    shut up kanye, we know thats you.

  119. Grammar U.N. says:

    There are usually spaces after periods. Double spaces work fine too.

  120. Grammar Nazi says:

    It’s “lose” you fucktard…not “loose”…totally.different.word.

  121. taylorswiftcudblome says:

    well said boop

  122. Master says:

    Hey Grammar Nazi…..you should also capitalize after a period, should you not? Eh, “fucktard”….call me when you actually know what you are talking about you piece of shit.

  123. Darren says:

    This is some funny shit but I need to make a few points about all these comments:
    A. The fact that you’re using the word nigger shows that you have no class and that you’re equally trashy.
    B. Kanye West regardless of whether or not you think he’s any good…sells…the reason he sells is because people like him. If you tried to get to his level you wouldn’t come close. So why bother talking shit, you just look stupid.
    C. He has psychological issues from his past that requires him to inflate his ego to protect his desire to create music. Apparently, people didn’t believe in him before.
    D. THE ONLY REASON I POST ON THIS board is because there are two pages of comments of worthless commentary that requires effort about watching, listening, and projecting an opinion about Kanye West, a rapper. There’s WAY more important shit going around in this world and its sad that people give their efforts and opinions on this subject of all things. I don’t know how many of you are American, but this is stupid shit to be arguing and talking about, we have a deficit = to a third world country. When the stimulus runs out…and shit turns sour all of you and I will be jobless. If you’re younger your parents will be jobless. Reading all this shit just makes me realize most of you are all idiots and it only reaffirms the judgment call that we’re all f’d because of your pedantic motives in life.

  124. Anon-E-Mouse says:

    Here are the facts and they are irrefutable. Put a black female in Swifts place and a white male in Kayne’s place. Would the result be that everyone online and in the media complaining that the white male was an idiot or (more likely) would there be cars burning in a major city and people in the street throwing bottles and killing people?

    We live in a reverse racist society in America. I happen to live in the DC area as a white male. I know reverse racism first hand. Don;t tell me it does not exist and that white people, in general are not scared of saying a word that blacks use often and with gusto. Hell on the Hill a man had to apologize for a word that only included part of that word but had a completely different context. THAT is retarded.

    ot long ago there was a comedian who had to publicly apologize for using that word.

    What is equally stupid is that whites want to act like blacks and blacks want to be like whites. That is why rap has done so well in white groups and almost all black women want their hair to look like whites and black males want a trophy white woman because it solidifies their ‘arrival’ at near “whitehood”.

  125. Jermaine says:

    Kanye and his ugly mangled mouth can go and both fuck themselves. He is the biggest piece of shit walking around today.

    I don’t wish a bullet in his ugly head like some others, but I do with he would go the fuck away. He annoys the fuck out of me.

  126. is this the world we live in? says:

    wow. i don’t usually post on random sites, but i just have to say that this is sad.
    there are so many things wrong with most of these posts that it was actually in a way *painful* to read them.

    1) it’s stupid to assume you know someone’s true character because of something that may or may not have been staged and that happened when he may or may not have been drinking (according to speculation). i’m not defending him, i just think it’s outrageous to hate someone you don’t know and will probably never meet because of one incident (that did not directly affect you).

    2) it’s also dumb to say that his music is terrible and that he has no talent because of something completely unrelated. whether or not he’s a good person has nothing to do with the quality of his music or his artist abilities. besides, a week ago you were probably jamming in your car to his songs.

    3) defending someone who is in the wrong is just as ridiculous as choosing to unjustly hate someone. just because you like his music doesn’t make him a great person or worthy of defense. what he did was inappropriate and uncalled for, so don’t defend him.

    4) swearing does not make an argument more logical or persuasive. i’m not against swearing, per se, but please go to english class and learn how to write effectively. educate yourself. i promise you will be better for it.

