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25 Amazing 3-D Sidewalk Drawings

Most of these were done by artists Edgar Mueller and Julian Beever. Hahaha…beever…


83 Responses to "25 Amazing 3-D Sidewalk Drawings"

  1. IH8BEANERS says:


  2. xdestroyx says:

    this shit is amazing. and i legit farted when reading the comments about farting


  3. Marju says:

    Its really awsome:)

  4. uisdisdu says:

    very nice!!

  5. chris says:

    absolutely amazing !increasing

  6. I love you Dizzy says:

    Wow im your biggest fan, cuz you made me realize toads are smart,

  7. Your ex-friend says:

    Why in the world you didn’t send me one!!! Well no more sugar privilieges for you.

  8. wense says:

    A M A Z I N G !!!

    La cago para ser espectacular. Saludos desde Chile in Southamerica.

  9. ranal ape says:

    So someones butt cheeks were split by a blast of air and the artist are good at what they do! lol i feel like i want to fart now

  10. Hank Strapon says:


  11. Faggot says:


  12. Iuse firstto much says:


  13. Dr. Pepper says:


  14. Dizzy says:

    Ha ha! The toad thinks the boy is real!

  15. lindsay says:

    Wow! those are absolutely amazing! Does anyone know where these are done? I would love to see one in person.

  16. DaPete says:

    theyre dun in my pants…get in

  17. finnish_girl says:


    that’s so cool ! i’ve ever seen anything like that. so incredible. you guys are so talented. you have to come to finland to do some stuff !

    damn.. i’m really confused.. that’s so amazing ! i dunno what else i gotta say, only that you guys ROCK !

    thanks for sharing those wonderful creatings !

    t. finnish girl

  18. david wayne osedach says:

    Absolutely amazing! I’d love to see them in person. Meanwhile I’m forwarding this page to all my friends.

  19. putz says:

    AWSOME works of art, you folks that do these should be proud.

  20. irina says:

    Real MASTERPIECE! Thank YOU!

  21. matahari says:

    superbe! fantastic! some are simply incredible ‘trompe l’oeil’ art work. Thanx for sharing these gems, much obliged. ;)

  22. anonymous111 says:

    #2 looks photoshopped

  23. anonymous111 says:

    Second one looks photoshopped.

  24. VividColorWill says:

    These are amazing works of art. The Vivid Color produced with sidewalk chalk is unbelievable. Thanks for posting.

  25. Axl says:

    Where are they tooked

  26. Sb says:

    Gorgeous… super!!!

  27. Eeva says:


  28. Maria Edith says:

    Very very nice!

  29. Supertruck says:

    Incredible I need to have one done on one of my trucks showing the inside motor transmission etc.on the outside.

  30. fart says:

    I farted hard when I saw these sexy pics…makes me wanna touch myself inappropriately…SEX!

  31. jules says:

    those are fucking mind blowing and i also farted while reading the comments. funny thing is i didnt have to but i squeezed one out for the crew

  32. ryan broka says:

    this is the finest modern if not “neo”modern artform i have ever witnessed. for years i have viewed countless items of complete crap that have contributed no more than a two second shower could befit todays “artists”
    every aspect of modern day life is fully utilized into this scope of surrealist perfection, also the community interaction is priceless

  33. endsol says:

    Remarkable! The perspective is outstanding.

  34. stadio says:

    does anyone know where the batman one is located? is it still around?

  35. airblaze says:

    you’ve got a very nice talent. keep it up. hope you can give happiness to some kids here in compostela valley province in the philippines. your great Man!!!!! i salute you!!

  36. jolly says:


  37. stupid people r annoying says:

    So either no one knows where these drawings can be seen or everyone is choosing to ignore the questions!! They have to be on the sidewalk SOMEWHERE – any ideas???

  38. Karlito P says:

    wow they were all amazing and very creative

  39. jill says:

    the one with him holding the water hose is my fav and the coolest in my opinion!!!

  40. blah says:


  41. senorcovert says:

    try clicking the artists names at the top. the links take you to their respective sites.

  42. dett says:

    Is these pictures real? Are they really painted on the ground or photoshopped after?

  43. BeardedClam says:

    Damn graffitti! How dare they deface public property like that!

  44. ORDucks says:

    Incredible talent and the comments about farting were hilarious too!

  45. rhon64 says:

    Hil-larious! I love ‘em! thanx for sharing.

  46. Antwuan says:

    That’s what she said.

  47. John says:


  48. Basterdfins poppa Johnson says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! most people have trouble taking it all in!

  49. desposy says:

    for once you appear to be correct, that does appear to be exactly what she said.

    but, Angela has a point it’s just not funny anymore

  50. itburns says:

    That’s what he said.

  51. Michael Scott says:

    Thats what she said

  52. Dwight says:


  53. Angela says:

    I find that very offensive and immature.

  54. She's So Effing Right! says:

    sorry, that will ALWAYS be funny. back to the matter at hand…that is truly amazing work- what artistry!! (thats what she said!) lol…see?

  55. charmed says:

    These are amazing! Awesome talent :)

  56. Rasmus says:

    Parimad 3D graffitid mida näinud olen :D :D:D

  57. mintyfresh says:


  58. Anonymous FKR says:

    Look at the retard above me. Ha Ha. What, there’s another retard below me? OH SHIT, I’m surrounded by retards!!!

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  60. pointdexter says:


  61. Acai Trials says:

    There are 2 other people that were first before your f1rst.

  62. sledgehammer says:

    these are simply incredible, I wish I could produce art work of this caliber. all this nonsense about people farting is making me feel like I should’ve farted… but I didn’t.

  63. pointdexter says:



  64. eesti says:

    jeee eestlased kommivad:D pildid on küll lihtsalt uskumatud!

  65. bellwag says:

    Is that the same guy in 6 or 7 of these photos?

    10, 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22

    Maybe even 9 also if it was a closer pic.

  66. bellwag says:

    Nevermind. It’s the artist himself in the pics. I didn’t look at the profiles until after I noticed that guy.

  67. Steve says:

    It would be cool to see one in real life, any of those on the west coast I wonder?

  68. Dickface says:

    I just farted.

  69. Paul says:

    I literally farted as I read your comment.. We have a bond.

  70. face like a dick says:

    Oh gawd! WooF Arted?

  71. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    No, no, no… it’s Hoof Hearted.

  72. $$$$$ says:

    Whoa whoa whoa…. Im pretty sure its Roof Retarded

  73. Faggot says:

    Speaking of farting….I love anal sex with men

  74. Anonlol says:


  75. dildolover says:

    lol…nice one…i did too after i read this

  76. senorcovert says:

    HAHAH @anonlol priceless reply

  77. face like a dick says:


    Someone split me butcheeks!

  78. aqua says:

    It`s not posible!!!!Wow wow wow!!!!!

  79. aqua says:

    Wauuuch!See pole vöimalik,lihtsalt niii super!!!Very nice pictures!!!

  80. tanel says:

    see nagu üli lahe…uskumatu mida teha saab…mõnus , tahaks oma silmaga näha

  81. Blue says:

    Those comments made my day. :D

  82. Moo says:

    So, wait, the one 7 from the bottom, everything is drawn except for the guy?
    And the waterfall one, I’m trying to look at that as just a street with lines on it… it’s impossible.