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25 Drunk Animals

Animals are really no different than us. They like to come home after a long day, turn on the game, crack open a cold beer, and eventually, go take a huge dump in the backyard.


43 Responses to "25 Drunk Animals"

  1. bastardfins says:

    shut up woman

  2. austin says:

    that shit is funny !!!!!!!!! but retarted i really fucking retarted and how the fuck would give a animal bozz

  3. Dumb says:

    Probably the dumbest shit of all time.

  4. Frank Reynolds says:

    I like Turtles

  5. CORENE says:

    You idiots who give booze to animals should not be allowed to have an animal …….EVER !!!!! You are crazy !!!!! You need help .

  6. Chewstopher McPoopenheimer says:

    Jesus Christ. There’s only one freak I know that can make this statement. Is that you Hollywod???

  7. Sakamachi-25 says:

    I’m no canine prohibitionist, but if you have a dog, don’t give it beer. All dogs are allergic to Hops just like Chocolate. So beer specifically (unless it has absolutely 0% hops) is a no-no. As for booze in general, dogs are smaller than you, so keep that in mind, also keep in mind that dogs don’t know when enough is enough or even how to pace themselves. You put 4 hours worth of drinks in front of a dog, and it will be gone in 4 minutes. They can’t not-do-that. So you make sure you don’t let them over-do it… your dog depends on you to protect it from harmful things in this world.

  8. md says:

    You guys are slowly killing your animals with the booze… Animals have adifferent metallibisim than us and alcohol does harm quickly to their kidneys & liver.Photos are cute but damaging to the animal if the alcohol was consumed..

  9. Art says:

    I knew that animals are lushes too.

  10. Camel Tao says:

    Jesus, thanks, mom.

  11. Not a DUMB animal says:

    …and we call them “Dumb animals”… You are the ‘Dumb animals’
    if you are giving your loving pets alcohol !!!!
    Duh, did anyone tell you booze can kill them ???
    Oh, but that’s right…one REALLY DUMB animal ‘caring’ for another.

  12. mezl says:

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG- these people should have the animals removed from their homes. and never allowed to have another. a**holes.

  13. Luke Miller's a thief says:

    I love how ppl think they have the right to post whatever they want without consulting the actual owner, what amazes me is how that crab with the bottle of jim bean has Luke Miller 2002 in the bottom to the right.. The quality of the image is real shit and I still have them stored on a microSD chip with perfect quality and no distortion.

    When that picture was taken by someone I know including crab booting heroin and sniffing cocaine.

    Shame on you for stealing and calling it your own “Luke Miller”

    Oh and… GO fuck yourself.

  14. Not a DUMB animal says:

    TOTALLY agree…they should be spay and neutered !!!

  15. blahhumbug says:

    No one is claiming it as their own. I’m willing to bet that if they WERE, instead of just showing a bunch of pics from around the web, then they wouldve erased that name and date at the bottom.

  16. sara says:

    Your sick get your self some help.

  17. John SavageJimmy Joseph says:

    OMgosh that is so cute. I love animals!


  18. Jef says:

    You need the video of the monkeys eating the fermented berries. Hilarious.

  19. JP says:

    laff at dog w/ smoke

  20. Ritesh says:

    Not different from us

  21. GB says:

    It sounds to me that with so much profanity and non-sensical writing here – they have had too many. As far as giving your beloved dog alcohol – it is poisen to them and could kill them quickly. There is nothing “CUTE” about killing your best friend – human or not.

  22. Mani says:

    I Like The Last One

  23. <3 aminal dongz says:

    they shud do a fuckin thing wif a bunch of animal bonerz n shit n hav them fukin each other n shit n maybe have some gay animals but just lots ofanimal dongz n bonerz n maybe swollen animal cooters. i luv animalz

  24. queeftard says:

    how many hamsters do you have to fuck to find out shit like that? fuckin asstard.

  25. Jack Of All Trades says:

    its a known fact, that hamsters have some of the strongest kidneys and livers in the world, and can handle lots of alcohol. its true, in terms of size, a hamster as large as you, could drink around fifty times more alcohol. what a shame, they could handle so much booze, if their stomachs weren’t smaller than shot glasses

  26. dangitbobby says:

    cool story, bro

  27. Obvious says:

    Ahhhh the internet…a portal for timeless losers to practice their tourettes >.<


  28. Anonymous says:

    Jesus fuck, Jack Off All Dudes, that was fucking lame. Just STFU and rape the drunk animals like you normally do.

  29. MickeyDoHicky says:

    First Mothea

  30. Fire Starter says:

    Finally a last picture that makes sense.

  31. Steve says:

    I also love booze, drunk is fun!

  32. Homer Simpson says:

    Here’s to alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

    Also, Boobs.

  33. homer simsons a cock says:

    your a fucking matt groening fucking cock head

  34. Your Both Gay says:


  35. Snap says:

    I want to party with that crab. Mine, not so much.

  36. Obvious says:



  37. jethro says:

    some of those dogs have better class than me and my friends

  38. DGnarly says:

    In Russia, booze drink you!!

  39. Napoleon says: