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2010 Douchebag Tournament: Trophy Presentation

The final round of the 2010 Douchebag Tournament has come to a close. It was a close competition, but we’ve got a winner:
That’s right: the winner of Holy Taco’s 2010 Douchebag Tournament is: KANYE WEST!
Before we get into the Awards Ceremony, let’s take a look back at the long road that Kanye had to take to get here: in the 1st Round, Kanye demolished Jon Gosselin without any trouble. In the 2nd Round, Kanye knocked out uber-douchebag John Mayer, and a seemingly uncontested ass-whooping of Lady Gaga in the 3rd Round took Kanye into the Division Finals against Jay Leno.  Kanye won the Entertainment Division, garnering 68% of the votes.  From there, it was off to the Final Four Round, where Kanye faced Notre Dame Quarterback and Nationally-renowned dickface Jimmy Clausen. Kanye obliterated Clausen, walking away with 68% of the votes and an invite to the Championship Round against Glenn Beck. Beck proved to be Kanye’s most admirable foe of the tournament, but Kanye managed to slip away with 53.4% of the total votes, crowning him the Douchebag of the Year.


While this isn’t a surprising victory for Kanye, it is well-deserved and long overdue. As a 4-seed in last year’s Douchebag Tournament, Kanye only made it to the 3rd Round before being knocked out of the running by girl-hitter Chris Brown. Over the past year, Kanye has been honing his douchebag skills, and he came into this year’s tournament with his eye on the prize. Unlike nearly every other endeavor that Kanye embarks on, his performance in the 2010 Douchebag Tournament did not disappoint. 
Now it’s time to present Kanye with the 2010 Douchebag of the Year Award, which is a photoshopped picture of a trophy. Since we don’t know Kanye personally (surprise!) and since he’s probably to difficult to get a hold of (we’re too lazy to test this theory), we’re going to leave the award here on our site, and he can come and retrieve it when he gets a chance.  Kanye: if you’re reading this, stop checking out stupid sites on the internet and start getting your life sorted out.  If you’re still reading this, then write us an acceptance speech. We’ll post it. I promise. Here’s your photoshopped picture of a trophy:
Thanks to everyone who voted in the tournament, and thanks for not rigging our survey monkey polls. We’d also like to thank Douchebags everywhere for a) making us feel better about ourselves, and b) giving us some easy content to post on our site for two weeks straight. Let this tournament be a lesson to us all: if you really want it bad enough, and if you’re a complete dickhead all the time to everyone you ever meet, and if you follow the dreams and tastes and fashion styles and trends of everyone around you, then you too may someday be crowned the Douchebag of the Year. Stay golden, pony boys.

59 Responses to "2010 Douchebag Tournament: Trophy Presentation"

  1. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    First off, don’t know how to use the reply button huh?

    Secondly, you agree with Ron Paul, yet you throw Glenn under the bus, when Beck agrees with 98% of what Ron Paul stands for? Do you not like the fact he’s a mormon? Or that he wouldn’t get rid of certain policies as fast as Congressman Paul would? They both have almost the exact same positions, and in fact, Congressman Paul has been saying the exact same things that Glenn says, for a much longer time!

    Why don’t you read up on people before you throw them under the bus junior. The statements you use to describe Beck simply don’t classify you as a libertarian, they throw you into the same camp as the people that watch Olbermann and Maddow. Instead of getting your facts on someone from the Huffington Post, I suggest you first watch them and really listen before you open your big fat trap and expose your real views.

  2. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    1: Big record label + MTV, if you’re an artist that comes from a big record labes whose money can get you play non-stop on MTV and on most radio stations, of course you’re gonna make it big with people, just look at shamwow it’s basically the same things, MARKETING EVER HEARD OF IT! As for critics, they will give anything that agrees with their views a pass, all you have to do is look at what movies are critically aclaimed and then look at which movies actually succeed, they very rarely are the same list.

