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23 Photos/GIFs of Lili Simmons, True Detective‘s Super-Hot Home-Wrecker

February 24, 2014 | 7:36 am

Last night’s episode of True Detective marked the return of Lili Simmons as Beth, a teenage prostitute turned T-Mobile employee who becomes the latest extra-marital playmate for Woody Harrelson’s Detective Marty Hart. (As soon as Beth uttered those nine magic words, we knew that Marty’s marriage was doomed.)

Simmons is a 20-year-old actress from San Diego who got her start as model, and began picking up film and TV roles in 2010. Outside of her stint on True Detective, Lili is best known for her role as Rebecca Bowman on the Cinemax series Banshee, in which she plays a wild and sexy Amish girl (seriously). Simmons enjoys snowboarding, and if she ruled the world, everybody would get pizza and be nice to each other.

Check out 23 of our favorite Lili Simmons photos and GIFs in the gallery above, and be her friend on twitter @liliflower33.

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