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25 Awesome Stained Glass Windows

If churches were full of these, we’d probably go more often.


28 Responses to "25 Awesome Stained Glass Windows"

  1. A. Nell Fisher says:

    What, is it fuckin’ 1997? Marilyn Manson is not the best on ANYTHING.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m willing to bet the only authentic windows here are the cute Vader one,and the awesome KISS one, because, well, there’s a KISS everything, so why not.

    The rest are a pretty bland use Photoshop filters.

    Nice concept tho.

  3. EPRams says:

    Thank god David Hasselhoff did not appear in this gallery. Please stop promoting that jagoff…

  4. Machete Squad Leader says:

    That last one must be a shit-stained glass window.

  5. Bosco says:

    Dumb. I don’t get it. At least make it “25 awesome stained glass windows” and make all of the windows have some ass and/or titties on them. Jeez.

  6. Agent037 says:

    Sarah palin?? Christina aguilera?? WTF??? Totally unecesarry,fuck them. And to all you ungrateful assholes it’s getting really fucking annoying! You don’t like the page?? Fine, go play in traffic muthafucka’

  7. fourteenlines says:

    Marilyn Manson is the best on here.

  8. Icy says:

    Fake or not, the Strife and Cable one (#12) is freaking epic!!

  9. eddy says:

    Wow. Nice stained glass Photoshop filters on regular images. This looks like a Fark contest or something.

  10. Secare says:

    these are all as fake as my degree in nuclear physics

  11. Fuck My Life says:

    Exactly… I think only 2 in this whole post wasn’t photoshopped.

  12. D fuckin Jones says:

    Sorry guys but a few of these are clearly fake some them aren’t even transparent basically jst all around poor photoshop jobs u can’t say oh u do photoshop for a career u would notice, c’mon its as clear as day

  13. BDBDBD says:

    Beetlejuice? Xenu? A fucking Dig-Dug machine?

    Fuck you Holy Taco. Fuck the shortcut in my browser that leads to Holy Taco…

    This fucking shit shits the fucking bed. This and the latest “Justin loves Johnny” make me so fucking angry.

    You’re on 30 days probation. See you in October.


  14. BDBDFAGBD says:

    Fuck you faggot. The only reason you came here in the first place was to beat off to the photo of the day kid. Nobody cares about you so kill yourself. Seriously don’t come back. Fagtard.

  15. Agent037 says:

    I hope you catch AIDS from your mother

  16. fourteenlines says:

    He’ll be back tomorrow.

  17. Master Of None says:

    a lot of these took a lot of skill

  18. Seriouslynow says:

    That’s his hand, …follow the arm

  19. ha says:

    ha! yer dum!!!

  20. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Why is there a bowling pin behind Link?

  21. Rick says:

    Wow, what’s with all the bitching on this site?
    That’s not funny, that’s not cool, the last picture’s stupid… then shut the fuck up and make a better website and stop coming here.

  22. Exile says:

    What’s with the gaping asshole in the pic third from the bottom?

    Also the guy mooning was pretty funny.

  23. rakoon says:

    thats not a gaping asshole..thats steve irwin and he’s a ledgend in the animal world, there will never be someone so passionate for what are deemed dangerous animals in our life time again…some people called him crazy, but he was magnificent and a hero for conservation and ecological preservation

  24. Ano says:

    I get it….stained glass!!

  25. asdasdasd says:



  26. Sweet says:

    That Darth Vader window is by far the cutest one there.

  27. PhiIosopher. says:

    And when is holy taco gunna learn that the last picture is never funny, ever, not even the first time. Ever since they were bought by break media they have turned into a steaming pile of shit. Break Media ruined too many good sites.

  28. Steve says:

    A figure from a book or a frog from an awsome t.v. show, both from way back.
    Ya gotta believe in somthing.(I guess)