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25 Awesome Homeless Guy Signs

 Now days, being homeless is more competitive than ever. Only the most clever and creative signs are going to get people to let go of their precious spare change. This makes for some pretty awesome homeless dude signage.


340 Responses to "25 Awesome Homeless Guy Signs"

  1. MrBowser says:

    The guy in the wheel chair is the best

  2. shane says:

    yep, i’ve seen him before. i actually have him on video telling a “joke” – coolest dude ever, gave him some money hahaha

  3. anonymous1 says:

    i can’t swear it’s the same homeless guy, but i think i saw him in North Carolina a few years ago and he was right, i missed

  4. Angie Haske says:

    Yea, some stoopid red-neck inbred RETARD will do in a President that actually makes SOME kind of sense???

  5. hey... says:

    suck his dick why dontcha?

  6. stuka says:

    i would much rather give to this guy than to that bogus UNCF that Lou Rawls pimps on TV every year…

  7. Eric says:

    I’d throw 25 pennies at him. Make him dodge traffic to pick them all up. It would be like work for him.

  8. harveydanger says:

    Vicky it couldn’t be me…I work.

  9. Max says:

    I took a pic of that guy in NY back in 1999. Same sign.

  10. Jester says:

    Have you seen the national unemployment figure recently? Would -you- hire any of those guys in your place of work? Not to put them down, but odds are they don’t bathe regularly and will drive away business. It aint so simple as just “workin for your keep”. And besides, you’d be surprised. Odds are half of them make more than -you- do, and best of all, its 100% tax free, since its considered “gifts”. There are professional bums in NYC that sit there all day stinky as all get out, looking like a real bum, then when they’re done get up, go around the corner and get into their lexus. Fake bums aside, another thing to consider is that just because they -look- able and capable, doesnt mean they actually are. Who knows what mental issues the gandalf guy might have..You put on a black hat and suddenly you’re Sauron and he has to smite you and cast you into the fire..

  11. Philospher says:

    Come on guize. Don’t hate me because I like wieners.

  12. Bosco says:

    The most clever sign by far is the “I bet you can’t hit me with a quarter” one….. I know I’d try.

  13. SRC says:

    sad but true

  14. Vicki says:

    Nope the “hit me with a quarter” guy is in San Diego (point loma to be precise) and I am horrified that some of my fellow human beings find this shit funny? Could be YOU!

  15. Mad Capster says:

    They do work for their keep – got to think outside the box about what constitutes work! ;-)

  16. Jimmychonga says:

    The point of these signs is to make people laugh. They want us to laugh and give them money so what is wrong with laughing at their jokes? Give the “it could be you” crap to rest, we’re laughing at their jokes not their homelessness.

  17. Kelly says:

    OMG we sat across the street at Joe’s crab shack and laughed so hard at the people he scared. The guy is creative.

  18. Vicki/BRD/whatever other name I come up with says:

    I have run across several homeless people that have bank accounts and have deposited hundreds of dollars a day or just a coupld of dollars a day. I have also gotten to know some of the people that sit out and collect money on the street and a few of them have said they would not go back to work because they make more money sitting on the sidewalk collecting money than they do at a job. So eat it BDR. As for Vicki I am sorry that I call you a human. Humans have a sense of humor.

  19. Fred Correa says:

    Mine would be: “New on this planet – need $ for settling down”

  20. fattiboomboom says:

    These guys are creative but except for the guy in the wheelchair, they look able & capable. Why don’t they work for their keep rather than ask for handouts?

  21. Pete Billson says:

    I’d throw a quarter just over his head into traffic… lol :)

  22. moonstomp says:

    1/3 crusties

  23. Harmy G says:

    Wait, so if you hit him with a quarter, you get your quarter back plus another from him, right?

  24. JD says:

    No kidding. Even the homeless guy knows what a joke / mistake Obama is for this country. Hopefully, one day we’ll get a President who actually believes in the Constitution and wants to do what is best for the country.

  25. Alan says:

    Oh man, I used to live in SF and a guy with the same gimmick got me GOOD down at the wharf (I was showing tourist family around, the only reason I went to the wharf.) He damn near caused me to piss my pants, he had a whole bush and planter costume. Extremely realistic even when looking right at him.

    I gave him 2 bucks, despite the fact that a whole block’s worth of people were watching to see it happen again, I had a good laugh and it was worth it.

    • C says:

      my brother and I saw the same guy in SF being the Bush/planter. My brother waited until a bunch of people were watching and walked over and acted like he going to Pee on the bush. The bush guy jumped in horror to avoid being pee’d on and tons of people laughed their asses off. The guy made more $ then then at any other point. People thought it part of his act.

  26. Jay says:

    “BETCHA CANT HIT ME WITH A QUARTER” Guy is From Oakland,CA, He hangs out during rush hour, A’s and Raiders game on on corner of Hegenburger RD as you turn into oakland coliseum i always throw a qtr at him on ways to games.

  27. hilarious!! says:

    the pics are good, but waaay funnier was thunderscrotum’s comment to LMAOF- “laughing my ass off fucking- wow, talk about a mood killer”.

    i really, truly LMFAO!! at my desk even…

    thanks thunderscrotum. funny shit.

  28. Thunderscrotum says:

    Laughing your ass off fucking? Wow, mood killer.

  29. BRD says:


    Good point! I’m sure your solitary experience at the bank means that every single homeless person in North America is actually rolling in cash. I’ve suspected for some time that was the case, but your isolated moment within the entire continuum of the severely handicapped and impoverished population PROVES none of them don’t need any help.

  30. seriosly says:

    I’m surprised that you know who Reggie Watts is. I’m more surprised that you feel comfortable saying he looks like somebody he completely doesn’t resemble at all.


  31. Torley says:

    The Kung Fu and the Karate Lessons guys should unite and defeat those ninjas!

    @m00tc0w Or form a takedown squad.

  32. Lulu says:

    LOL !! I’d toss some change at that guy for a good laugh !

  33. m00tc0w says:

    I think that ninja kidnapping one is pretty popular, I’ve seen several guys in my city with that one

  34. CanadianChris says:

    Since the day I stood behind a “homeless” guy in the bank then watched him pull out over $500 in bills and a sack of change worth at least $100 and DEPOSIT IT INTO HIS BANK ACCOUNT, I refuse to donate to the cause. This is the same guy who I saw almost daily collecting change at the streetcorner downtown.

  35. John says:

    HAHAHA. Replaced by CGI.

    It’s better because I work for CGI and we really are more evil than the cylon’s.

  36. The Guy 1235 says:

    United Negro Pizza Fund one is hilarious. I would definitely give that guy some cash if I saw him in person.

  37. SolidJake2142 says:

    LOL, that does suck for him. But he is clever enough to try to make it. Very nice sign. I’m sure he makes money all day! At least he isn’t asking to throw gold dollars!

  38. MrGrandma says:

    Wykop kurwa tu był.

  39. ra-tard says:

    your funny

  40. dude says:

    ha! Half of those guys are from san francisco

  41. venkman says:

    the need money for kung fu lessons is quite common, met a guy in Helsinki


  42. Spongebob says:

    One homeless guy in San Francisco scared the shit out of me by holding twigs in front of his body so he would look like a bush and yelled BOO at me. He got money from the people who were laughing on the other side of the street and I got a mental trauma.

  43. SenhorLampada says:

    Here in Brazil we see the same shit. I knew a homeless dude that made a lot of money!

    One day, we put some of the college freshmen to ask for spare change so we could all drink some beer, and in half an hour we collected $300 :D

  44. andrew says:

    the need money for achohol drugs and hookers guy is in new york seen him before

  45. Todrick says:

    LOL that guy is my favorite.

    We watch him every time we visit SF.

    He scared the crap out of me one year and ever since we’ve made a point to go watch and give him some cash…

    Still amazed he hides behind a single branch… It’s hilarious to watch from across the street where you can clearly see this dude holding up a branch…. LOL

    There’s also a guy in LA who will wash your windows for $1

    He’s blind.


  46. Bushman says:

    Sorry, I was one of the people laughing! Your pain brightened everyone’s day if that’s any consolation!

  47. Deven says:

    Get a fucking job……. too funny!!!!!

  48. John says:

    Oops, Ben beat me to it….

  49. John says:

    How many of these are from San Fran? I know I’ve seen the “United Negro Pizza Fund” dude in the Market St area more than a few times. I hate San Fran.

  50. tessa says:

    haha i liked ‘why lie, i need a cold beer’ and ‘betcha cant hit me with a quarter!’

    most of them were pretty good!

  51. Ben says:

    The ones with “Wife has been kidnapped. I’m short 98¢ for ransom!”, “Ninjas killed my family – need money for kung-ku lessons.”, and “United-Negro Pizza Fund” all hang out around Mission and 4th Street in San Francisco just a block or so from Moscone Center. I’ve seen them a number of times.

  52. a says:

    ridiciulous how young some of them are

  53. Ghandi says:

    Am I mistaken, or is the “tell me off for 25 cents” one actually Reggie Watts? Pretty sure he’s not homeless. Funny, but not homeless.

