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25 Animals Riding Motorcycles

It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be like.


21 Responses to "25 Animals Riding Motorcycles"

  1. Anonymous5000 says:

    Nice Fail on two accounts.

    1) being gay and trying to be type “first” first

    2) that should be obivious

  2. Ha ha Sucka says:

    You think I failed, at least I can make a sentence that makes sense. You my friend, are the one who FAILED!!!!!

  3. Ha ha sucka says:


  4. Anonymous23 says:


  5. ugh says:

    I have AIDS.

  6. DonkeyXote, says:

    I have a small dick:(

  7. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    Yes you do :(

  8. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    Don’t talk to me like that. Keep it up and I’ll stop giving you rim jobs.

  9. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Little too much free time on your hands, eh?

    Why don’t you get a real hobbie instead?!


  10. Anonymousy says:

    my feet smell really bad.

  11. Schwartz says:

    Oh I get it COW-asaki, har har har

  12. boobs says:

    epic fail

  13. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Shit kid, you must have an IQ no higher than room temperature! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You FINALLY figured out how to accurately clone a pseudonym! How many weeks did it take you to crack the obvious, eh????!

    And you wonder why I call you a fuckwit!!!!?

  14. pratik says:

    Is that black and white picture the warm-up to a donkey show?

  15. DonkeyXote says:

    If by donkey show you mean me and my mom having a mexican bible study, then yes, it is a warm-up to a donkey show.

  16. Hmmm says:

    I’d just like to say, i have no motorcycle and no pet, where did I go wrong!!!

  17. Ann T Christ says:

    You were born

  18. Skidmarky Mark says:

    Ridin’ Dirty! = http://bit.ly/turYg

  19. Steve says:

    Rabbit wins!

  20. Chad Rinko says:

    Animals that ride motorcycles are so cool!


  21. Tallywhacker says:

    Not ferst