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25 Awesome Yet Still Intimidating Pictures of Danny Trejo

danny trejo scary face

If you don’t know Danny Trejo you should.  He just had his biggest role in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete but he’s been playing scary-looking badasses for years and he does it well because he actually is a scary looking bad ass.  It’s pretty hard to find a picture of him that isn’t scary in some way.  Here’s proof.

danny trejo posing with a fan

Danny Trejo shirtless

danny trejo is unhappy

danny trejo holding machetes

danny trejo posing with three girls

danny trejo close up

danny trejo on bike with jake gyllenhall

danny trejo carrying woman

danny trejo on the red carpet

danny trejo and women

danny trejo no mustache

danny trejo in death race

danny trejo with machetes

danny trejo taking pictures

danny trejo and robert goulet

danny trejo not smiling

danny trejo angry

Danny Trejo in blue

danny trejo in machete

danny trejo with pitbull

danny trejo and girl

danny trejo in shorts

danny trejo with naked lindsay lohan

danny trejo with fans

8 Responses to "25 Awesome Yet Still Intimidating Pictures of Danny Trejo"

  1. Bonita says:


  2. Leo says:

    saggy breasts

  3. JunkCuenta says:

    So intimidating…this is my comment and nothing more.

  4. Loser says:

    I wish he’d stop fooling around and start intimidating my lawn into proper trimming.

  5. Glu says:

    Loser, that’s exactly what you are

  6. M Nemo says:

    Awesome pictures of a great actor! He is one of my favorites. Jokes aside, I bet he’s a nice good man. I wouldn’t mess with him!