    5) RACISM IS WRONG. i cannot believe some of the things people have written. “I usually just call them black or niggers. The ‘trash’ is implied.” i can’t believe someone would say that. there is absolutely no reason that racism should still be as prevalent in our society as it seems to be based on some of these comments. in the same vain, stereotyping is almost equally as wrong. all “rappers” (by which i assume you to mean hip-hop artists in general) are not the same. it is ludicrous (no pun intended) to attribute characteristics to a massive group of people based solely on their occupation (or class, race, affiliations, etc.).

    i agree with ‘someone who cares’ that no one will think about this in a month and that taylor swift is really the only one truly hurt by the incident. you should not be that upset unless taylor swift is a close family member.

    i’d like to remind everyone to treat (words and actions) others as you would have them treat you and your loved ones. don’t hate, ameliorate.

  127. quip says:

    I actually like kanye west, he is a music genious, but that was so fucking funny. I nearly feel feel out of my seat… You went a bit too far at the end though.
    fuck it_

  128. Bob Barker says:


  129. A non e mouse says:

    Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  130. Ace Angel says:

    I think that was the only chick on this site!

  131. ur a lozer says:

    i think that wut he did 2 taylor swift wuz F***ed up big tym!!!! he shouldnt have dun that she is awesome and she deserved it & 4 him 2 put hur down lyk that infront uv evry 1 wuz jst F***ed up!! u culd tell she waz sad after that! man wit dat man itz jst mistake after mistake!!

  132. Cat man due says:


  133. isezwhatsithinks says:

    dunt you getz what himasaying!_? hes an azzclown 2.

  134. Day Man says:

    U is not the only vowel you know…

  135. QWERTY - use themem all says:

    It’s okay to wait until you’re at a real keyboard to post your thoughts…we’ll wait.

    Rather than try to decipher your fucking mindless, alpha-numeric gibberish…what, are you eleven?

  136. yougottrolled says:

    successful troll is successful.

  137. KANYE says:


  138. Bandwagon says:

    hey, i like gay fish. they dress nicely, they dont smell as bad. and they are generally nicer then straight fish

  139. DaveZZZZ says:

    I find it incredible how people can actually listen to this kind of music, and actually follow pop media. How shallow and lonely must you be so that you actually follow the lives of celebs?

  140. idiotsgalore says:

    So, let me get this straight. Kanye is talented…prob because you like hip hop…and Taylor isn’t, because it’s country. Get some m’fukin culture you ignant AAAA! Truth of the matter is I like Kanye as an artist, but as a person, he’s a d-bag. The decision comes in whether or not you want to support a good artist who is a crappy human. I know I still like good music, so now instead of buying his CD’s Ima gank that shiot for free somewhere on the internet…

  141. Eric says:

    Haha he is very talented, his music was good as fuckat first but like most rappers he got paid and changed his style.

  142. Anonymouss says:

    kanye has talent? bahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahaha


  143. anonymouskwest says:

    k west probably plays the skin flute

  144. DGnarly says:

    Kanye West is a no-talent ass clown…….

  145. augustus says:

    u are a fuck boy. kanye understands music better then anybody. he can rap, sing, produce, anything to do w music kanye can do it. and u say he has no talent? ur a complete idiot and u are the ass clown

  146. Obvious says:

    well I guess it’s obvious he is talented in the sore loser section too. Support someone who isn’t a sore loser. That way you don’t have to worry about someone else making up for him being completely unprofessional.

  147. Meade says:

    If he’s all that ,why does his music SUCK?
    I saw his bitch ass on American Idol as a menior or some shit.
    The song he did was pure shit.He couldn’t sing even using auto-tune.His 1st.album wasn’t bad,but since then all he’s put out is wack.Kanye is a worthless disrespectful sack of shit.If I was Jay-Z,I would have to have a serious talk with that boy,about putting my wife on the spot with his bullshit.He has no respect for the craft or other artists.Fuck Kanye West.Bitch Ass Nigga !

  148. Anonymous123 says:

    —he can rap, sing, produce, anything to do w music kanye can do it.—

    except… maybe, PLAY an instrument.

