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20 Celebrities With Awful Tattoos: A Photo Tribute

April 21, 2014 | 7:49 am
Chris Brown's Rihanna beaten face tat: Trying to win back the public’s graces and you get this on your neck? Okay. Carry on.

By Dustin Seibert

As a tattoo enthusiast whose upper body is at least 30 percent covered, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for truly awesome work. I also get a kick out of seeing really terrible ink on people who “matter.” It’s pure schadenfreude on this side of the table when a famous person gets a misspelled tattoo, a piece representing a lover they no longer have or something that is just not ever worth showing to anyone. While the world en masse will likely never be looking at me and my ink that much, celebs have the attention of everyone checking out their crap tats.

Case in point: Pamela Anderson is finally in the process of getting that barbed wire piece around her left arm removed — and we applaud her for it, since Pam bears a lot of responsibility for kick-starting that trend in the first place. (Anybody remember Barb Wire?) Now that everyone and their baby’s mama and daddy got barbed wire around their noodle-y biceps, those tats are as dated and un-hip as white folks swing-dancing in Gap khakis.

Check out the gallery above for lots more celebs with awful ink that should probably see the business end of a laser gun, and if we left out any good ones, let us know @holytaco.

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