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12 Ridiculous Vibrators That Really Exist

cornbrator corn vibrator

Despite what the commentors say, I’m a straight guy. As such, I’ve never had much experience with vibrators. It’s not that I’m confident in my ability to satisfy a woman. Far from it. It’s just that I never cared enough to shell out the money required to obtain one. Besides, who would I use it on? I’m single, and despite what the commentors say, my mom is dead.

But earlier today, I was emailed the image above, and it piqued my curiosity. After all, if the "Cornbrator" exists (here’s a real one, if you want to be a dick about it. Here, too), what other disturbing vibrators are waiting to be found on the internet? I decided to find out, and after painstakingly researching the subject, I present my findings to you.

I Rub My Duckie® Bondage Edition i-rub-my-duckie-bondage

When massaging your genitals with a vibrating rubber duckie just isn’t enough, it’s time to take things to the next level with the I Rub My Duckie® Personal Vibrating Massager: Bondage Edition. For less than $20 and the cost of two AA batteries, you can go duck yourself better than a man ever could. And yes, it’s waterproof.

Middle Finger Vibe middle figer vibe

Sometimes, life gives you the middle finger. When it does, you can head home and give it right back, compliments of the Middle Finger Vibe. Well, that used to be the case. I’m not sure this product is still available, which is a real shame. I guess people were put off by the $40 price tag…or maybe it was the idea of shoving a giant cartoon finger up themselves.

Candy Vibrators candy vibrators

I was surprised to learn that there’s a whole line of vibrators that are disguised as candy. For a modern woman on the go looking to hide her battery-operated boyfriend, this product is perfect…unless she has kids…or someone wants a piece of candy.

Bad VibesBad Vibes

I would think the fact that a vibrator can’t talk is one of its major selling points. But the people behind the Bad Vibes Talking Vibrator disagree. Not only does the Bad Vibes talk, but it says things that mock the user. I guess some girls really do like to be put in their place. And to think, you always thought your dad was abusive. Turns out your mom was just kinky.

Candy Cane Hide-a-Vibecandy-cane hide a vibe

Speaking of your Mom, Christmas is right around the corner. And what better way to spread the holiday spirit than with a candy-cane shaped vibrator for dead-old mum. No man will touch her since you ruined her vagina during childbirth, so it’s only fitting.

Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet VibratorDeath By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet Vibrator

As long as we’re on holidays, let’s look at the Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet Vibrator. It’s perfect for Halloween, I guess. All I have to say is that if you’re OK with bugs in your crotch, maybe there’s a reason you need a vibrator.

The Bona-Phoneworlds first penis phone

Bona-Phone bills itself as "the world’s first penis phone." I’m not sure if that’s true, considering how many dicks I see talking on their phones in public. Even so, the device ensures that if your booty-calls don’t work out, you won’t have to go far.

OhMiBod and the VOX AmPlugguitar vibrator

This is really a vibrator and an accessory rather than a stand alone item. Even so, a vibrator controlled via guitar is still impressive. For all the girls who wanted to get nailed by a guitarist but never got the chance, here’s the next best thing.

The Steam Punk Vibrator

steam punk vibrator

For those of you unfamilar with Steam Punk, wikipedia describes it as dorks building  anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as people from the Victorian Age may have envisioned them. As such, I give you the Steam Punk vibrator. Queen Victoria would be proud. Careful, it might be hot. It’s powered by steam.

The Purple Thunderthe purple thunder

I know some people are into pain, but a vibrator with spikes all over it seems a bit excessive. If you disagree, the Purple Thunder is for you. Sicko.

The Nanny Cam Vibrator/Video Cameravideo camera vibrator nanny cam

Sadly, it doesn’t look like this item is still available, but it was a hell of an idea. You can clearly see when a vibrator is satisfying your girlfriend. But wouldn’t you like to see why? With the Nanny Cam vibrator, you could do just that. Using the built-in video camera, you’d see all sorts of things that are usually left to the gynecologist. Our society is clearly in decline. May the Chinese have mercy on us. Then again, this was probably made in China.


21 Responses to "12 Ridiculous Vibrators That Really Exist"

  1. liz says:

    lol, my friend’s aunt had the life savers vibrator.

  2. Isa says:

    The corn vibe make a lot more sense if you’ve seen the movie Boku no Sexual Harassment

    …. but where oh where is the matching whiskey bottle vibe? XD

  3. Sex hating female. says:

    @… Go over to sites like Blowfish and Adam And Eve – there’s a ton of vibrators for men. A LOT more then just the Fleshlight.

    I get curious and look around a lot.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    It IS gay to stick a faux penis up your pooper though, think about it.

  5. ... says:

    and yet all we get is a $60 fleshlight, righty, and a microwaved melon

  6. swandiver says:

    I must be a real dork because I really like Steampunk. Still trying to figure out the happy balance between that and mid-century modern. I beginning to think there isn’t one.

  7. donald mallard says:

    the duck vibe is real too http://rubyourducie.com

  8. Super Orgasm says:

    You don’t have to be gay to experience the male G-spot.

    Prostate stimulation enhances GREATLY the man’s orgasm. It’s a fact.


  9. Ian Fortey says:
    This article has the best spam comments we’ve had in ages.
  10. DonkeyXote says:

    $10 says Dong Salesman is the very same PUSSSSAAAAAYY that was bitching about the ethics behind comedy and the elderly.

    $100 says he’s sampled a few of those toys himself! xD

  11. Jess says:

    They actually do have corn vibrators in sex shops.. here in Germany anyways :p

  12. Dong Salesman says:

    If you think the Cornbrator (endorsed by Pedobear himself!) is real, then you clearly haven’t spent much time on the internet.

    Also, HAW HAW a spiky vibrator! Except, y’know, not. The “spikes” are made of a squishy soft material, so it’s less about pain and more about a fluttery, tickly feeling. Same concept with the Scorpion, although there’s not really an excuse for the fact that it looks like a bug. But the company is called “Death by Orgasm” and the toys come in coffin-shaped packages, so they’re kind of into that sort of thing.

    Aaaaaand for what it’s worth, the candy vibes are cheap crap for bachelorette parties.

    Seriously. Find your balls and go to an actual sex shop sometime, instead of lazily trawling the internet. You might learn something- like, for example, there are plenty of vibrators for men. Yes, even straight single men. And yes, some of them are appropriately horrifying.

  13. FapMaster says:

    Dude… who gives a shit?

    Funny articel! What happend to Holy Taco today? I’m actually finding the wirtings funny…

  14. Jame Gumb says:

    As for the corn, here you go…



    And when did I say there were no vibrators for men? As for the spikes, yeah, oh fucking well. It’s a website for dick jokes, not consumer reports.

  15. Ian Fortey says:
    You sound a lot like a disgruntled pervert who was hoping for a shopping list and got angry that these were lady vibes.
  16. DW at the Dildo Factory says:

    Actually, the corn vibe IS real. I work for a sex toy company and a whole line of veggie shaped vibes were sent to us for a product to carry in our line. Thankfully we declined.

  17. Anonymousababsdabad says:


  18. DonkeyXote says:

    HT is on a roll today!!! SO MANY FUNNY ARTICLES!!!!!!! xD

  19. Hugh Johnson says:

    How could you possible miss the 13-inch anatomically correct whale penis vibrator?

  20. Balloons to go with these?
    (click my name above ^^^)