    2: All the more reason as to why the majority of people agree with Beck. If less people are theoratically available to watch t.v at 5 Est. time than at 8 Est. during prime time, and your show still dominates the ratings, it means MORE people are taking time out of their day to watch YOUR show with they AGREE with than the other shows. It’s a numbers game, the same game that led to Air Americas Failure and the same game that is sinking the network news, hell if less people watch cable and O’Reilly is already getting up to, and on some days catching, the ratings on the network news, then you know that America is becoming more of a Right leaning nation than it once was. Either that or the networks are just garbage, I wouldn’t know, ever since I found out Dan Rathers was lying through his teeth, I stopped watching those morons.

  3. thism says:

    I don’t necessarily disagree with Glenn Beck’s views. I just don’t like how they are presented and I think that is just as important, would you not agree? Glenn Beck uses lame rhetoric, and appeals to fear with a lot of sensationalism and resorting to a lot of doomsday talk. While Ron Paul simply uses common sense. While appealing to common sense may take more brain power, Glenn Beck has been successful so I’m sure he’s somewhat capable of doing this. Back when he was on CNN he actually did use some common sense.

    And stop with these statements not classifying me as libertarian rubbish. The statements you are making you sound “elitist”,look i can throw around words with negative connotations too. I just think it detracts from the integrity of a conversation.
    And huffington post? again with throwing out things with negative connotations that’s total rubbish, and if it happens again, I’m not going to acknowledge whatever you say with a response. The only time i have ever visited huffington post’s website is to read Larry David’s (creator o Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame) blog. A funny Jew, what a novel concept.

    Btw, on a non sacrastic/cynical/argumentative note or anything of the sort. I think you did a good job assessing my age, via the junior nickname. I’m a freshman in college.

  4. Ralph the WonderLlama says:

    4? I didnt think that many were watching that crap network?

  5. Barack Obama says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions Bill, we’d give em a run for their money.

  6. thism says:

    and in regards to the reply button scoff, that’s just how the site formats for lengthier responses

  7. Jezus luvr says:

    Yeah we sure showd them dumb liberals, hear that? Glenn Beck is only the SECOND bigggest douchebag in America. Woooohooo Yeeehaw Sarah Palin 2012, down wit them communist tyrants!

  8. 00kla the m0k says:

    Kanye so deserves this. I feel renewed pride in being one of the crowd that visits this site.

    May Kanye’s name be dragged through the mud/shit slurry of public opinion to celebrate this momentous crowning event! Sound the trumpets! The air is alive with the festive scent of vinegar, rosewater, and toilet wastebasket. Let every soggy clump of yeast bow its head and make way for the new reigning King of Douchebags … genius and vocorder wizard, … Kanyeeee Weeeeeeest!!

  9. theMike says:

    i’m so glad this silly bullshit is finished

  10. Bill Clinton says:

    We probably need to retire the trophy – there will never be a bigger douchebag than Kanye.Glen Beck not even close.

  11. In Therapy says:

    Kayne….you make us all proud (I’m teTheir upsurgelling you, I’m tearing up)….this is a hell of a moment…!!!

  12. Lou Dodds says:

    ROTFL, couldnt have picked a more deserving winner!


  13. Glenn Beck says:

    i am not supprised HT made kayne. they clearley made him the winner just so they can do that stupid interupting joke…AGAIN. let it go, its not funny any more.

  14. thism says:

    I don’t know about this. At least Kanye makes something of substance,his music, anyone?
    Glenn Beck. What does he have to offer to society OTHER than being a douche? He’s an incoherent babbling moron who believes the world is going to end tomorrow, every day.
    A demented mind like his should not be exposed to the public. He babbles for an hour every day on the most watched news network in the US. And he is the embodiment of a douche bag.

  15. International Douchebag Association says:

    Please ignore the above results regarding the most recent results of the Douchebag Tournament 2010. The polls hosted by “Survey Monkey” were attacked by a malicious virus late Thursday night, rendering the supposed results erroneous. Upon further review by the committee, Glenn Beck easily defeated Kanye West for 2010 Biggest Douchebag title with 92% of the votes cast. If you are as displeased as we are by the inaccurate results posted by Holy Taco please contact the administrators as we already have regarding the tournament. Furthermore, anyone who thought Glenn Beck was not clearly the biggest douchebag of 2010 and beyond was sorely mistaken as he was clearly the winner uncontested, Holy Taco hosted this competition as some sort of sick communist plot.

