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25 Awesome Guitars

Are you willing to make the commitment to wakin’ up at the crack a’ noon, for deep-knee rock squats!?


33 Responses to "25 Awesome Guitars"

  1. basslover says:

    Basses should just NOT be fluffy…I can’t imagine playing that thing.

  2. tlester4031 says:

    Mr. tlester4130, I believe you just stole my tag. You whale’s vagina. Perhaps I will go with Tits McAgee. Suck on my Jazz Flute!

  3. sum1 says:


  4. Anonymussy says:

    and just so you know Donkey, American Idol is for losers! I prefer watching Desperate Housewives because of all the hunks you see in there and I wish I was hooked up with a nice man, but now that I’ve started fucking animals I can’t go back to the turgidness of a male booty.

  5. WTF says:


  6. Get Around Get Around I Get Around says:

    Thanks for correcting my error about the KISS axe bass guitar. My mistake. Keep rocking.

  7. ohaiguise says:


  8. Get Around Get Around I Get Around says:

    I’ve seen Rick Neilsen play his multi-neck guitar twice at a Cheap Trick concert. He also has a double neck guitar with a body built to resemble himself.

    The white fuzzy guitar and bass I’ve seen in the Rock’n'Roll HOF in Cleveland. They’re from ZZ Top and I think they were used in the “Legs” video. I’ve also seen their “junkyard” chained guitar and bass used in the “Give It Up” video and I’ve also seen the Eliminator car there.

    I’ve also seen Michael Anthony of Van Halen play his Jack Daniels bass. Sammy Hagar took a “sip” out of it.

    Ace Frehley of KISS has his trademarked “axe” bass.

    Also in many Hard Rock Cafes in the U.S. and Canada there are more unique guitars and basses. The HRC in Niagara Falls, Canada has a wicked cool psychedelic guitar used by George Harrison. The display has his name, the motto “All You Need Is Love” and a big photo of the Beatles with George playing that 6-string. Around the edges of this display are photos of various famous/notorious people holding a soft cushy word “LOVE”. Celebrities include David Bowie and David Byrne and their wives, and Oliver North (!).

    I’d like to provide you addresses so you can find these pictures online but I don’t know where to start. All the guitars here are awesome, I’ve seen some more. Oh BTW Anonymussy, American Idol does suck. It’s corporate generic pop, it’s for losers and butt kissers.

  9. Bluntman420 says:

    Anonymous007 needs to shut their mouth because every instrument is amazing in their own ways…it doesnt matter what they play just as long as they can play it well you dick fuck!

  10. Bluntman420 says:

    my bad Anonymous007 i meant Anonymussy…….oh and enjoy fucking animals you sick demented person…

  11. Get Around Get Around I Get Around says:

    The “tryptyk” guitar in front of the mountain scene resembles that symbol used on Queensryche albums. I’ve seen that band live a few years ago but I don’t recall seeing any of them playing a guitar designed like that.

  12. tlester4130 says:

    so ts seems donkyxote has chamged his name, but not his immature antics….

  13. Anonymussy says:

    Guitars are for satanists and losers! play a real fucking instrument you bums, play the violin or piano!

  14. Anonymussy says:

    Donkey, failed again. Not funny. Go watch American Idol

  15. :P says:

    you forget doviculus guitar

  16. KinglerUseYourFlamethrower says:

    I think that’s Don Ho on the surf board guitar. If it’s not…it should be, and in my mind, is. <–(Amerilogic)

  17. Anonymous007 says:

    The Ax Bass is Gene Simmons of KISS – Ace Plays a Les Paul

  18. 12321121 says:

    obvious troll is obvious…

  19. Gabadaba says:

    you, sir, can fuck yourself.

  20. learntoread says:

    Isn’t this a humor website? This wasn’t even a little funny.

  21. Mortimer Grim says:


  22. Anonymous Pete says:

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  23. TheBest says:


  24. Anonymussy says:

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  25. Anonymussy says:

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  26. lephonos says:

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  27. haha bitches says:


  28. TheBest says:

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  29. The 2nd Best says:

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  30. Look How Cool I Am!!! says:

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  31. yur mom says:

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