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25 Animals with Prosthetic Body Parts

eagle with a prosthetic beak

Have you seen the movie Dolphin Tale?  Ha ha, of course not.  But it’s about a dolphin that gets a rubber tail after Morgan freeman tries to eat it.  In honor of that brave dolphin, here’s 25 animals that have fake parts.

dog on wheels

peg leg kittydolphin

metal beak bird


legless deer

bird with a fake leg

elephant with fake leg

rooster that wears shoes

dog with a fake foot

goat leg

cow with prostehtic leg

dog missing four legs

turtle with a rudder

horse with a fake leg

dolphin with a fake tail

kiwi bird

turtle with a fake shell

dog on wheels

dog with a fake foot

tturtle on stilts

kangaroo with a fake leg

prosthetic beak bird

metal flipper turtle

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