  16. bb102345566 says:

    glenn… you were robbed.

  17. PuckJew says:

    Yes Recount. Aside from Holy Taco staff no one is a bigger douche than Glenn “Crying Pussy” Beck. Fuck you all.

  18. ProCoatHangar says:

    Well if Tim Tebow and his awesome pro life ads and ignorant comments didn’t win him the title I dont know what you have to do to win this thing. Kanye only made fun of another singer on stage in what is now just a pop music venue. What about the public official in Haiti making people pay for donated items? Doesn’t that take the cake?

  19. Fucking Idiot says:

    Intl Douchebag Assn….I don’t think there is such a thing. I googled it…we’re being fooled.

  20. Jay Leno says:

    I got Robbed! I worked my ass off to win this tournament! I guess I will have to bring a new level to my duechy-ness next year

  21. High Five says:

    High Five Thism and nut slurper, you two have just had the top douche conversation on an irrelevant topic. You both provided a bunch of proof that you two are some of the biggest queers on ths website. HIGH FIVE

  22. viktor says:

    Fuck you Holytaco. Glenn Beck is the biggest Douchebag in the world ever! Fucking do a recount. Fucking Glenn Beck!

  23. In Therapy says:

    But….but…I built a shrine for Kayne in my home…..a douchebag in his immage hangs from the shower head, it’s my fappy-friend, I can’t reverse this (I’m tearing up again)…don’t do this to me HT.

  24. Sore Loser says:

    Dude, just go back to your mom’s basement, resume writing for the Huffington Post or Media Matters, and GET OVER IT, KANYE WINS, BECK LOSES!

  25. Kanye says:

    Shut up you stupid crackers.

  26. Spirk says:

    You think affirmative action had anything to do with Kanye winning? Cause Glenn Beck is a pretty big douchebag, Kanye is just an egomaniac.

  27. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    Hahah! This is fucking great, I love seeing all these libtards cry themselves to sleep because Kanye beat Beck. Get over it pinkos, the people have decided and guess what:


  28. thism says:

    Fuck you, dude. Don’t turn this into something based on politics, where one side is happy and the other is not. I’m not liberal, i’m libertarian if anything. However, Glenn beck is an ignoramus who claims to be a conservative or libertarian, when he and the rest of the nuts at fox news are neither. And the fact that they profess that they are is disgusting. But that’s neither here nor there…

    Beck is a nut and perhaps one of the last people on the planet who should have a television/radio show where he can project his moronic opinions onto others. And the fact that he does this and claims he is doing good for the world makes him the largest douche on the planet.

  29. thism says:

    Haha. Uhhh MTV? MTV doesn’t play videos anymore. Yes MTV may stand for Music Television, however they haven’t really played music videos since the 90′s/very early 2000s. Mr. West’s first album came out in 2004. So that one was kind of a moot point. And yes, he does have marketing. Great for him. And as for critics agreeing with anything that agrees with their view a pass is an absurd and broadly sweeping statement that is simply not true. Ever read reviews and then listen/watch whatever films. Go on a review aggregate like rotten tomatoes. There’s a correlation between those that are good and those that are reviewed well. And again, his success in a declining industry is apparent and cannot be ignored.

    Yeah. O’riley’s doing great. he has been for a while now. He already has an established audience and they might enjoy beck’s theatrics, and claiming the world is going to end on every other episode. I really recommend that you check out this declining air waves. Listen to some NPR programming. You cab learn more when you’re listening to intelligent people giving you a full story with not only the what that dominates a 24 hour news cycle, but also the reasons behind a lot of stuff that happens. And don’t worry! You don’t have to listen on the radio, check it out on a fairly new medium to receive information,podcasts! And I wouldn’t entirely bash network news, without having a 24h news cycle to accommodate, you get an idea for relevant news stories that are impacting people on a global level. And as we are becoming a more and more globalized world, I think that might be something worth looking into.

