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25 Awesome Vanity Plates

Vanity plates are a great way for people to express themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a limitless number of locations. It’s like a rolling advertisement for you. Lucky for us, many of these people have a great sense of humor.



58 Responses to "25 Awesome Vanity Plates"

  1. Melvin says:

    The DMV wouldn’t allow half of these. They’ve got to be shopped.

  2. KatiB says:

    There have been a couple I’ve seen:

    IBCFNU (he’s a cop)

    CAMO TOW (guy I used to work with)

    If I ever got a gold VW Beetle, I was going to see if I could get EAPOE on my plates.

  3. MOOVMKR says:

    I currently have MOOVMKR I used to have EVOLVO on my 242DL

  4. Poop! says:


  5. KLBYRON says:


  6. junktrunk says:

    saw an anti Michigan State Univ that read “EPH MSU”

  7. John Savage says:

    LOL, I just love the handicapped “Timmay” one! Southpark RULEZ


  8. Dragynne says:

    I F U S E A K, now is that a new Apple product?? (ie – iPod, iPhone, etc)

  9. Lunchmeat says:

    I saw the best one yesterday in ambler PA. It said O2BTPLS
    and I have a pic of it somewhere. I would have loved to see the driver

  10. Dr.Wario says:

    Mine says dR.Wario

  11. mountaineer says:

    I saw one recently that said MAD CPA. Pretty good.

  12. JJ says:

    I saw one in California that said “I(heart)2BEX”.

    It was on a girls car if that helps you figure it out.

  13. Your mom says:

    Mine would be IB6 UB9

    Also, “give me a hummer”…awesome.

  14. TheRapist says:

    how about 4N4L-5EK5

  15. Lynn says:

    I used to have a plate that said “JSDOME”. I couldn’t believe it when it showed up. I thought they’d reject it.

  16. mememememememememememe says:

    i applied for EFFYOU and it got turned down. bummer.

  17. kerfuffle says:

    and then there was the McDonald’s Farm truck with the plate EIEIO …

  18. Anonymously says:

    The best vanity plate I ever saw was in San Fransisco, on a white VW Rabbit. It said “IM LATE” Priceless.

  19. YellowSS06 says:

    My old Stang had MPRTKLR for the plates.

  20. Dex says:

    I saw a Ferrari with “No Wife”. You have to enjoy like Truth in Advertising.

  21. george says:

    i see the ru8teen guy driving around a lot. he’s a 40 year old creep.

  22. Smiley_face127 says:

    I saw a plate that said “ihavpms”

  23. jp says:

    ‘Hippy’ van had this one


  24. A Nonny Mouse says:

    Once saw a ute that was so low it was practically dragging on the ground.



  25. Claynoidial says:

    hahahahaha Poop

  26. Dodgeman says:

    how about a big lifted up truck with plates that say,

    “To High To See You”

  27. Throbbin' Hood says:

    I had to read that like 50 times before I got the cop one. Instead of “I be cuffin’ you” I read it like “I be CF’n you” — i.e., clusterfucking you.

  28. OffDWall says:

    Sister in law tried to get that 5 years ago and was told it was offensive. She argued that she’s Italian and should be up to her, they said no. Had a neighbor that had “Jumper” on his truck. His wife’s car was “Jumpee”. Had another neighbor (hip neighborhood!) that had “RVO 3VOM” on a Corvette and “RVO LLOR” on their 4×4 (read it backwards).

  29. Alsarion says:

    i know a guy from jersey with a vanity plate that says (this isn’t a joke, i’m not that funnny) TOPWOP

  30. Sir Rofflez says:

    I thought it was funny.

  31. Melissa says:

    I thought that was funny as well.

  32. philosiphuck says:

    yea that was like anti-funny

  33. fag rape says:

    u gay

  34. mongo says:

    I think I would get one that says STOLEN and watch how many cops pull me over…

  35. ReflectionsOfYouStudio says:

    I thought that was hilarious! Guess its cause my hubby is a cop… lol! I once had a tag on my 2005 Sierra that had rpdoff on the back plate and mexcant on the front. AKA that truck was a “mexicant rip off” lol.

  36. clubf00t says:

    ur gay

  37. MentallyAnonymous says:

    A-yuck! That’s the twenny-sec’nd copper to pull me ovr today! ain’t that a hoot, jimbo?

  38. Bench Press says:

    Here’s more.


  39. You might want to discuss your uncle issues with a trained professional

  40. You've Got The AIDS says:

    That’s not the reason he has you sitting on his lap JoyBoy.

  41. ♫philosopher says:

    my plate would say: A55-5EX

  42. ♫philosopher says:

    If I ever had a car….

    Rhe only person in my family who has a car is uncle Tod, and he only lets me drive sitting on his lap so he can ‘work the pedals’ for me, and we can only drive on unpaved roads. They’re really bouncy!

  43. Kenworth says:

    Dude you just…dude………

  44. sKurt says:

    If You See Kay…

    F U C K

  45. TacoMon says:

    IF-U-SEA-K… (f-u-c-k)

  46. Ban_ROB says:

    I F U Sea K

    I FUCK

  47. Y4Girl says:

    Well you’re stupid, and wrong…but don’t feel bad because that’s what I thought too.

  48. Anonymoussrngoinsiogd says:

    I think it says “if you seak” then the silver state is under it…so if you seak the silver state

  49. Authored by Anon says:

    It says “I Fuse AK”, which could refer to Alaska or an AK-47, but either way it is meaningless because you can’t fuse a state or and assault weapons. Unless it means fuse them together, obviously, which I totally agree with.

  50. Philosopher's frightened asshole says:

    what does twenty one say?

  51. philosopher says:

    would more space on license plates make them funnier? or would that eliminate the humor?

  52. Philosopher's Dad says:

    Son, don’t forget your vanity plate.

  53. What if... says:


  54. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    B4I4Q RU/18 QTPI ?

  55. K Nasty says:

    I would pay to see NECROLUV on a hearse.

  56. Fat JOE says:

    mine says: ILUVDATY

  57. Dick Cheese says:

    I would just put the cheese on the dick and have the mouse run around all over it until he got the sauce then I would put the dick into the mouth. K bye