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13 People Who Think Joe ‘Paternal’ Died

The recent passing of Penn State’s legendary coach, Joe Paterno, has a lot of people truly upset. Some are so upset, in fact, that they kept screwing up his last name. You can blame it on autocorrect, or maybe it’s hard to type accurately through the tears. Either way, we think it’s kind of funny.

Yeah, we know. It was Joe Paterno who died. Joe Paternal is probably sitting in his apartment, answering hysterical phone calls from his loved ones.



…and he’s calling him by the wrong name.

Maybe if you’d prayed using the proper name, Joe Paterno wouldn’t have died. However, Joe Paternal would like to thank you for saving his life.

Points for capitalization.

Points for enthusiasm.

Points for being named “Ben Franklin.”

Spel chk brokin?

Is this a stage direction?

It’s ok fella.



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