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21 and Over Caption Contest

Hey kids, do you like the parties and the booze and the funny movies, or at least one of those three things?  Sure you do and if you said no, may I direct you to Better Homes and Gardens where nancies like you can learn how to knit a knitting bag.  Isn’t that meta lame?  So lame.

This Friday, 21 and Over hits theaters and it looks like it continues the awesome tradition of movies like American Pie, Superbad and the like in which those crazy young ‘uns give it their all to get laid and/or drunk which is a surprisingly large chunk of the motivation to do anything at that age.

Anyway, some folks behind the movie shot me an email because I schmooze with these kind of people, which is to say I run a website and am desperate for human contact so I answer all emails people send me, and we came up with an idea for a contest.  Oh my God, are you ready for the contest?  Contest!

We can hook you up with a snazzy prize pack consisting of this stuff;

(1) sweatshirt (pictured below)

($30) giftcard to Fandango 

(1) signed poster

win this stuff!

And what do you have to do to get this?  Caption this photo from the movie!  That’s easy as hell!


Here’s the photo, show me what you can do.  Post it in a comment or shoot it to us on Twitter @holytaco or on Facebook!  Best caption wins the prize pack, worst caption has to be my intern for  a month.  You can do it!

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