  30. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    Kanye’s music sucks first of all. Secondly, In the U.S. we have something called “The First Ammendment” which goes something like this:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    That meand that even if you think he is demented (I think he is an idiotic bible pusher) he has all the right in the world to spout whatever he wants. And guess what, the majority of people in the U.S. agree with him seeing as how he reguarly crushes all the other networks combined during his time slot and even beats Olbermann and Maddow who are on during prime time.

  31. Accountant says:

    According to the numbers, Kanye West is, and the numbers never lie, but I know how you pinkos hate democracy unless you benefit from it so I’ll let you go back to the Huffington Post and Media Matters or whatever other fringe website you pinkos look at.

  32. Libertarian Nutjob says:

    For someone who claims they’re libertarian you sound remarkably like a libtard. Every libertarian knows the First Ammendment, I suggest you look it up before calling yourself one and save yourself the embarassment of exposing yourself as a pinko. If someone wants to give Beck a television show and people want to watch, that’s on them and guess what, if pinkos like you don’t like it:


  33. thism says:

    1. if his music sucks, why is it that his music is critically acclaimed, a consistent winner at award shows and consistently chart toppers (both singles, and albums) in a declining music industry? While you may not like Kanye’s music. I think it’s fair to say that many people, both critics and your average joes would disagree.

    2. And thank you. I’m well aware of the bill of rights. However, this majority of people in the U.S. statement is a bit unfounded. An underwhelmingly small population of people watch cable news. Especially at 5 PM. So I will not argue with the majority of the people watching a 24h news network at 5 pm prefer to watch Beck, saying the majority of the people in the U.S. is absurd.

  34. thism says:

    Well thanks to the first amendment, I am able to state my opinion. And that would be that glenn beck is not only a large douche, but a scary, obscene, crying and pitiful excuse for a human being.
    That being said. You are a great example of why I’m not content with many libertarians, conservatives, and fox news in todays times. You automatically resort to using derogatory labels, and very lame talking points against someone as if that’s the best way to make them look wrong. Instead of talking about whatever the issue may be. And when you do talk about the issues, you often throw that crap in there and often take validity away from whatever point you may be making.
    If you want an idea of people i agree with, look up William F. Buckley or Ron Paul. Ron Paul is one of the few politicians out there who is capable of responding with anything that resembles common sense.

    And No. I will not go watch maddow or oberman. I can’t stand any 24h news, and I think it’s contributing to the destruction of america. There is no substance in any of it, it gives viewers the “what” and not the “why” so ultimately people have little understanding of issues, just an idea of how some people of opposing viewpoints feel about an issue. As a result everything becomes immediately polarized. I’ll read the wall street journal, thanks.

    Soo in conclusion, stop with the name calling, buddy. Try to act a little bit more mature. If you can…

  35. thism says:

    The above^^^ is to my pal Libertarian Nutjob, if he couldn’t already figure that one out…

  36. DonkeyXote says:

    As if a pussy like you had the balls to admit it.


  37. meeeAnonymous says:

    what a fucken duechbag i think instead of calling a duech a duech i think we should call it a kanye or west

  38. Kanye West says:

    Kanye would like to tell HT that Kanye knew Kanye West would win the award. Kanye West always wins, Kanye West should always win and if Kanye West does not win Kanye West gets very angry.

    On the other hand I would like to offer my condolences to DonkeyXote, damn fool, Dwight fucking pwnd your ass! Taylor Swift being interrupted in the middle of her acceptance speech by yours trully, Kanye West, is embarrased for you son!

    Also, check out Kanye West’s new book: “Kanye West is fucking awesome, and the biggest douchebag of the year” it’s about to drop in a couple of days. And if it doesn’t fuck the publishing companies because Kanye West is the greatest, biggest most fucking awesome douchebag of all time, OF ALL FUCKING TIME!

