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20 Fantastic GIFs

GIFs might be the greatest creation ever, and they’re a perfect way to start your Monday. Here are 20 of our favorite GIFs:


21 Responses to "20 Fantastic GIFs"

  1. Anonymooses says:

    what’s the face punch gif from?

  2. shit awesome says:


  3. Where are the other 5 photos? 25 is the magic number.

  4. Rampage Jackson says:

    boobs courtesy of UFC 97 intro

  5. theoneandonly says:

    the fact you know that, ill cry for you later. For now though i must call you a raging faggot

  6. The Prodigy says:

    Bro, anyone who watch’s the ufc knew what they saw that day was epic and pretty much everyone of us remember it so if your not into that kind of stuff maybe you should check who the faggot is?

  7. Jo Densen says:

    ROTFL, the JEan Claude Van Damme one is amazing.


  8. Stink says:

    Hey look! It’s my mentor/idol Pedobear!

  9. Per johan says:

    Yo wahsup with them holy-tacos now? used 2 be real good fun n now it aint no fun at all. do somethin else yo i aint spendin my time on these crap posts and so aint the others yo. im speakin 4 the whole community yo u should listen holy-taco.

    do somethin else dawgs.

  10. Tom says:


    Holy taco is getting shit. This time last year I would be laughing my ass off. Now its crap.

    Pick up your game Holy Taco!!!

  11. Blumpkin says:

    i love you holy taco!

  12. Bumpkin says:

    I’d love to holy your taco.

  13. Rube says:

    I already Holy-ed that Taco.

  14. pratik says:

    Holy shit, Jeff Hardy almost died.

  15. justin says:
    You guys complain when we write original content, and then you complain when we put up posts that aren’t original content. Make up your fucking minds already, and stop just complaining about everything you see here. Also, I fucked your moms last night.
  16. Daniel.W says:

    I wouldn’t worry about them… They’re the type that would whine because some girl they like rejected them, causing them to listen to emo music while crying in the corner writing sad and pathetic poetry…

    Well except Per Johan, he prob would be listening to Lady Gaga

  17. Andy says:

    Get the sand out of your vagina and stop complaining.

  18. Yahweh says:

    Maybe they’d stop complaining if the original content that you’re putting up wasn’t so shitty, and maybe actually funny. Just saying. I don’t think it’s a good sign that the funniest part of your site is the comment section. You could run a feature between Donkey and Dwight and just have that on your front page every day and get more laughs than this.

  19. guy who owes his town alot of money in tickets says:

    no way the bus guy survived…
    also this was a bunch of good GIFs

  20. Ball Squasher says:

    Anybody else notice how in the gif with the kid in the power-wheel’s parents or relatives deliberatly sent him into the table? And that none of them checked to see if he was ok?

    That is freaking hiliarious.

    Startrek GIF FTW

    Rampage Jackson Says:
    April 26th, 2010 at 06:21 am
    boobs courtesy of UFC 97 intro

    I thought those looked familiar.

  21. Penialwinky says: