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25 Animals That Think They’re People

They think they’re people.


35 Responses to "25 Animals That Think They’re People"

  1. Apfelbaum says:

    is it because, he’s a black man.

  2. FunnyMonkey says:

    WHOA! That last one was SCARY! My eye balls hurt now…

  3. MrKillson says:

    Unless it’s a monkey or ape it shouldn’t be wearing clothes. Everyone who dresses up their pet should be stabbed in the eye by a guy wearing a purple shirt.

  4. Some black dude! says:

    Im pretty sure that’s him in the 13th pick…

  5. s3xt0y says:

    Good there was only two squirrels lol

  6. R lee Eremy says:

    FIRST! OORAH!11!

  7. R lee Eremy says:


  8. In_Denial says:

    R lee is just jealous he is not no 1 like some of us … boohoo … cry baby

  9. Mr. Squishypants says:

    The sad thing? The comments are still better than the pics.

  10. Ferst! says:

    I want an ant eater ro do my laundry.

  11. Ferst! says:

    *to. to do my laundry.

  12. Rup says:

    me roo

  13. Rup says:

    *ro. me ro.

  14. office jerk says:

    all this shit to make a shitty pun about the shitty animal o’donnell?

    epic shit fail

  15. Charlton Heston says:

    Soylent Green is people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Baba Boobie says:

    WTF is that thing? a fuckin’ ANT EATER?!? Someone has that thing as a PET??? and made it wear a JEAN JACKET??? Someone lets THAT THING run around their HOUSE? did you see them gaw-damn CLAWS???? What the fucking HELL?????

  17. jewlicious.com says:

    You idiots forgot to add barak obama to the list

  18. Section 42 Does Not Do The Wave says:

    I was expecting Brooke Hundley at the end, but Rosie works too

  19. trimao says:

    oh man i didnt expect cute little rosie to sneak up on me like that at the end. Good one

  20. slingalong says:

    holy fucko Hippo O’Donnell

  21. Stainky says:

    Muffin goez to the dog park = http://bit.ly/2uTZgS

  22. Randomhero says:

    Of course Rosie O’Donnel would try to be a People. jeez

  23. Bob Barker says:

    yeah rosie was pretty amazing

  24. Stick says:

    Best. Comment. Ever.

  25. too much free time says:

    funniest thing I’ve seen, in a long time

  26. Dont Feed the Trolls!1!1!!! says:

    fat monkey was amazing

  27. vines says:

    first! lol

  28. Andy says:

    Hhahha Rosie O’donnell… nice :P

  29. Caesar says:

    someone call PETA

  30. modetst says:

    What should we call them?

  31. mr. roboto says:

    maybe we call them…peter!

  32. In_Denial says:

    First post … Im no. 1

  33. daym says:


  34. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    numero uno!!!!

  35. nalin' stalin says:

    you’re all number one douchebags.
    Way to go!