  39. DonkeyXote says:

    Oh Dwight, you and your rants.

  40. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Still not me DoneyPwnt

  41. Kanye WEST says:

    Ha! Douchebag!

  42. FlashForMe says:

    what KANYE WEST have in common Puff Daddy?

    Both write crap music!

  43. Good Job Kanye says:

    You deserve it

  44. First says:

    TROLL FTW!!!!

  45. john Goodman says:

    He was a shoe in from the get go. No one can touch his douchebaggery.

  46. yur mom says:

    of all time…

  47. myjobsucks says:

    let’s see here…i am a genius, so genius…plus voice of a generation…plus fish sticks…equals greatest douchebag of all time?

  48. Do You Like Fishsticks? says:

    The best part about that South Park episode was after it aired, Kanye said that he’d have to reevaluate his behavior if that’s how the world sees him.

    That’s the same as admitting you got PWND!

  49. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I like fish dicks

  50. DonkeyXote. says:

    I like all dicks. The bigger and harder, the better.

  51. DonkeyXote says:

    Do you Dwight, do you?

    I thought you were into fat and hairy Mexican cocks so vinegary you love doing all sorts of sour-faces in order to stimulate your partner libido to detonate his load deep inside your throat.

  52. Wigger says:

    I gotta ax, why yall hate so much? Thass my ninja, right there. He probly don’t know I exist, but if he did, we’d be cool cause I keep it real. It ain’t easy for a white boy like myself to hold it down when the white man keeps the black man down, nawmean? Read it agin, only slower if you don’t. Aiiiight

  53. You All Suck says:

    @ the Real World

    Yeah it does, i could care less if you don’t agree with barack but you probably just disagree with him because you do believe in some type of religion, so you follow anything that the republican party say’s because again you are taught to follow and not question. I could care less if you idolize Glenn Beck because your a large Turd dude but atleast do it because you like him and not because a bunch of old ass closet fags told you so

    The REal World Is the choad of the year, Fag

  54. captian chode says:

    your one dumb mother fucker. white man keep the black man down? thats a crock of horseshit. if it wasnt for the white man; the blacks would still be in Africa fucking monkeys and worshiping the sun gods. And wigger i bet your one of those faggy wannabe white kids that wears the flat bill hats and still lives with his parents. So in conclusion you should go choke on a dick and die. and fuck kayne west. he totally deserved this award.

  55. thism says:

    While he might not be very articulate, ignorance is not helped at all by more ignorance.
    And please, Kanye over Glenn Beck?!? That’s nuts. Unless you’re some 13-year old girl who worships Taylor Swift,get over it!
    Glenn Beck and his doomsdayist crying is one of the most pathetic and douchey things being put into the American public.. Kanye West just gets sloshed at award shows and occasionally goes on stage when he’s not supposed to…

  56. The Real World says:

    Sometimes, yeah, if by “sometimes” you man all the fucking time. And it wasn’t just the Taylor Swift thing, it was:

    coparing himself to Jesus Christ

    annointing himself the greatest thing on the planet

    continously saying ridiculous things

    continously embarassing anyone and anything within a 500 mile radius of himself

    Should I go on?

  57. You All Suck says:

    No Doubt, both you first two are fags, the second dude is just racist, the first dude is stupid as hell and Glen Beck is the biggest douche bag in the world, kanye west just like’s to party unlike these first two fags who don’t go to parties cause they blog, FAGS,, and i am doing this because i am stoned and bored FUCK YOU

  58. You All Suck says:

    @ the real world, so what he likes to party, i guess he could bother me if i liked paying attention to what celebrities like a 14 yEAR old girl like yourself but i don’ pay attention so i could care less. And as far as comparing himself to jesus christ who hasn’t done that, Jesus is not real it’s like comparing yourself to Santa Clause, no difference or are you one of the moron’s that believes in religion, fag

  59. The Real World says:

    @ You all suck:

    So let me get this straight, your a douche if you disagree with Barack Obama, or believe in somekind of religion? That makes alot of sense… oh wait, no it doesn’t hmm…