  149. Who Cares? says:

    who really cares? are you serious about this shit? do you really think that they just let celebrities run on stage grabbing microphones and shit, like this wasn’t fucking staged. nothing on tv is real anymore. fucking every damn little thing is scripted pull your head out of your ass and take a look around. we lived in a controlled society. i don’t believe this was at all spontaneous.

    and really even if it was who cares about taylor swift?
    she’s nothing special, nothing different.

    at least kanye has some swagger, some actual talent and passion.

    bitch can play the guitar and sing country, who the fuck can’t?

  150. Hungry says:

    “bitch can play the guitar and sing country, who the fuck can’t?”

    Can you?

  151. Sammich says:

    College Dropout Dawg!

  152. krugieboy13 says:

    I find it hilarious… power to kanye… haha

  153. No One says:

    i found the pictures completely stupid.. most of them, after the first “yo “name”, i like what your doing, and im going to let you finish” was ok, but it quickly lost its humor. hell, the posts here are more enjoyable then the pics are lol.

  154. chbull says:

    He is a low life POS. Bottom line is that in order to put him out of business, just don’t buy ANYTHING he is associated with.

    If other stars continue to “hang” with him, don’t buy their stuff either and post on their sites the facts about why you are no longer supporting them.

    Problem is, this will NEVER happen.

    After all, we live in a society that has made a convicts, multi-millionaires. Look at 50 Cent.

    As a society, we will either remain complacent or just TALK.
    Even if a portion of us don’t support him or his allies, unfortunately, there remains a group that will think him to be some kind of bad ass hero for his pathetic antics.

    Take away his money and what is left?
    A low life, crap talking nobody, wanna be gangster. A whiny ass little boy that claims his life has been so much harder than ours. It sickening.

    I only wish he would have pulled that with someone like Slash or anyone that would have just knocked his punk ass out!

    Beyonce’s move was classy but I was not impressed with her original response. The smiling and giggling was contrary to how she should have reacted. Either she was just truly in shock and laughed about it or she has a very good PR person that spoke to her before she went on to accept her award. Either way, it was a wonderful thing that she did for Taylor and I respect and appreciate her for that.

  155. jammmmmin says:

    idk wat u guys r talking about. that was the funniest shit ever. im glad kanye did it :]
    taylor swift is a dumbass anyways….
    fuck ittt.

  156. Leland says:

    Thanks for posting these pics. Anything to show what a douche Kanye has become. Luckily his momma isn’t around to see this. Everyone please join my facebook group boycotting Kanye’s music. He should be shown that this type of action is not acceptable.


    Thanks and keep making him pay!!!


  157. desmonds says:

    yeah yeah were all sitting here writing about him while he probably sits on a chair snorting copius amounts of coke drinking 13 grand bottles of wine, while his media coverage doubles every hour and somehow hes actually making money. your probably fat, 13 and sitting on a sweaty computer chair eating fries. he shits all over us, taylor swift is a dweeb and kanye is a hellman. atleast he can say “ive done it, you havent”

  158. mEEko says:

    oh someone shoot this blackened wigger. He gets on my nerves, much. Sold out untalented attention whore and also a worthless racist piece of shit. good day, good sir.

  159. TooSane says:

    I’ve always hated Kayne as it was blatantly obvious he was a douche long before this from various quotes. The worst part is he thinks he’s completely justified in all of the ridiculous shit he does and so he continues to do it. He’s very ignorant and incredibly stupid. The fact that his “music” is even considered so is ridiculous. I hate to say it but someone’s creations are representative of who they are and him being a complete douche comes through in his.

  160. Fishsticks says:

    I’m sorry, but all I heard him say during the incedent was, “I’m a douche. A huge douche. Douche, douche, douche. Also, douche.”

  161. Philanderer says:

    I mean, this girl puts out absolutely terrible music(But so does Kanye) but it doesn’t excuse interrupting an “award” ceremony.

  162. kimmieC says:

    holy hell, that was funny!!!!

