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25 Awesome Cubicle Pranks

One more reason to be thankful you’re not at work today.


92 Responses to "25 Awesome Cubicle Pranks"

  1. Ano says:

    “Kind of like Rugby, but for wankers in fucking girly helmets”. you missed out “with more standing about and less ear biting” :P

  2. SeXyBiTcH says:

    anyone wanna pop my pussie?

  3. Maz says:

    The pics were great – pity about the ignorant comments. No wonder there are world wars! Most of you should be totally ashamed of your sentiments but you’re probably too thick to realise!!

  4. AnonymousOne says:

    You spelled ‘realize’ wrong.

  5. Michael Loftin says:

    Got a better laugh at the comments than the pics. Great! Nothing like learning new Racial Slurs.

  6. Checkman says:

    Im indian and Canadian, does that make me a Porch Monkey pancake snarfer? I think thats a good thing….I fucking love monkeys and pancakes!

  7. Ricky says:

    I should point out that “Canadian” isn’t a race. Therefore you can’t be racist to “Canadians” in general.


  8. Madi says:

    *high fives checkman* me too!!!! what would American Indian, Norwegian, and spanish be than?

  9. AnonymousTwo says:

    @AnonymousOne: In the U.K “realize” is spelled realise. Because we had the language first, that makes Maz’s spelling right, and you wrong. Just like “Color” is supposed to be spelled “Colour” and “Soccer” should be “Football” and “Football” should be “Kind of like Rugby, but for wankers in fucking girly helmets”.
    No one has mentioned anthing about americans? hmmm..

  10. america is fucking amazing says:

    Okay, one) if you numbfucks didn’t figure out from my name, america is fucking awesome two) british people you really have no right to talk seeing as you lost, and are you really trying to be more badass than a country that redefined badass? The reason our FOOTBALL players wear helmets is because they like their teeth where the belong…in their mouth. And who gives a fuck about racist comments?

  11. AnonymousThree says:

    Yay AnonTwo! no nonsense!

  12. Anonymous4 says:

    anonymous2= British fag(not as in a cigarette like u brits use it, although u probly smoke both kinds of fags)

  13. DOR says:

    After reading the comments, I’m not sure if the average IQ around here is higher, or lower than the average age.

  14. lio says:

    No he didn’t.

  15. Bored by all of you idiots says:

    Well, I like the pictures, but the rest of you are an embarrasment to all human beings. You all sound like a bunch of idiots in middle school who laugh at each other’s farts and cream at the sight of a side boob. You are immature ungrateful little fucks who don’t even know a thing about the races you are generalizing about. See I can be racist and be right about it too. Niggers are not just “black people”. Black people are black people. Niggers are black gangsters who don’t work a day in their life to earn their shit. They steal rape and kill, because they are so stupid they think it is cool. They flaunt their guns and their bitches but they all die in the end, because they are even stupider than the lot of you. And that goes for gangsters of any race.

    And by the way, if you want to say that indians only work in 711s let me tell you, that is a better more honest way to make a living than selling drugs that end up with little kids, and killing people. I bet half of you don’t even have jobs. If you did, and you appreciated it, you wouldn’t be dissing people because of the jobs they have. Fucking dumb shits

  16. NIGGER Killer says:

    And this is why I’m glad I’m white and I have plenty of money.

  17. Oh!Canada says:

    Hey! British ppl are cool! I’ve got family there.. but I like America too! infact, I can say i like America more because i’ve never been to Britain. Canada loves you all!

  18. AnonymousA Wipe says:

    “Canadian” is what south side Chicagoans use to refer to blacks, especially in their presence.

  19. the log says:

    you see thats the thing with you americans. your all to scared to laugh at each other without fear of being called a racist. you take life too seriously. the comments were funnier than the pics ! its like a t.v. if you don’t like the show… change the channel. why do you keep reading when it offends you… grow up. taking the piss out of each other is one of life’s luxuries. your too serious thru years of bashing the blacks. mexicans and native americans.
    i come from oz and we dont through abuse at dingoes even though they steal our babies….

  20. Oh!Canada says:

    we use colour here. and when i’m on the computer everything gets the red lines saying it’s not spelled the way my computer (i’m guessing it’s American :P ) likes it. but I love America and Americans! and I love the Brits.. but i’m not trying to be a hippie here.. i’m not a granola muncher! i hunt, trap and fish this great land i call Home! and America, you can’t really hate us because if you think about it.. Canada is kind of America’s bitch! lol. but technically we’re Britain’s bitch first. and our money proves it. the queen gets older and older on every quarter i look at :P

  21. moo! says:

    LOL! more of a cult than anything!

