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25 Funny Lost and Found Signs

Like the case of Jessica Simpson’s dog, many of these remain unsolved. Can you help solve them?


49 Responses to "25 Funny Lost and Found Signs"

  1. Higher Kyle says:

    The hand drawn black cat sign was in my old neighborhood. Swear to god. It was up for almost 3 months and killed me every day.

  2. Jester says:

    The fact that Xerxes is not on this makes this a fail. I mean seriously, how could you skip awesome Xerxes? http://a3.vox.com/6a00e398b3bb2c000400e398b6585b0002-500pi

  3. Moony Anus says:

    What’s more, the dumbfuck tacked it up anyway!

  4. neilf says:


  5. dfsddfsdf says:

    OMFG ; I liked the one about Claritin ecause I’mma douche and I like big butts ! :]

  6. JBlaze says:

    Has anyone seen the sign of a lost cat that has a terrible black and white picture, and has sentence fragments like “Does not come when called. Foam.”???

    I saw it somewhere and its the best one out there. Come on internets, help me out here.

  7. Imaginary friend Steve says:

    Go fuck your icecream Vince!!!

    boning my girlfriend and then talking shit about icecream….

    i’ll never come back.


  8. A nonny mouse says:

    Sie können mich nicht verstehen! es sei denn, Sie verwenden einen Übersetzer wie ein Wichser.

  9. Lance says:

    No ads for Women being “Lost Dogs/Bitches”? Theyre the biggest whores ever. Only they enjoy hiding their lies like they hide their ages. Fucking skanks.

  10. Dickhead says:

    Have you seen a decent comment/reply to these pictures?

  11. -- says:

    shut up!

  12. Emily says:

    It also happened near where I live (says, Pudsey, Leeds), can’t believe I missed that one :(

  13. A nonymous says:

    Where’s Alf?

  14. Shimmy shimmy ya says:

    “i dont even want this bike back, i just wanted to tell you i hate you bike theif” brilliant.
    did anyone see anything funny about the 11th one from the top?? if so please let me in on the joke.

  15. francfist says:

    I am being treated for depression and trauma. Thanks y’all, made me laugh. My vote goes to the bike the thief should ride to hell.

  16. JCL says:

    11th from the top had a box for the picture, which the posting person forgot to download (see the icon in the upper left corner?)

  17. Mercikuz says:

    haha ihr könnt kein deutsch, loser! xD nunja ich find die geil hah ihr versteht mich nicht!! >xDDD nunja mach ich auch mal irgendwann ihr wichsvorlagen… kennt ihr das wort? neh is ja auch deutsch xDDDD muhahaha, nunja ihr seit alle durchgebumste esel! kennt ihr auch net wa? nunja reicht jetzt!! is kuhl, machsch i-wann cu later alligator! (kuma, ich kann englisch xP)

  18. J.D. says:

    Ich kann aber deutsch du Gaylord und verstehe dich ganz gut! Du WICHSVORLAGE!!!!

  19. Kingkiller says:



  20. Mercikuz says:

    du hundeficker!
    1.schreib doch keine wörter ,die die auch verstehen ‘gaylord’!!
    2.why nennst du dich J.D.? und ich komm hier mit mertchikuz ._. nja schwul…
    3. haste heute talk talk talk oder so gesehen… da kamm heut i-wo im tv das wort wichsvorlage vor!
    4. du scheiß missgeburt, du spasti beleidige michQ! ich dachte ‘love-4-ever’ aber wie man sieht hab ich mich voll getäuscht D,x

    … ne is gut lass mich halt D,x

  21. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Decent comment/reply.
    Is white with black type.
    Does not answer to any of
    the names listed above.
    Not housebroken, so is
    usually trailed by a bunch
    of shit.
    Reward: Momentary feeling
    of superiority, followed
    by the slow return to
    mediocrity and a desire
    to fap frenetically.

  22. Liesie says:

    Ha ha I hope that poor guy got his girlfriend back, really sweet though!

  23. Kingkiller says:

    Ach komm ich will Sex und zwar nur mit DIR!!! TUTEN MIR LEID!!!!!!!

  24. clubf00t says:

    Steven the imaginary friend was good, and the stolen bike 1 was even better…those 2 stories changed my life 4

  25. neilf says:

    I like the one on the paper.

  26. dfsddfsdf says:

    My favorite was the one that said Lost on it;
    it fucking rocked!

  27. A nonymous says:


  28. dippe galant says:

    You are all wrong! The best is the one above the other one! Silver medal goes to the one that I didn’t get at first…

  29. Jelly Roll says:

    the one about the cat was the funniest

  30. O Squiggly Line says:

    The cat one was great, I also loved the one about the dog.

  31. T says:

    I thought the one with the letter O was the best.

  32. homer524 says:

    That other one with the sign was my favorite!

  33. Meeg says:

    Also, the one with the writing and the description kicked ass.

  34. alcrid says:

    the one with paper was awesome too

  35. Tater says:

    You guys are crazy.

    The one posted on the telephone pole is CLEARLY superior.

  36. coolname says:

    wow you guys are fucking dumb and i bet your gonna come back on here to read if anyone replied to what you said.

  37. Taylor says:

    i dont know, im a sucker for the ones with pictures

  38. who gives aShit says:

    dude fcuk the signs the last comment above with the caps lock made my day! LMFAO ^^^^^^^^

  39. Frag Mortuus says:


    Funniest shit i will see all day!!!!!

  40. Agent037 says:


  41. ralph says:

    the caps lock key on your keyboard certainly isn’t fake.

  42. kevin says:

    the girlfriend’s cat was the best one.

  43. Josh M says:


  44. s3xt0y says:

    lol I love the taste good signs.
    I will one day do that.

  45. WHARBLGARBL says:

    Livin’ life correct, champ.

  46. Jemima says:

    No hopkin green frog. I’m sorry, but that instantly makes this a fail.

  47. itsgalf says:

    Hahaha ‘tasted like chicken’ was great

  48. memisis says:

    Possum>cat, these are classic. dont even care if its real, laugh i got made my crap day better