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16 Common Penalties That College Freshmen Should Avoid

College can be a confusing time for incoming freshmen, and sometimes the only way to make it through your first year is to band together with your fellow frosh friends and help each other to avoid the pitfalls of college life.  That’s why we’ve employed the use of some common football penalty signals that you can utilize to alert your friends of an impending freshman penalty.


28 Responses to "16 Common Penalties That College Freshmen Should Avoid"

  1. Charles says:

    i know a sophomore who breaks these rules. he broke all of them last year as well. nothing pisses me off more than showing up to a party and there is a douche at the front door to collect beer money. if you’re throwing a party, expect to foot the bill to throw a party.

  2. Troll Bitch says:

    yeah, first to be homosexual…

  3. troll bitch is a fag says:


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  7. Teddy Picker says:

    As a college freshman, it is only our third week and I think I have seen violators of all these rules.

  8. college freshman says:

    i have to agree, three weeks in and people have violated all these rules

  9. BAMF says:

    Yep, I agree too, 3 weeks in and already violated all these. whoa, repeat the same exact thing as the 1st person? fag.

  10. jizz in my pants says:

    “College freshman” guy above me is a fucking douchebag
    and i’d like to shove my cock in his ass and see if that violates any rules

  11. lolz says:

    if you want to preserve your sexual preference…(im sure you would)

  12. Andy_X says:

    whats wrong with “raise the roof” :D

  13. jethro says:

    I remember my freshman year…… what a waste.

  14. Hank Strapon says:

    I don’t remember my freshman year…… what a great time.

  15. Uther says:

    You or the year?

  16. Anonymous.... says:

    what is wrong with expecting a bj for throwing the party? i still expect that. at the very least.

  17. Your gay friend says:

    Is that why you only invite dudes to your parties? fag.

  18. Master Of None says:

    how many of these have actually been used in sports?

  19. Darth Shaq says:

    They are all real football signals

  20. Anonymous says:

    Goddamn, philosopher. To call you a fucktard would be an insult to fucktards.

  21. Ross Vegas says:

    No 15 .. leaving out No 15

  22. jha says:

    Agreed, 15 and 14 together don’t mix. If you’re going to show up to a kegger and expect to drink as much as you want on the dollar of the hosters… We just kicked the shit out of those that stole beer from our keg.

  23. bob (rull talk) suarez says:

    masturbation is good

  24. Gourry says:

    So was your mom

  25. Joe says:

    by the way, tell her we left the $6 in change on the bookshelf.

  26. 50 cent says:

    and I want my lucky underwear back