  22. Bodonkulous says:

    Chinese clowns ate my grandma. Still, I hate Catholics the most. They’re a race, right?

  23. Anonymous HAHAHHAH funnier than you says:

    @ Bored by all of you idiots. Dude, settle the fuck down. People don’t give a shit if you think they’re dumb, and no one ever will. So what the point of trying to rationalize and be ‘disgusted’ just get a chuckle out of the comments and if you really can’t laugh at them well, I feel sorry for you. and @ the log, Shit, most of the people that said all the racist shit probably were Americans. Why? Because we DONT give a shit. About anybody. So, go fuck yourself.

  24. AWESOMESAUCE says:

    Wait…so all this started because Indians don’t bathe? And which Indians are we talking about? The one with the feathers on their ass/head or the one with the laser dot on their foreheads?

  25. bruce leroy says:

    CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!!!!!!!Although dune coon was some funny shit,all tha rest of that shit was bad!

  26. American says:

    And what would you call us?

  27. American says:

    So true

  28. Dspayre says:

    A failing economy.

  29. Maz says:

    Thank god I’m not American then!!! As it happens, I’ve been over the Pond, and mercifully, all the Americans I met were decent, lovely folk, in contrast to Anonymous HAHAHA etc et al. What is wrong is your parenting and the school system that’s formed your warped thinking. Pity you all!

  30. boredbyclass says:

    omg these comments are the best. and its really no use trying to yell at people on the internet… they’ll probably never see you so its not like some people are going to care what you say….. plus there are such things as “white trash” and “red necks” and before we found Africa who where the slaves??? let me give you a hint.. rhymes with bracker lol

  31. Cutie says:

    lmao I find it funny that the americans on here are being so defensive. It’s like you’re trying too hard. You are the joke of the entire world and the fact that you don’t see that just proves the point. Perhaps when you all just settle down a little and look outside the box (or your borders) you will realize how dumb you look to everyone else.

    mmmmm pancakes!

  32. Anonymous_balls says:

    Actually, the original English spelling of “colour/color” is color. The English added the ‘u’. So the American spelling is the ‘first’ one, because we never changed it. But thanks for playing.

  33. Sho-nuff says:


  34. Jewish guy says:

    people people

    indians are bad, but they arent as bad as niggers and sand niggers

    end of story

    thank you very much please come again

  35. American says:

    Porch monkey is a nigger, not an indian.

  36. Doh! says:

    A sure fucked up way to live.

  37. American says:

    Fortunately, the American economy will rise again…that’s just how we roll.

  38. Chillaxed says:

    And its people like you that cause comments like these. Relax!

  39. Chillaxed says:


  40. American says:

    And you probably live in America.

  41. Ki-ap says:


  42. sean p says:

    Fin-Dangle stfu watching indian stand -up to write these lines go suck sister cock u

  43. malakas says:

    realise in U.Ks English
    realize in U.Ss English

    don’t fight over this one too ok?

  44. anniymus says:

    why do indians all work in dollar stores or 711′s?

  45. ThatGuy says:

    Yes he did

  46. Dorcas Wah says:

    Stupid Niggers? Is there any other kind?

  47. Finnegan says:

    I bet the last Picture was taken from a Bollywood movie and they’ll all start to cry, sing & dance for several hours now…

  48. kim jong il says:

    how dare u forget chink, anus!!

  49. Rick Bitchy says:

    that’s racist!

  50. victor gonzalez says:

    How’s that racist? he was just making fun of India, he never mention the word “brown” or “red”. Finnegan well said.

  51. Anonymousy says:

    and… he never said “coon” or made any remarks about poor personal hygiene !

  52. Anyonymous says:

    he never said nigger, dune coon, spic, kike, wop, wet back, canadian, slant eye, cracker, or injun either. definitely not racist.

  53. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:


  54. ThePuckHandler says:

    they don’t like being called Canadian. The current politically correct term is “pancake snarfer”

  55. Awesome says:

    Porch Monkey…. im bringin it back

  56. supermanlymangunowner says:

    slavery: im bringin it back

  57. supermanlymangunowner's anal sex master says:

    Sodomy: I’m bringin’ it back.

