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25 Awesome Steampunk Creations

steampunk iron man
Steampunk is inspired by Victorian science fiction and mostly consists of adding cogs and brass to things that don’t need them.  Here’s some of the coolest stuff that’s all cogged up.

 steampunk mr. potatohead
steampunk flask
steampunk guns
steampunk guy
steampunk finger stylus
steampunk gameboy
steampunk lincoln
steampunk arcade game
steampunk dalek
steampunk goggles
steampunk ring
steampunk lightsabers
steampunk cat
steampunk flux capacitor
steampunk storm trooper
steampunk guitar
steampunk ray gun
steampunk mouse
steampunk terrarium
steampunk professor x chair
steampunk darth vader
STEAMPUNK predator
STEAMPUNK ghostbusters

13 Responses to "25 Awesome Steampunk Creations"

  1. Vageen says:

    Time Lincoln is badass.

  2. Derka says:

    Steam Punk… the 2006-7 gothemo cosplay fad that the high school drop outs are just discovering now. Way to stay relevant HT. PS the 7-11 magazine section is not a library.

  3. Billy-Bob says:

    I like steampunk/altered post ww1 scenarios. But these… i’m not really pleased.

    The most notable thing with good steampunk is superb finish and real materials like mahogny and teak, brass, copper, cast iron, glass and leather… No paint. If paint, it would be Piano laquered.

    These creations aren’t done well.

  4. ToyMachine says:

    First and last time I’ll say first!

  5. Anonie. says:

    These are some of the worst examples of steampunk in the history of anything. It’s nonsense like that flask that give steampunk the shit reputation it currently has. Painting something bronze and gluing a gear to it doesn’t make it steampunk.

  6. Ian Fortey says:
    Please tone down your nerd rage.  I assume you’re sitting on a throne of brass you made yourself that can bake scones in its own steam-powered oven.  Eat one and be at peace.
  7. DonkeyXote says:

    Bahahaha that motherfucker got BUUUURNED!

  8. Alexandra says:


  9. Anonie. says:

    But… I like scones. :(

    Nerd rage is still intact. Let’s stop praising mediocrity. The reason I’m NOT sitting on said throne is because I know I don’t have the talent to pull it off, something that should have been told to these idiots a long time ago.

  10. DonkeyXote says:


    Kinda reminds me of that French movie “Children of the Lost City”, with all that steamjunk creations. 5/5!

  11. The 1 says:

    Someone thinks they invented it.

  12. Alexandra says:

    Despite everyone else’s intense bitchery, steampunk computer and gameboy are pretty damn awesome.

    Although I’m not sure what the point of steampunking a Dalek is considering they are an alien race that already have the capability of space/time travel so could feasibly show up in Victorian England in their original appearance. (I am also a little ashamed of myself for showing off that much of my nerd at once.)

  13. muddford says:

    i think it’s ‘the city of lost children’.