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25 Awesome Dirty Car Window Drawings

These were all done by an artist named Scott Wade. The rest of his work can be seen here. Hey Scott, we wish our girlfriends were this dirty! Hi-Yo!


134 Responses to "25 Awesome Dirty Car Window Drawings"

  1. Watne Steen says:

    Wow, that is truly amazing. Wow!


  2. Blah says:

    I liked the one with the dirt on the window and stuff.

  3. TheeB17 says:

    Sorry guys, what I meant to say was that I like cocks

  4. Anonymousn says:

    F-ck you Chad

  5. Andrew says:

    Who the hell realizes they have a talent for this? Honestly? It’s amazing work, but who wakes up and says, “I’m gonna draw on car dirt today?”

  6. Anonymouss says:

    dude u need to go to a festival in the south cause after everyone, the cars are covered in dust and u can make some skrilla drawin on peoples cars….seriously

  7. DJ Jazzy Jeff says:

    Chewie McDick is an asshole who shits in the shower.

  8. Guy above is the biggest fag yet!!! says:

    Learn what a contribution for society is before you say stupid shit like that guy’s art is usefull for anything. Whoever is cleans off dirty cars is doing more for society than that guy’s art!

  9. pratik says:

    When a cowboy asks me if I want to get kinky in Austin, it’s time to start screaming.

  10. Lance Uppercut says:

    Kinky is a politician who ran for gov. in TX, but you are correct, always run if a cowboy wants to get kinky. that is, of course, if you don’t like hot moustache on your neck

  11. GIDEON-X says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if I could………Naaa, no I’ve got the wrong talents, really sort of kool through!

  12. Leifi says:

    like the last one…ha ha
    really good…know what I’ll try the next time my car is dirty ;)

  13. ? says:

    why do you people waste your time looking at stuff u will never be able to accomplish? Go do something with your life!

  14. Blackie says:

    Austin, Texas, baby!

  15. Rogerio Fratin (designices.com) says:

    simply GREAT!

  16. Irving P. Malward says:

    That reminds me: I need to refill my windshield wiper fluid.

  17. mich says:

    The drawings were beautiful, whatever the medium. Incredible detail.

  18. Fish! says:

    These are awesome. In the hands of a great artist, even the most mundane tools shine.

    …I totally want to hire this guy when it’s time to clean our storm doors. ^^; I don’t think my family would be thrilled, though…

  19. Ben says:

    Why don’t you all SHUT THE FUCK UP you guys wouldn’t be able to do half of these drawings you fuckin shitfaces….

  20. Joshua says:

    Awesome work. He’s definitely contributing more to society than some of the haters here.

  21. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    if an infinite number of monkeys pounding on an infinite number of keyboards could eventually write out the works of Shakespeare…
    then an infinite number of mud-covered dogs shaking an infinite number of times in an infinite number of cars would eventually paint out the works of Raphael

  22. Exto says:

    Impressive talent, especially if you consider the depth achieved in a monochrome format. Well done!

  23. GayFish! says:

    In the hands of a great artist, even the most mundane tools shine…

    LOL! Hey great artist, shine my tool….

  24. Theeb17 says:

    People are asses on the internet. I guess everyone’s a badass when they have a screenname to hide behind.

  25. Joseph says:

    A lot of talent there..good for you for thinking about it, I hope you make it as an artist someday.

  26. SS says:

    Wow Awesome…

  27. dirty diana says:

    people who don’t like his cool art are stupid fuckers who can’t even do it themselfs freakin butthole surfer :) (idk what that means but ppl u stupids

  28. dirty diana says:

    cant’ appretiate art worth a shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Chad Loeppky from Abbotsford BC says:

    I fuck sheep and like to tea-bag bulls.
    I like to shit my diarrhoea all over Mini Coopers and Mazadas, so when this guys comes along, he will write in my shit.
    Jesus loves you all!

  30. the real Chad Loeppky says:

    I just googled my name on the internet and was surprised to see that someone used my name to write this crap on your page, I would ask that you remove it ASAP, as I did not in any way authorize this nor write or dictate this poorly writen statement someone that I worked with in the past has a grudge against me and this is how they take it out. This is not the first time I have seen garbage of this sort about me, and I am sure it is the same person.