  58. Steve says:

    It’s not racist if it’s true. Just like all Asians only drive cars with oversized spoilers and mufflers, blacks are good at Basketball, Jews are great accountants, whites can’t dance, East Indians run better 7-11s, Mexicans mow a better lawn, Columbians make better coffee and blow, the English have horrible teeth and think soccer is a sport, and so on.

  59. 123 says:

    so as a white englishman i’m screwed…..damn!

  60. Minai says:

    Steve, it’s not JUST Asians who drive cars with oversized mufflers and spoilers. Italians, Russians, Germans, and (some) Americans do too!

  61. CoonAss says:

    I like Porch monkey! What about Lawn Jockey, knuckle Dragger, or Carpet Pilot (Arabs), all useful terms not widely used

  62. Fuck off says:

    Stupid niggers

  63. lolz says:

    the first and last time these people will encounter water on them

  64. Steve's sex monkey who chokes him so he can please his wife says:

    Dude it’s totally racist even if it is true.
    My name is totally not meant to cause any offense, just as your post wasn’t.
    (This is for Steve)

  65. SeXyBiTcH says:

    i will. cum on over tonight. my vibrator is all set up if you want to fuck my ass

  66. NATO says:


  67. AnonymousA says:

    that was so uncalled for you sick fuck fagot

  68. Fuck off says:

    cunt bastard cock sucking prick faggot

  69. Go Fuck Yourself says:

    Die you fucking nigger!

  70. Dorcas Wah says:

    Every race is racist.

  71. Worried American says:

    how racist are all of you?

  72. Anonymou says:

    Manana hepshlutk

  73. hmmm kay says:

    did they show you how to print your degree?

  74. sean p says:

    @Finnegan suck your mama cock we indians rule

  75. Fin-Dangle says:

    Shut the fuck up Moron.. whats your Indian name Sukdeep Hardik.


  76. Jesse says:

    An indian helped me pass highschool and college. I like them, theyre nice people :)

  77. Anonim says:

    The rat one is awesome!

  78. s3xt0y says:

    haha awesome.

  79. AssMaster says:

    Fucking Indians..

  80. I don’t get the water photo. I would love to see an cube decorated at work. Never seen it like this.

  81. AmericansSuckDick says:

    American men love sucking dicks. Big black dicks. Hairy smelly dicks. Bring on any dicks.

  82. the log says:

    anon ha ha ha . your offence taken at my remark prove 2 things 1. you ARE an american as i so easily guessed and
    2. you ARE a fuckwit. end of story

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  84. Arfleglarby says:

    Jah fuck you too mang!

  85. Len Beeno says:

    Wow, that is truly amazing dude. Well done!


  86. Oh!Canada says:

    haha! Canada is filled with lots of races though.. and depending on what part of Canada you’re in, you’re either going to see lots of immigrants, or if you live where i live, you’re going to see more natives. and i’m not trying to be racist here.. but the city I live in has the most stereotypical natives ever! there was actually a survey done through Canada asking about stereotypes and my region was basically the only part on the map highlighted! anyways.. not sure where i was going with this.. but ppl shouldn’t get your panties in a twist about stuff, laugh ppl! oh and uh.. “lets go play some boot hockey eh! and get us some poutine down at the loonie lodge!” (i like how poutine and loonie are underlined in red because my computer doesn’t know what they are!) TBAY LOVE!

  87. Oh!Canada says:

    and when did everyone start bashing the Americans on here? I like America and Americans. I live right by the border! and in America there’s no french version on every label!

  88. Oh!Canada says:

    I hate that I can’t work for the government because I can’t speak french! Queerbec doesn’t even want to be part of Canada anymore because we hate them! lol. I think thats the meanest post i’ve added yet.. ppl need to start bashing the french on here!

  89. Anonymous11 says:

    BAHAHAHAHAA! This all made me laugh. I needed this, bad. Med school is depressing without such posts. Keep it coming bois.

  90. AlmightyMe says:

    LMFAO these comments are so much better than those fucking boring pics

  91. AmericansSuckDick says:

    Only in America can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. And by pizza I mean a dick. Americans love to suck dicks, especially the men.

    Also, these asshole Judge Judy watching Americans love to wear tights and throw egg shaped balls at each other. No that’s not gay at all, right ‘DAWGS’?

    So wheres the beef? the fat ass Americana ate it.

  92. Anonymous55 says:

    it realize, not realise. you had the language first but you lost any right to govern it when we booted your ass outta this country. soccer is pussy and boring…there is nothing gayer than a guy with a trendy haircut running around in short shorts for 90 mns and every time he gets slighty touched he grabs his ankles and rolls on the ground.