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12 Last Minute Valentine’s Cards

bad valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day and that means, if you forgot, you’re pretty screwed because the Valentine’s section of every store will have been picked dry already and the only thing you’re likely to find are stale, shitty cinnamon hearts and unused Austin Powers Valentines that someone found in the stock room.  If you’re screwed anyway, save yourself some time and just print off one of these ones.  It can’t get any worse going with jerky and Tums from the gas station.

valentines day

creepy valentine

valentine card

street fighter valentine

creepy valentine

lilo and stitch

dog card

creepy valentine

africanized bees


gross valentine

4 Responses to "12 Last Minute Valentine’s Cards"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    First three rule. Rest is shait!

  2. getin says:

    Forever alone.. i will write a valentine to my cat.