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25 Animal Hybrids that Anger Mother Nature


A zoo in China just welcomed a pair of baby ligers, which are both cute and destined to be the size of that monster pictured above.  In honor of freaks of nature, here’s this gallery of animals that shouldn’t be.  Do you know what all of them are?


pizzly bear




alpine lynx




golden/ornate eagle


savannah cat


macaw hybrid

big headed liger


bengal cat

grloar bear

dog coyote


toast of botswana

marine/land iguana hybrid

chinese liger cubs nursing from a dog


15 Responses to "25 Animal Hybrids that Anger Mother Nature"

  1. VengeVega says:

    Is that a hyena/german sheppard mix 6th from the bottom because I want one.

  2. Tater says:

    The Grolar Bear is easily the most terrifying.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Gotta admit, we humans are a pretty fucked up lot! If it isn’t war, some crazy mother fuckers invest on pointless/unethical research. What could humanity possibly benefit from crossing a tiger and a fucking puma, panther or whatever the fuck that is.

    Fuck all o’ ya that pay money to see this shit in zoos and the likes.

    • Ian Fortey says:

      The last one, the jaguar/lion was an accident. The mother and father were raised from cubs in the same zoo and they got depressed when the zoo tried to separate them. They attempted to keep the female away when she was in heat, but obviously it didn’t work out.

  4. Anonymus says:

    Fuck you GOD!

  5. bad acid trip says:

    You forgot humans; a blend between intestinal parasites and lemmings.

  6. a guy can dream says:

    are some photoshopped?

  7. Adam M. says:

    i think a post like this could use captions to help us understand what the fuck were looking at

  8. Kenmore says:

    what is wrong with the 4th picture?

  9. Jar says:

    The eighth one is a zeedonk, or zonkey – the offspring of a zebra and a donkey. Yes, it’s kind of freaky, but zebras are like horses on crack. To keep them sane, some zoos and sanctuaries room them with donkeys if they can’t find another zebra. The donkeys keep them company and calm them down, so it’s easier for humans to handle them. Occasionally, after a glass of champagne, they make sweet, passionate love while Barry White sings in the background. Some months pass, and a zonkey is born, just in time to see its father run off with a gazelle.

    If anyone lives in the DFW area, the Sharkarosa Ranch has a zonkey that you’re more than welcome to mock/pet/gawk at. Unintended crossbreeding is something the keepers there are used to – a brown lemur and a black lemur just had a baby, for instance. Also, one of their female Ring-Tailed Lemurs bit Mike Rowe during an episode of ‘Dirty Jobs.’

    I think he had it coming.