  163. An_Anon says:

    he did it for the lulz

  164. SeckksyBack says:

    Every great man has their flaw, no one is perfect. He’s got a shitty attitude, thinks he’s the shit or w/e but it comes with being one of the top 5 producers alive. He might think he’s Jesus or w/e but there are plenty more fucked up people not getting enough flack. Chill out about some music awards and w/e, this is positive media attention for Taylor Swift anyways so it’s not like she’s really losing anything by him sayin that. Think about the real issues like your own blind slavery to the system and media, think for yourself and you’ll realize that this is the most pointless incident to get caught up on.

  165. Dude that likes all music says:

    OK, So here is the gig. Kanye should have not done that, and now he will pay for his actions through sales and loss of appearances and possable endorsments. He already made a public(and pathetic) apology for his actions. Taylor handled it pretty well. I Felt his preformance and actions on the jay leno show and he does not seem to be that intelegent. He may know how to rap but he is no DR DRE. Anyone that argues that, Never saw DR DRE in concert and knew what Rap really was.

    Just my .02

  166. Steve says:

    I didn’t see it but my favorite website (HOLY TACO) was talking about it so I checked it out. I personally don’t like either of thier music. Seem’s like west thinks so highly of his own oppinion that everyone watching just had to know, right now! Unprofessional and embarrasing.

  167. amanda. says:

    shut up voodoo logic
    its not about it being
    at the vmas its about
    being rude and disrespectful
    to somebody who did nothing wrong.!

  168. CunningStunt says:

    Kanye West is a complete tool, he also said recently “if the Bible was re-written today; I would be one of the main characters”. The guy seriously needs to pull his head out of his arse, he must realise that all the douchebaggery he performs is ruining his image.

  169. Pew Pew LAsers says:

    The worst thing about Kanye is he fucking sucks at being a musician. All his songs are fucking terrible

  170. Anon e mouse says:

    where did you stthieve these ideas from taco?

  171. jetblac says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong…

  172. noahaction says:

    thith is the thing. it wath the coovwasier talkin.

  173. idgaf says:

    voodoologic is correct stop blabbing what see on t.v. onto the internets it makes you look like a donkey and a hypocrite

  174. burns says:

    yeah please don’t shoot him, because then they’d have to release a memorial album. there would be all sort of rappers doing duets with his unreleased material. and i don’t even want to get into the fish dicks… however a good ole’ fashion jailhouse shower gang rape would probably put his ego in check till’ Christmas ;)

  175. Fishdicks says:

    He will continue to get it because his fans cheer him on and no one else does anything about it. PLEASE BOYCOTT KANYE WEST

  176. Fishdicks says:

    ^away with it^

  177. SkaOreo says:

    You do realize that all of you fucktards are playing into Kanye’s hand by giving him attention, the one thing he craves. It’s shit like this (and the fact that he’s now an awesome meme) that proves that West will forever be a part of our pop culture. Whether you like it or not.

  178. Name says:

    Is that your idea of success? Snorting coke and drinking wine?… What a sad fuck you are…

  179. noahaction says:

    thats all i’m thayin

  180. Grammar Nazi Nazi says:

    @ Grammar Nazi, it’s not “You are all idiots. Stop making fun of Kanye You are making me sad, as I am an avid fan. I am unable to think complete thoughts.”
    It’s “You are all idiots. Stop making fun of Kanye. You make me sad, as I am an avid fan. I am only able to think incomplete thoughts.”

  181. Juice says:

    The English community would like the entire “Reich” to get a fucking life.

  182. Idiots says:

    You guys are all fuckin idiots. Stop riding his dick and get a life of your own pricks. Only a racist can point out one another. Fags

  183. srks3mpr says:

    only a fag has the right to call other people fags.

  184. clint says:

    isn’t that sort of the same thing?

  185. Grammar Nazi says:

    It’s not “You guys are all fuckin idiots. Stop riding his dick and get a life of your own pricks. Only a racist can point out one another. Fags”

    It’s “You guys are all fucking idiots. Stop riding his dick and get a life of your own, pricks. Only a racist can point out another. Fags.”

    You’re welcome.

    I’ll go further, and correct your comment. You mean to say “You are all idiots. Stop making fun of Kanye You are making me sad, as I am an avid fan. I am unable to think complete thoughts.”

    What you should have said was “.”

  186. AuntFarm says:

    You people are actually helping restore a little of my faith in humanity. I love you. I want to bang you in a completely Platonic way.

  187. Avid Fan of Grammar Nazi. says:

    My hero!!!!

  188. Grammar U.N. says:

    Can’t we all just all just get along? :)

  189. Alan Ment says:

    Does Old Dirty Bastard get a royalty for Kanye’s sampling of his schtick?

    Looks like Kanye has eclipsed Tony Brummel as the most laughable douchebag in the music biz.

  190. hatetv says:

    first of all mtv’s award show is a joke.they havent played videos in what 20 years.it was taylor swifts moment and he sh!t on it. if it was staged then whomever thought it was a good idea needs to be beaten, violence may not be the best option but its still an option.i dont care for rap its not my thing but i give respect when its due. any of you mr. west fans remember run-dmc or the beastie boys?and like the 1 poster pointed out how many of you can play guitar sing and write your own songs?and yes if it had been a white singer going up and doing that to beyonnce we would never hear the end of it from the black community.al shapton would have to stick his nose into it. in closing hes a no talent scum who doesnt even deserve the time all of us have wasted posting about this. beyonnce impressed me and showed she has true class i may not like her or her music but she definetly showed me something. kanye doesn’t deserve what you his fans have giving him and you will all see that soon.

  191. LX says:

    Now I ain’t sayin’ Im a show steala’ (When I’m in need)
    But she ain’t messin’ wit no broke Niggaz (She steal me money)
    Now I ain’t sayin’ she a show steala’ (When I’m in need)
    But she ain’t messin’ wit no broke Niggaz(I gotta leave)
    Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
    Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
    Get down girl, go ‘head get down (I gotta leave)
    Get down girl, go ‘head

  192. Moony Anus says:

    You know, you could have spread this Kanye shit out over a few days instead of blowing your wad all at once.

    Nah, on second thought, that would have sucked an equal number of donkey scrotums.

  193. Idiots says:

    I love how what i said before, was just picked apart for grammar. Its quite amazing how little of lives people have. PS I’m not an avid fan of Kayne. I enjoy his music, as well as Taylor Swift. I just find this whole occurrence a little bit over analyzed. Its completely unnecessary to call Kanye a racist. Plus what Jay Leno said to him on live television, brought up a personal moment for Kanye that brought things way over the edge.

    I hope that was proper enough for you.

  194. R-E-S-P-E-C-T says:

    To be honest with you, I don’t give a shit about Kanye West, and I don’t give a shit about Taylor Swift, and I don’t give a flying fuck about any music video award show. All I’m going to say, is that Kanye West would not appreciate it if Taylor Swift, or even (for example) Beyonce came on stage, pulled the microphone out of his hands, and pretty much announced to the entire world that there is someone out there better than him.

    A) There will ALWAYS be someone “better” than you out there. Hate to say it, but there are, what, 6 billion people in this world? I guarantee there is someone out there who can kick your ass at anything you think you’re great at.

    B)If I was Taylor Swift, I would have kicked him in the nuts!

    It’s called respect. Learn it.

  195. Dmallet says:

    what a fool. he had some decent music even though he is borderline racist if not totally and his fan base if primarily white. I would say this is the one that will end all of that, not just because Taylor Swift is white but because his ex-fans can now see he is just an ignorant self obsessed piece of shit. With as much fame as he has comes responsibility and he clearly can not handle that.

  196. qwerty says:

    Kanye said shit like always and Taylor got her speech. win-win.

  197. Anonymous1 says:

    These are hilarious. The Xzibit one is extra funny.

    Kanye is such a tool, and so are his fans. The show booking one is also quite funny (and true).

  198. robnbiggie says:

    Kanye is a gay fish!

  199. dwjhdoiq says:

    “u are a fuck boy. kanye understands music better then anybody. he can rap, sing, produce, anything to do w music kanye can do it. and u say he has no talent? ur a complete idiot and u are the ass clown”

    yeah anything to with music kanye can do? except play an instrument…

  200. He doesnt says:

    Kanye West doesn’t care about white people.