    Chad Loeppky

  31. artist says:

    do not get this confused with art. it’s a gimmick, and a boring one at that

  32. pap smear says:

    your all fucked…
    but props to the person who turned a dirty window into some sweet pictures

  33. JC says:

    It is hilarious that a post about cool looking art in a funny place turns into a mile long fight between posters, mostly over issues that do not relate to the original blog post. People just love to fight. My suggestion to whomever runs/moderates the blogs here at holytaco would be to take out the trash.

  34. Frax says:

    Insanely hot !

    Good work !


  35. Lucy says:

    So did they do all these with like, brushes and things, or did they somehow just use a finger and/or cotton swabs?

    Either way, completely amazing.

  36. This was ... says:

    … lame.

  37. R37r0 Ch405 says:

    Awesome, and i like the last picture, Wash me xD Had to be there, great work man, awesome.

    And, those who complain, WAS YOUR DAMN CAR INSTEAD!!!

  38. if it makes you all blabber says:

    you know i just want a radio show in the morning on my way to work that has the host read random discussions like this out loud. for christ sake im laughing so hard right now at most of you in here

  39. Dishwasher says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’m very impressed.
    Keep up the good work! :D

  40. Someone who despises trolls/4chan says:

    If you see a comment on this article that is controversial in any way, do not respond to it. You will just be feeding the giant festering anus of the internet known as 4chan. I’m ashamed that I even know what that is. Just don’t comment on this article please…

  41. yawn says:

    i love the way your all so sad to argue over the internet about some man drawing on mucky cars. 40 year old virgins then? :L

  42. Suicidal says:

    I’m ashamed. There is no hope for humanity.

  43. 7ori says:

    I have to say I haven’t seen such a talent in a while, and I really, really enjoyed your art! Keep up the great work, its facinating! ;D

  44. blamble says:

    OK !!!!!

  45. Not tellinnnn yyooouuuu says:

    i never post comments i just read them. but when i read yours i was like WOW. you are all losers for even letting what people say piss you off. if he doesnt like the art, let that be his problem. hes probably makng it up anyway to get attention. so how about we stop taking up all the space in the comments for “nerd fighting” and get back to talking about the art?

    I thought it was lovely:)

  46. skye says:

    ur all homosexuals

  47. shocked says:

    Almost all the above have nothing better to do than criticize instead of being productive. This took a lot of work and talent. Unfortunately it all washes off.

  48. Peops says:

    and AGAIN, you idiots turn another post into a festering pool of hate. why cant u insensitive bastards just grow up? leave people be and let hem have thier own opinions. Thats why your you, and not them. Your the most insecure spoiled little children i’ve ever come across. For those that actually complimented or said that they didn’t like the art, kudos for being normal, happy people.

  49. Anon E. Mouse says:

    I think it’s a troll. I can tell from of the idiotic sentences and from seeing quite a few trolls in my time.

  50. Anti-Establishment says:

    This Guy is good and….. some People are idiots! Like the lonely critic in the posts. he’s all caught up in his own tiny mindset of “oh Im a Mack-Daddy,I can Hook-UP!” Sadly He will probably end up with 5 kids with 5 different women. He will never get to know anything of the finer things in life because all his $$ will be spent on child support. All of his time will be spent working 2 or more jobs to pay for said children and before he knows it his life has surpassed him,but HEY! HE GOT LAID!!! in more ways than one

  51. DubleU says:

    Though tiresome and time consuming this art form must be rewarding for the artist. I suppose if I spent hours or even minutes of my time creating something I was proud of, only to watch it wash away, I would feel some sort of personal satisfaction. I assume the artist took the photos to keep his art alive in a matter of speaking, which meens this sort of thing meens a lot to him. Very nice.
    Although, more then the art, covering the car in dirt would have to be the most satisfying :3

  52. Whatever says:

    I wonder if this guy has ever gone to a job interview, pulled the interviewer down to look at his work, and realized it had rained?

