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25 Awesome Haircuts



46 Responses to "25 Awesome Haircuts"

  1. mykidsonyourface says:


  2. lerp derp derp says:


  3. Cherylk says:

    makes me wanna shave my di.c.k

    secretsofmasturbation dot com

  4. Hairdresser To The Stars says:

    I completely object to this list. There were no styles showing novel tone or color which is what hair is all about these days. Most of the work is so amateurish it beggars belief. Really, there is so much great work being done by hair stylists right now it is a-mazing. You should do better research in future, mister smart-ass.

  5. Dr.Phil says:

    Not funny(especially #22) as i wish i could cut my hair into any of these styles.:(

  6. pratik says:

    That one with the stripes that go through the side of his head and sideburns actually looks kind of cool.

  7. Harriet Johnson says:

    PWND!!! STFU

  8. JDiggity says:

    Does anyone else find the lulz in the guy with a Tim Tebow tattoo

  9. Taco Night says:

    Hair is dead.

  10. CanIRapeYouAnally says:

    Mullets should be outlawed. The Fish and The Hair-don’t.

  11. SweatyConfetti says:

    tacos are the shit

  12. jane booth says:

    are they wearing these for a bet???

  13. Psylem says:

    Well I think as a female Soviet writer, Raskova’s work is entirely message-oriented. She has created a style of writing that exists on both literary and political grounds, and excels in doing justice to both.

    The true mode of entry into Raskova’s dimension of the state is primarily through the secular or the vulgar. It is necessary to look at how Raskova achieved the presumably unfeasible task of producing thought-provoking Soviet fiction by exploring elements of faith, style, and theme found in her stories.

  14. Psylem says:


    Oops, totally wrong tab!

  15. BAM says:

    Shut the fuck up.

  16. Otis Fucking Driftwood says:

    I’d love to get my hands on some of those heads.
    They’d look great stick up on the gateposts.
    They’d look great on the wall of my bedroom too, well and sometimes ya wake up wantin some head…you know.
    I’d sell the ugly(est) ones to Violent J, and he could give a couple to shaggy, cause you know, it’s like “You’r head would mean so much to me.
    Yeah fucknuts, I am down with the clown, you got a problem with that?
    Wait, I’ll send Captain Spaulding over, he loves helping people who hate clowns over their phobia, as well as their constipation.
    Great collection.
    Fuck You, but I meaqn in a good way.
    Love(sticks to your shoes.)
    Otis Fuckin Driftwood
    Eat my balls.

  17. I would hide says:

    That kid in the first shot is definitely wearing some Z Cavariccis no doubt. Ahh that brings me back… back to a place I wish I had never been.

    The blonde jarhead mullet-sporting gator wrastler not only has great hair, but a wonderful tattoo to match.

    Do these people wake up in the morning knowing that God has blessed them with such wonderful style?

    They should all have a get-together and call it the “Cock & Troll Trying Jerkfest”

    Thanks for putting yourselves out there!

  18. mason0507 says:

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  19. MR.sSmitEterSex says:

    I find the Helocopter interesting. I wonder if she would let me helocopter her in the face with my big penis.

  20. AssrapeDonkey says:

    Tacos will give you the shits too!

  21. DERP says:

    OMG is that MR GARRISON?

  22. gimp says:

    I thought you had been told… STFU

  23. gimp says:

    theres a cord running down her neck. I bet the rotor actually spins…

  24. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I need a dick in my ass, PRONTO!!!


  25. DonkeyXote says:

    Why don’t you ask my tranny mom? She’ll be happy to oblige once she’s done ass-raping me!

  26. Deeez Nutz says:

    I’ll take the whole cock & balls in mine!! Maybe a double if you can find two really hot guys!


    My hair is way cooler..
    …you’re all gay in the usa!

    That rhymes my gay friends.


  28. Rowan says:

    Belgium Finest? Does that make you a French Fry or a waffle?

  29. The Dude Who Just Blew Your Mind says:

    A french fried waffle



    At least I don’t smell like french fries. :-)

  31. Anony0moose says:

    A deep fried French waffle closet case.

  32. Smashley says:


  33. Anonymoose says:

    Love the Hyneman.

  34. Guido douche says:

    That baseball cap hairdo is wikkit.

  35. Dingleberry says:

    Afrocap FTW.

  36. clubf00t says:

    stupid coons and white trash at its finest

  37. Fucking Idiot says:

    Hey Clubby….don’t be a hater.

  38. Dutch Malroney says:

    i didn’t see any raccoons, sir.

  39. masturbator and commander says:

    no sir, i believe your misunderstanding. contrary to popular belief, there were no racoons in that phono gallery.

  40. shitdick says:

    not rac coons you idiot. .. niggas

  41. Jim Deeno says:

    Wow that helicopter is amazing. Wonder if it flies?


  42. Oz says:

    Yup, it twirls around. Seen pic years ago

  43. Lord Voldemort says:


  44. Couriers says:

    White people are so crazy.

  45. blond ass says: