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25 Awesome Joseph Ducreux Memes

Joseph Ducreux was a French painter, who, in 1793, made this pimp-ass self portrait. 216 years later, his internet meme exploded on the scene. 


118 Responses to "25 Awesome Joseph Ducreux Memes"

  1. ThePadrino says:

    Dang I thought I seen it all until now


  2. Chris says:

    One of the best post you guys have done in a while. I’m guessing they left out disregard females acquire currency because everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows about it.

  3. Rick says:


  4. Jewish guy says:

    to the people at holytaco

    you are fags, bring back hot girls with big boobs

  5. Napoleon says:

    bwahahahahahaha! This was pretty good!

    BTW: Captcha– rich baffin

  6. BIG E says:

    Gay and fake!

  7. Fist of Rage says:

    They should do a meme with this pic as well:

  8. AnonymousGirl says:

    That actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks, HT

  9. office jerk says:

    hello mr. false flag. or should i say, fickle fag?

  10. office jerk says:

    fornicate the constable.


  11. Puzzled in Dubuque says:

    I don’t get the fifth from the last one:

    Let’s have a jolly good time, this harmony is miraculous; I would like to take a journey on your masquerade shaft


  12. Joshua says:

    … seriously?

    Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick; I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.

  13. Joshua says:

    XD I don’t get all of them, but the ones I DO understad are HILARIOUS.

  14. iPooed says:

    Easy on him. He’s from fuckin’ Dubuque.

  15. JIm Deeson says:

    Wow dude that is amazing stuff! Holy taco dude!


  16. Stu says:

    How about this: “It is thoroughly documented that I am well received by my peers, for they hold me in high esteem. The same does not hold true for you, for there is no truth to it!”

  17. dabryguy says:

    cocks in my ass and mouth, yummy

  18. vanessatiara says:

    This would have been way more effective with better typography.

  19. Chicken Diner says:

    This is stupid. Did you really need that much. I gave up on reading after who let the fucking dogs out.

  20. ralfeg7 says:

    Where is the “disregard females, acquire currency” one!!

  21. burka says:

    no one is raging that they just took a meme from generator that was posted the night before?

  22. burka says:

    no one is pissed they just posted a bunch meme pics from the night before?

  23. taylorspliff says:

    this one is driving me crazy. she has a posterior that could engulf a small pair of women’s undergarments.
    and it appears that she has two bee stings on her torso.

    I KNOW EVERYTHING ELSE but this one ><

  24. Shuri says:

    That is fucking epic

  25. Walsh says:

    Its from Run This town by Jay-Z, in Kayne’s verse
    “She got an ass that’ll swallow up a g-string and up top, uhhh two bee stings”

  26. Walsh says:

    I feel like a douche cuz I don’t get the first one, help

  27. Odkin says:

    Seriously? I’m a 48 yr old square white dude who likes Bobby Darin records, and even *I* know “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” from Jay-Z

  28. Louis Farrakhan says:

    I know as soon as someone tells me I’ll say “No shit,” but what’s the third one?

  29. Anonymousssssss says:

    i’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one… some rap shit

  30. Stfu says:


  31. Not a woman says:

    Excrement sweetheart? What’s tha- ohhhh, you forgot to include a comma in your patronizing reply. Well, it’s ok, you ARE a woman.

  32. Son of God says:

    But Dad, who will raise me?

  33. Michelangelo says:

    I slappeth the excriment out of Joseph Ducreux’s cranium.

  34. Jesus's Dad says:

    Let that lying bitch of a mother take care of you.

    “Oh yeah, I’m a virgin…” Psh. Whatever bitch. You rode me like a pro.

  35. A woman says:

    It’s excrement sweetheart.

  36. Moonbeard Rapestorm says:

    it is is spelled its. Douche bag.

  37. Whoops says:

    Actually, it isn’t. Nice work insulting people smarter than you.

  38. Non-Believer says:

    Show me proof, dumbass.

    How do you cross a desert for 40 years, and not leave any bodies?

  39. The best way to dispose of a body. says:

    Eat them.

  40. Doobiedoobiedoo says:

    Eat your mom

  41. bravo! brava! says:

    I really loved that whole conversation, guys. Good job making me laugh, and being overall great entertainment! It’s (whoops, maybe I should use “it has” so that I don’t cause controversy) been a blast, really (and yes, I used ‘really’ twice. oops!). Splendid, I must say. Charming folks, you all are, charming.

  42. ChucklesTherapist says:

    this makes one laugh

  43. Jesus does exist fucker says:


  44. Also not a woman, but not the not a woman above says:

    People need to research comma splices before being pretentious.

  45. some random guy says:

    your mom was pretentious last night…. ; )

  46. You all fail at grammar. says:

    So let’s get some shit straight.

    In this situation, it’s “it’s”, not “its”, as “its” indicates possesion, not “it is”.

    Also, what the woman did wrong was not a comma splice, as a comma splice indicates the use of unnecessary commas.

  47. Not a dumbass says:

    Wow, there are a bunch of dumbass grammar nazis. Or should I say, *grammer nazis! Haha since people really seem to know there stuff here, ya know?

  48. Freday says:

    If the west to noun for a comma, behind it’s lacking exists two snakes.

  49. clearly intelligent says:

    If you’re ‘not a dumb-ass’, you would realize that ‘there’ means ‘a place’, and you have used it in the wrong context.

  50. StupidWhiteBitch says:

    He used it right, stupid white bitch.

  51. Mynosky says:

    All of you, stop feeding the trolls.

  52. Bob says:

    Actually, in the context that he used it, it would be ‘there’, not ‘their’. He is saying that there are a lot of less than intelligent people here, referencing a place (This comment thread). He is not indicating possession of anything with the word ‘there’, and thus does not need to use ‘their’.

  53. StupidWhiteBitch is a Stupid White Cunt says:

    No, it’s their, not there. Sorry, bitch.

  54. Jen says:

    Who did the “stuff” belong to?

    It can’t be “there stuff.”

  55. Alright says:

    it’s “there”

    as in a place other than here

  56. the big black mugg that comes to own you all says:

    really people, do we really need to debate grammar on the internet… yes the first guy spelled excrement wrong, who gives a damn.

  57. nazi are silly says:

    you used really twice. thats redundant.

  58. *rolls eyes* says:

    It is they’re, idiots. It is not “their” for they do not own something. Nor is it “there” for that would imply a place.

  59. *rolls eyes* says:

    Hahaha, like how I tried to make it sound like I was actually attempting to make a valid point that is actually wrong? It is “their” for they own the

  60. stfu says:

    ok so you’re saying “they are alot of blah blah, here.”

    no! it’s there, is it didn’t state that it was a place, and instead said they’re are alot of [____] THEN you would be right, otherwise, no.

    gtfo or start making sense, it’s there. FFS

  61. Laughing at you all. says:

    This made my day.

  62. God damn. says:

    You people suck.

  63. Legitimately Smart says:

    WOW. There are too many people failing at trying to seem smart by correcting things. LOL. Get edumecated, or get lost.

  64. smarter than you says:

    You need to realize that he used “there” twice in the same post. The first “there” is correct as he is referring to a place. The second “there” is incorrect as he is referring to people’s possessions, therefore “their” would be the correct usage.

  65. Jesus's Dad says:

    You’re all stupid, and in thirty two days I shall send a flood to smite you all from where you stand…

    JK. I don’t exist.

  66. Eat shit faggots says:

    Eat shit faggots

  67. Quohnpoa says:

    Whoever said this: “You need to realize that he used “there” twice in the same post. The first “there” is correct as he is referring to a place. The second “there” is incorrect as he is referring to people’s possessions, therefore “their” would be the correct usage,” is absolutely right and has therefore owned everyone else.

  68. Not Anonymous says:

    Clearly intelligent obviously doesn’t get sarcasm. I’m pretty sure the original “there”, “their” or “they’re” thing was said as a point about him not caring about his grammar. It’s Hilarious how a grammar debate turned into a religious debate.


    HEY!! HEY!!! STFU!!! :D

  70. Let me clear it up says:

    Wow bunch of idiot’s on the computers… “Their” and “there” are interchangable to common English and most know of writers usage to use either or neither, for style, in such cases. True grammar comes from the heart; thats what my English Teacher says.

    Your welcome.

  71. boop de doop says:

    I like it, but it got pretty weak at the end. Could’ve been 15.

  72. Stuart Hannig says:

    that sucked more than a ball in my brothers mouth.

  73. the guy above me is first says:


  74. Karpo says:


  75. Harry Balsagna says:

    pure hilarity

  76. JD says:

    I freakin love these memes

  77. Hand Banana says:

    that was awesome… how do you guys come across this stuff

  78. Karpo says:

    Rules 1 & 2.

  79. Rappers delight says:

    Rules 1 &2 only apply to raids newfag.

  80. RandomAnon says:

    not to mention these were most likely all stolen off memegenerator.com again like the foul bachelor frog series.

  81. Karpo says:


  82. office jerk says:

    who let the 3chan tards in here?

  83. Anonymous anon says:

    fuck that these aren’t memes. you are the cancer

  84. Anonymousk says:

    o stop bawwwing about cancer you are probs a newfag

    you can all eat my shit

  85. mvredd says:

    Dudes look. You’re not on 4-Chan. Stop with all the fucking new fag references. Furthermore, I seriously doubt half of you truly know wtf a ‘meme’ is. Let it go. Wanna do it right, go to 4-Chan. Wanna be pussies, stay here.

  86. Fred Durst says:

    Hello, I like this guy. He says things in a more convoluted manner. Brilliant. I wish he’d do one of my ditties!

  87. a tumor says:

    1 and 2 apply only to faggots who feel the need to relate the book fight club to every single aspect of life

  88. Anonymous Nigger says:

    It’s 4chan faggot, not 4-chan.

  89. veteran. says:

    there are no rules of the internet.

    gtf back to ED

  90. Femanon says:

    Any /b/’s here? I know it’s all going to shit anyways, so don’t bother trying to troll.

  91. omgwtfbbq says:

    This was actually pretty good if you got most of them, which I did. Nice work HT.

  92. foxy jacky says:

    … after you looked them up. STFU and kill yourself, asstard.

  93. erm says:

    nobody is that insecure. do you have any friends..?

  94. bonerjams09 says:


  95. P says:

    yes mr. boner that is the best one by far

  96. LowSpark says:


    Jenny from the Block by J Lo.

  97. Urgh says:

    It’s from Jenny From The Block by J-Lo. Or whatever that song is called.

  98. Urgh says:

    Ah shit.

  99. RICE510 says:


    copy/paste in browser:


  100. HASH says:

    I know I must be an idiot, but I don’t get “Fornicate the Constable”?

  101. a says:

    nwa – fuck the police

  102. iagrfljadhfadfg says:

    i dont get the one that goes
    “disregard the ore i have acquired, in the past i retained little wealth as compared to now. No matter where i travel, i remember the origin from which i hailed”

  103. Guess who says:

    Don’t be fooled by the rocks that i got I’m still I’m still jenny from the block

  104. ANAONYMAUSE says:

    99 problems but a bitch aint one

  105. Wow says:

    So I’m assuming you’re the kind of person that believes the “women don’t belong on the internet” rule, huh?
    Let me try to speak you language so you can understand clearly “Durr hurr dur derp herp duuuur”

  106. Yo Sayer Sayething Yo says:

    YO mvredd

    Attempt utterance of your sentiments in the fullness of living flesh at a hipster conclave, not confined within the electronically connected realm of cyberspace, and linger to witness what transpires.

    /obligatory photo as if presented here.
    // slashies rule.

  107. PERSON says:

    ahah funny ! PUT MY HANDS UP, PLAYING MY SONG THE BUTTERFLIES FLY AWAY ! :P andd.. Nodding my head like yeah… moving my hips like yeah . :) HAHA WHO LET THE DOGS OUT !

  108. Insanity Wolf says:


  109. Anonymous luke says:

    should have been top 15 but i still loved it

  110. facepalm says:

    *facepalm* Also, my captcha reads “The game.”

  111. Gerald says:

    Honestly anyone with a 5th grade education could figure this one out. “People here seem to know THEIR stuff” since the knowledge of said “stuff” belongs to THEM. Also the It’s or Its problem, the correct usage is It’s, as it is not showing posession, but is actually just a conjunction of “it” and “is”. How did you people even get passed the two word “bot checker” to post?….why am I still feeding the trolls? *Facepalm*

    P.S. @ The pictures “Laughter has discharged from my vocal chords and it was quite audible”

  112. Angry says:


  113. rolls is slow says:

    Idiot. They’re=They are. Learn contractions dumb ass, FAIL!

  114. reverse burka says:

    I bet most of you are too slow to understand the comedic irony of my screen name.

  115. Cyberblah2three4chan says:

    What is this, I don’t even

  116. objectiveobserver says:

    I’ve never seen a higher concentration of 4chan morons in one comment thread before. They pollute our minds with poor grammar and references to things nobody but them cares about. However, they amused me nearly as much as the memes. :D

  117. your a jerk says:

    I know.