  53. Saxon says:

    Okay, if you guys can’t appreciate this art work then don’t come on here saying rude comments, infact don’t come on here at all! I think these drawings are absolutley amazing! I don’t know anyone who could do anything close to this kind of work! If you guys can’t tell that this is raw-talent then you need to just stay off of this page!!
    Scott you are great, keep it up. {I must say the bottom one is probably the best. :P }

  54. Just passing through says:

    Sorry to trouble you, but has anyone seen my blue sock? I’m sure it was in the drawer but it seems to have gone missing…

  55. Flamer of noobs. says:

    Aint racist dumbass, just an insult used by immature people.

    I think the fact that you think everyone who disagrees with your retarded comment about it being dumb is a sad loser virgin living at home is the dumb thing infact; people *who do get out alot* see the world for what it is, and appreciate the little things like this guys artwork, and enjoy its epicness and originality- compared to loosers like you who hide behind ‘itz the internetz’ comments as a shield against critism for making stupid blanket statements about something you’ve seen and dont like as you couldnt do it yourself. In short, STFU & GTFO, idiot.

  56. Frankie Frederick says:

    haha why are you people getting so heated about what he said. hes obviously just a dumbass or he just said that to piss people like you off. the drawings are awesome. anyone can see that.

  57. HAHAAH says:

    OOooh Internet, you never cease to amaze me in how many idiots you attract.

  58. 123 says:

    you probably have a mentally dilapitating disease right?!

  59. hwahhh says:

    to “HAHAAH”:
    may i point out that the internet also attracted you to this site? :L

  60. if it makes you all blabber says:

    i would wipe this artwork off the window but only if u guys argue about it! oh and btw my car is nicer than yours and i bang on them gurlz in the club and i am way more cooler than you so im right hurr trollz

  61. fourteenlines says:

    “Mentally dilapidating”? Try again, and this time grab a dictionary.

  62. unanimous says:

    you all need more fiber in your diet.

  63. omnomnom says:

    so, i herd u liek mudkipz…

  64. DismalDahlia says:

    Can’t we all just get along? I thought there was freedom of speech in this country. If so, he can say whatever he wants. You don’t have to agree with it, but at least disagree politely. And if you can’t disagree in a civilized manner, don’t say anything at all. Arguing barbarically is unnecessary and childish. I, personally, think that Mr. Wade is an excellent artist. Very skilled, might I add. So creative (:

  65. Cracker says:

    Laughing at the troll ahahaha

  66. Troll says:

    WoW was the first mmo ever.

  67. Hungry says:

    that was dumb, i’d throw a bucket of water on the car if i ever saw that

  68. puff says:

    I’d throw a bucket of water on you if I ever saw you. And your Mom too.

  69. DarkMan says:

    YOU are dumb. Sorry you can’t appreciate the talent that went into the art.

  70. fredbutt says:

    and it still sucks

  71. Agent037 says:


  72. Mr. Squishypants says:

    Pretty sure he does them on his own cars. Almost all of them are on either a Mini Cooper or a Mazda 3.

  73. LOL cuz it's funny** says:

    hahahahahaha, you just keep on fighting with the ppl who can’t appreciate art instead of ignoring them like you should. hehehehe! If they don’t know what REAL art is, then too bad for them.
    And if someone spelled something wrong, don’t blame it on them. Maybe they’re not originally English or something. You can’t always blame the person.

    PS: LOVE the art work! Way to be creative! ^_^ Keep on…ehm…dirting man! ;p

  74. joe joe says:

    i would throw a bucket of dirt on it

  75. /b/ says:

    eat a dick

  76. alpha00012 says:

    enjoyed artworks

    long answer short: trolls are fucking idiots & losers who have nothing better to do than abuse internet for ppl who use it for an actual purpose, I do get amusement out of seeing you trolls leak & publically express your insecurity online, I get off on it, it makes me feel not so bad about myself to observe a lower form of life (if you’d call it that (which I wouldn’t))

    Trolls pwnt, get a life U silly fucks, learn to create before you criticize, trolls hate everything, that’s why they’re trolls, urbandictionary.com look it up & realize you’re just punk bitches with little to no self esteem



  77. STFU & GTFO says:

    i would throw a bucket o’ shit on u

  78. WTF says:

    What an asshole… Learn how to appreciate art, then learn to criticize…

  79. You guys are dumb says:

    Next time, dont rage at what I say. Just because you all live with your moms and spend most of your day not getting calls from your girl friend and trying to reach that next level in WoW doesnt give you the right to pretend you know anything, go outside, get laid, and stop raging..its the internet.

  80. Yovitz says:


    That all depends on which country the writer(s) are in. I happen to live in a country very strict on *free* speech, where the military police determine what constitutes freedom, and their idea of freedom is usually at the wrong end of a baton. If I said out loud what I have said here, I would almost certainly be arrested. So, in summary, I disagree with your observation that the original poster is preotected by freedom of speech.

  81. dick head says:

    fuck my ass negro!@#!@#

  82. Mthrqun says:

    Okay Dick Head, why did this have to become racial?? You’re a very stupid person!!!

  83. Michelle says:

    Note that DILAPIDATING is ACTUALLY A WORD, look it up in a dictionary or google it. It means to fall apart, or decay. Perhaps it’s not the best word to fit the sentence and perhaps the writer was confused but before you judge and go on a rampage know what your talking about. It’s one thing to defend and opinion and another to look like an idiot because you didn’t actually know what you were talking about. Think next time. :)

  84. Jooger Jagger says:

    wow so many haters cease to exist. anyways… the window art looks amazing, very intricate in design and detail

  85. Yoamny says:

    I just wanted to say that whoever drew those pics is very creative! I love them and so original…you have a talent, keep it up and don’t let go of it, whoever doesn’t like it, just doesn’t understand or appreciate art. Very nice work:)

  86. Yousra says:

    They look pretty cool, I wouldnt mind having that artistic talent!

  87. Yourself says:

    Omg so many peeps comment on this comment. lolwth.
    nice artwork lol.

  88. Wackysire says:

    Haha, wow. That’s some found art alright.

  89. Balu says:

    Join FunSilk Yahoo! groups to receive more funny articles to your mailbox!



  90. BallLickerTeabagFace says:

    and methane from farts

  91. Lobstah Johnson says:

    An what’s your talent or contribution to society?

  92. Stinky Nutz says:

    Skill or no skill he still draws in dirt on the back of a car and he drives either a Mazda 3 or a Mini Cooper. Either way its pretty fucking bad.

  93. dick head says:

    my contribution is to fuck ur ass up so bad u will shit out cocks!#@@#!#@!

  94. Ernest says:

    i like the art it is rly awesome i would of never thought of that….but i just have one question where the hell u get ur windows that dirty..do u randomly find a dust road and speed down and up the road? “being sarcastic” lol

  95. Newfag says:

    Tits or gtfo

  96. EatMoreCat says:

    Funny your name sounds like My C*nt. And you must have a lot of sand in it, if can not enjoy this person’s talent!

  97. Phil says:

    Wow, Mike maybe you are my long lost twin, my name is Phil McCavity ;)

  98. elwoodinontario says:

    So, I guess art for art’s sake is lost on you? Not everything in this world needs to produce something to be appreciated! Come down from you Ivory tower and smell the flowers once in a while!

  99. Mr. B. L. Cake says:


  100. Mike Hunt says:

    I’m also a gay fag

  101. Blank'd says:

    He has a valid point though. Would you be as impressed if he were in fact doing this with his shit?

    I agree, this guy is an asshole for doing that to cars.

  102. iousx says:

    is there another type of fag…?

  103. Mike Hunt says:

    Another pointless talent that does no one any good!!! He probably does that with his shit in the toilet too!!!!

  104. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Go have a pony.

  105. Anonymous says:

    LOL, Mike Hunt is a horse fucker!!!

  106. OMG says:

    I can’t believe he the whole windshield

  107. Adam says:

    All the Car Drawings are really dirty. I think No one like to put such dirty paintings in their car.

    stainless steel barometer

  108. Ace of Spades says:

    Well I think its awesome. I own a black 98 Mustang GT with tint and black rims. Its NEVER clean even after you wash it. Occasionally I’ll get bored and finger draw flames down the sides (I can actually draw though, they are all 3D flames) and either write Knight Rider or Black Stallion on the back window. It usually happens while we’re all outside talkin cars or drunk. Either way it looks hella cool and if I could draw like this dude, I’d have a paint booth, candy paint, and some masking tape. Make a killin off doin custom paint jobs.