  201. BooyYa says:

    Thankfully I’ve out grown pop culture at the grand old age of 36. I’ve never heard of the guy before the show.

    From where I sit the guy wasn’t thinking it through, and made a proper dick of himself. He seemed pretty remorseful the next night on Jay Leno. He has apologized.

    He fucked up, said sorry, it’s over, move on. You will fuck up too, hope it’s not so public.

    I honestly feel sorry for the guy.

  202. idiots everywhere says:


    taylor swift is a naive fucktard. kanye west is an egotistical, mildly talented douchebag. perfect recipe to create buzz. i’m with “who cares?” on this

    fucking naive inbreds

  203. Chase Sisco says:

    Kanye West is a good example of the tiny little bit of soul that’s left in popular music today. Occassionally, every little now and then, his music can be catchy, interesting, fun and even unique. Taylor Swift is everything that is wrong with music today. Her music is absolutely soulless and horrible. Kanye West is a total dick, for sure. What he did was completely uncalled for and totally shitty. Just like the whole “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” thing, Kanye once again showed that he has no tact and that he doesn’t know when to keep his retard mouth shut. Did Taylor Swift deserve an award? God Jesus holy shit, no. Did Kanye West just make about ten million more people aware of who this broad is? Probably. And you have to figure she’ll probably get a few more fans out of this, whereas Kanye West can’t have done anything except hurt his career.

  204. CHILLOUTT says:

    Forgive and Forget People… dont take it too seriously, he apologized.

  205. Kandy the Embezzler says:

    I love Kanye. I love his lack of taste and good sense. I lack taste and good sense. I lack any sense of morals, ethics or loyalty. I’m kinda the chubby white Kanye. Let me interrupt your life, not just your show. I can fuck up your finances, ruin your retirement, take take take and lie lie lie.

    Kanye, buddy, want a partner?

  206. Josh the Enabler says:

    There aren’t enough apologies in the world for him to get away with the tastless fuckup he did. He stole the girl’s moment in the sun. How can he restore that? She’s always going to be the one that Kanye fucked up.

    You see, sometimes, “I’m sorry” doesn’t fix it. And go back and listen or watch his apology. It’s got too many “if’s” in it. He was simply trying to get off the hook. He doesn’t care for the girl.

  207. Karla the Putz says:

    Robot Chicken gots his head up his ass again. You pulled out the race card, dawg. This wasn’t about white and black it was about Kanye West being a shithead, asshole, fool and jerk. He can go into business with Joe Wilson. Actually, he ought to, since Joe Wilson’s assholeness was even worse than Kanye’s.

  208. SpacePoet says:

    @I think your all stupid…You are an ass. Kanyae is a piece of shit that can’t even sing. Let alone he is uncouth and acts uneducated. What he did to that girl was bullshit. It wasn’t funny, unless you are a rude bastard also. Kanyae needs to grow up.

  209. Final Word says:

    I’ve got the final word. Don’t buy anything by Kanye. Don’t watch any show that’s got Kanye in it. If you have anything by him, throw it in the trash (but scratch up the cd’s so they’re unusable.)

    Disappear him. If his name comes up in conversation, smilingly and politely announce, “I just don’t want to give any audience to that man, so I’m going into the other room now. When you’re done with that tasteless, unforgivable fool, call me back.” And leave. You won’t leave alone.

  210. Daneshaliquanda says:

    Kanye is a legend for what he do. He a brave man to go up there and say what a lot of people thought/think.

    For so many of you to say he deserves a bullet is disgusting.

    One of my all time fave’s of his…

    “We’re just ordinary people
    We don’t know which way to go
    Cuz we’re ordinary people
    Maybe we should take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
    This time we’ll take it slow (Take it slow oh oh ohh)
    This time we’ll take it slow”

    You’re the best Kanye!!!

  211. j.ridge says:

    u fucks are lame,kanye west is one of the best rappers around!!people do dumb shit,so let it go!give da man a break!