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25 Atomic Wedgies


35 Responses to "25 Atomic Wedgies"

  1. EGON says:

    I did……. it’s amusing although difficult to believe as most women lack the physical strength required to rip the seams of quality underwear. Plus what kind of pussy must he have been to just sit there shreiking in pain instead of giving her a wedgie back? atleast that way he might be able to get a moist finger out of it. give her the bowling ball grip.

  2. alaska says:

    Sorry, no pics. No one had a camera at the party.

    She was and is a strong fit woman. There was no way the wedgie victim was going to retaliate. He was physically incapacitated and was literally sobbing with pain and nausea in a huddle on the floor. He’s not a weenus – it obviously hurt a great deal. He’s a normal guy. He just didn’t expect the response. Though EVERYONE thought he deserved it. If he had tried to retaliate the crowd would have quickly intervened on her behalf. Which was obvious from the solid 15 minutes of laughing. I’ve never experienced that before. It is and was the funniest thing I’ve seen in over 15 years. It was better than any wedgie I’ve ever seen in real life or in cartoons. Epic describes it well.

  3. sceptical says:

    no pics, then never happened

  4. portland,me says:

    @alaska great story man, thanks for sharing!

  5. assburgers disease says:

    Nice sentence retard.

  6. McDusche says:

    i’ve heard that the nigger kid still hanging on the door

  7. Karen says:

    I had a worst wedgie then all of them And I give people worster wedgies also watch aqua teen hunger force only on aduit Swim

  8. Craig says:

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  9. got it says:

    Alaska hmm. I bet it was Sarah Palin.

  10. alaska says:

    True story. This is a tale of a woman pushed beyond her limits. And she administers the most impressively epic wedgie I’ve ever seen. This was a mac daddy 1000 megaton atomic wedgie of nad crushing brilliance. Timing, execution, and the shear brutality of it were perfect. I’m certain it left lasting emotional scars. Picture the scene of the crime if you will … a party of 40 or so mostly twenty and thirty somethings. The evening is well underway in an responsible understated way. Its a school night as we all have to go to work the next morning so no one is hitting the sauce very hard. But, we’re having a good time.

    The woman in this drama is a woman of substance and firm convictions. She knows her own mind. She is easily one of the top 5 best looking hotties in my organization and natural 10. One of the fellows is hitting on her and getting nowhere. He begins to question the community she’s from. Being from a notable local family and proud of her roots she warns him to lay off or she’s going to have to address the matter with force. At this point she is standing and he is sitting cross legged with his back to her. He again tries to get a raise out of her and questions her parentage. This time she levelly warns him that he and she will retire to the backyard and settle matters with fisticuffs if he continues. She means it. By this time the rest of the partiers have noticed and are laying bets. He outweighs her by 60 lbs but its even odds. A few seconds later he ventures forth with another ill considered verbal assault and questions her morality. She’s had enough. She darts her hands down his shorts and grabs the waistband of his whitey tighties and pulls upwards. He shrieks in pain. For the second time she again heaves upwards and brings him to his feet amidst screams of nad crushing pain. He’s beginning to collapse into a huddle when for the third time she heaves upwards with all her strength. This time she brings him to his very tip toes as he’s wailing and howling like a cocker spaniel with its tail caught in a car door. The waist band rips and she pulls it over his waist, chest, head, and outstretched arms. She proceeds to put the waist band of his shorts around her neck as a trophy as he collapses and huddles in a fetal ball at her feet crying in pain. Her boyfriend quickly spirits her out of the room as the entire household begins to howl in laughter … for over 15 minutes. It was epic. The fellow with the crushed nads could not uncurl or speak for over 5 minutes. The house of partiers finally stopped laughing after he slunk out of the house 15 minutes later. And once again I’ve witnessed that all women become demons when pushed beyond their limits.

    15 years later he is now a judge, but still a needling prick. The lady is a lobbyist and still a natural 10.

  11. sceptical says:

    Pics or never hapened

  12. wow says:

    that was the best wedgie story i’ve ever read/heard!! damn, i would pay a girl that hot to give me an atomic wedgie!

  13. Holy Balls says:

    Jesus balls dude. Do u relly think ppl are gonna read all of that?

  14. assburgers disease says:

    Cool story, bro!

  15. fisticuffs? says:

    Sorry that happened to you, bro.

  16. DonkeyXote, says:

    seems normal enough. thongs sound ok.

  17. wedgie says:

    are you sure about that

  18. Bucket Headed Monkey says:

    Speaking of wedgies, is it normal to pull the back of my underwear between my cheeks just to reveal my milky white cheeks at the boys in the locker room when I’m getting changed after gym practice?

    I might as well start using thongs, what do you guys reckon?

    Lay off the homo-jokes though, I don’t think I can take any today…

  19. Mr.Awesome says:


  20. ^^ says:


  21. I see what you did there says:

    Well it’s good to see that some people get sarcasm

  22. This girl is hot! says:

    That little kid hanging on the fence has a sweet diaper rush on his left bun, god I’d love to lick that right up. NO FUCKING, I am no pervert. But I definitelly would go downtown on that booty.

  23. ppl make me sick says:

    ur a sick fuck dont let me find out who u are i hope u get raped!

  24. wedgie says:

    8 has somewhat long hair short top small shorts and look like a panties i say girl

  25. cough/cool says:

    number 2,9,10,11,13-19 and 22 are my favorite, number 8 i cant tell if thats a male of female

  26. wedgie says:

    2 others arent on the head so not atomic to 23+ owe i want it repayed with more than before

  27. Ben Affleck says:

    Hey, only like 4 of these could classify as atomic. I feel ripped off. HT, you owe us 21 more atomic wedgies.

  28. DonkeyXoote says:

    My turn, my turn!

  29. DonkeyXote's homosexual father says:


  30. Stamen says:

    Pranks and practical jokes = http://bit.ly/44MCWS

  31. sex-pun guy says:

    wish they had more thongs and bikinis

  32. 2010 Taxes says:

    The girls don’t seem to mind.

  33. Lou Rawls says:

    Wow, thats some serious wedgies dude!


  34. bullshigat says:

    Sadly, this was the most coherent, well thought out comment on the post.