    You think he’s stupid for it when in reality if he DOES own the Mini and the Mazda 3, chances are he makes more money than you do, and one is his wifes…because as much of a hard ass as most you dicks pretend to be, you’d be surprised what a girl will say seeing you do this kinda cool stuff just from boredom. Hey babe, we REALLY need to wash the car…hmm… hey look a face. Hmm…
    (draws the most amazing looking rose on her back window)


    they crawl in the back

    end of story

  109. Frowear says:

    These are great replicas of classical popular art from the ancient Paintings of the old World to Rolandino and the World Cup 2010 all done in dirt on custom window canvas. I like the great detail he brings to the scene like Mount Rushmore and the Mona Lisa. In one of the pictures he seems to use a pencil to make the drawings. I wonder if the pencils are dull to not scratch the window. But overall, this is one of the best set of modern art photos i’ve seen online.

    On the other hand, why do so many people post such useless comments. Some fell the need to write stupid, negative, racist, and nonsense comments no matter what the subject is.

    I know people are going to write even more negative useless comments about my post but Its ok, because we still have “freedom of speech” to write whatever without censorship so live it up and Express yourself to the fullest.

  110. jhonywillsh says:

    What is so awesome about it, i never liked suck vulgar type of thing, though you are a talented person, you can do it in a much better way other than this.

    sat nav memory card

  111. BrimJeonIll says:

    Who cares if it is his car? Do you think he is going to look for dirty cars and spend hours of time drawing on them?

  112. Meggu says:

    If someone randomly drew something this good on my car, it would certainly bring a smile to my face. It would also cause me to wonder who the hell did it, but the smile would be the important thing. a little cheer in life is important.

  113. next door neighbor says:

    Sir, I’ll clean up your wife everyday.


    Your neighbor Tom

  114. capatin threeway says:

    LMAO. you’ve got class “guy”.
    next art project here we come (y)

  115. McMichaels says:

    booo.. I’d rather see I WISH MY WIFE WAS THIS DIRTY written on a dirty car, now thats talent whoever made that up

  116. Horney Bitch says:

    The art is awesome. If he’d do that to my car I would suck his dick. Hell if I knew him I’d suck his dick anyway. It turns me on so much, I’m going out right now and suck the dick of the first guy that says OK.

  117. comment that actually matters says:

    The 2nd picture has a Ga. tag, the picture about 6th from the end has a Texas tag. Well, go back and look, I ain’t lying. Later y’all.

  118. comment that actually matters says:

    But most of them look like they might have been flooded, I could be wrong though, ask my wife. I really don’t know, I’m confusing myself. I mean meself, I mean…..what?

  119. Master Of None says:

    a lot of these, took a lot of skill

  120. Wow..... says:

    No sh*t?

  121. Weight Loss says:

    Amazing for something that is gone to be gone the first 10 minutes of a storm.

  122. s3xt0y says:

    thats awesome.

  123. EatAFatDick says:

    Shut your fucking mouth you bitch-ass retarded nigger loving bag of beaners!

  124. Bruce Lee says:

    Good grief, this guys art should make people HAPPY, not all this stupid BS going on, all I can figure is theres some jealous people out there who have NO talents and have to hate on this guy. How many of YOU could even draw a stick man on a piece of paper?

  125. yummyperson. says:

    wow. i am so jeal. i wish i could do that. not. you must have no life you mammering hedge-born coxcomb. seriously. NO LIFE. whoever is looking at these and thinks they are cool must be a lumpish sheep-biting lewdster. honestly. whoever is on the road to greatness and agrees with me, your intellegence attains the grand summation of molecular motion at absolute zero. stay gold. and stay yummy. get a life. (ps. my brother showed me this cite.)

  126. Lizzy says:

    I think they are great, there is no need for the language. It only shows you have no taste.
    I counted about 5-6 different cars, I could be wrong. I would love for someone to do that for me but my cars don’t get that dirty/.

  127. Miss N Mike Hunt says:

    It’s a great Etch A Sketch drawing and a good way to perfect his technique and present his portfolio. It would be a lot cooler if it wasn’t so forced by using authentic dirty cars but I’m sure it’s kind of hard to find one since everybody washes their car all the time. I’d rather do 1 OK drawing on a found dirty car than do 100 incredible drawings on staged ones…but I’m lazy.