  54. studleyhungwell says:

    This is their job, and they probably make more than either you are me, you fucking dumbass.

  55. Your name: * says:

    l. m. a. o. f.

  56. studleyhungwell says:

    Hell, I’ld throw a couple of half dollars and a banana at him.

  57. JOnny Cash says:

    OMGosh Holy Taco dude that is just TOO funny!


  58. BitSlicer says:

    Illegal immigrant: need money for bus ride home!

    He makes more than I do.

  59. Anonyfdsh says:


  60. dumbass says:

    I still say Obama’s gonna get assassinated by some random southern dude

  61. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    All right, on one hand people bitch that these men aren’t willing to get a job yet when they bother to save enough money that they can buy things like a new suit to wear to a job interview, a Tracfone, and a night in a hotel so they can actually shower before going out to an interview all of a sudden they were supposed to spend every nickel they get on truck stop ham sandwiches. Make up your mind. Either they should continue panhandling forever or they should put some of that money towards getting out of their situation.

  62. EK1989 says:

    The Obama one was pretty good. Very clever.

  63. SFer says:

    He used to go by ‘the Bushmaster’. Priceless.

  64. thatdude says:

    solution to homeless problem and war needs. send all homeleess people to fight in iraq

  65. SparkyOreilly says:

    Homeless my ass…tell ‘em to get a job.

  66. karthik says:

    i remember the alcohol research guy in San Fran, outside chinatown…these are damn funny!

  67. egizzit says:

    tell you what dont let em fool ya some of these people got more money than you. for example, im from IL and when i was a teen there was this guy they called jr you would see him riding around at all times of the day on this 40 year old bicycle collecting cans thats all he did dug through trash lived in the park everyone assumed he just used his can money to get a little food to survive,when they found his body,they also found in one of his bags they also found $125000 i guess aluminum pays off

  68. cirujano says:

    Those of you who say, “Oh, they’re going to use it for dope, booze, etc.” That is their fucking business”

    Really? Their fucking business, you say? Well then it must their fucking problem too, so they can just fucking sack up and deal with it, right?

    “Beggars can’t be choosers” — ring a bell?

    Anyone begging for MY help in the form of MY money or MY time or MY spare clothes is making their problem MY business. They can squander whatever money they already have on whatever drugs or booze they want, but they damn sure aren’t going to do it with money I worked my ass off to earn.

  69. Lissy says:

    Maybe they’re hiring in Canada. I applied at 15 places in a day, including both of those, and got one call back out of 15. And I have two prior management conditions and a college degree going for me. Try getting a job when you don’t have a phone they can call you back on, and tell me how that goes.

  70. Canadian is an idiot says:


    There’s a BIG difference between “taking applications” and “hiring”. Sure, just about any place will let you fill out an app, but when 200 other people have also filled out one that same week…good luck!

  71. John says:

    a homeless guy would come in to a DD wherei work everyday and just sit there smelling like shit..one day i made a cup of coffee and gave it to him..he refused it saying that he was full..but gave me the money for the coffee anyway (a crisp 20 dollar bill)

  72. ThatGal says:

    I agree with Thatdude. Send them to work in Iraq. They will eat and have a job and get a roof over their heads. They will even get clean clothes

  73. ThatGal says:

    If you offer them a job of real labor watch them squirm out of it….. I have a bad back, uh leg, uh arm, uh heart. You get the idea. I have seen in California the guy with several hundred dollars walk around the corner and get into his brand new truck and drive away. Thanks guys for giving him the money to make a truck payment….

  74. Not Homeless says:

    Let’s all reply to the same message!

  75. Donia says:

    Yeah i saw him outside a movie theater w/ a friend

  76. MARK LOGSDON says:

    That IS their job!!!!!!

  77. Ludd says:

    Why thanks egizzit.
    Your unsupported, unverifiable, antectdotal claim has convinced me that despite obvious appearances, all homeless people are actually wealthy aristocrats who are simply out to con people out of their pocket change while laughing all the way to the bank. I certainly hope you are a sociologist because they world needs your profound research and analysis in order to make sense of this imaginary ‘homeless problem’. Someone give this man a PhD, QUICK!

  78. jesustittyfingchrist says:

    ya ya fucking yaya

  79. Canadian says:

    Yeah, so hard to get a job – guess what… Walmart and McDonald’s are always hiring…

    Those with the roof over their head don’t want to “stoop to that level” and those without the roof are too f’n lazy

  80. JHelebrant says:

    SparkyOreilly is probably a Bill O’Reilly fan. Get a job… What an idiotic statement. That’s something a Republican would say without understanding how hard it is to actually find a job. And I’m talking about those WITH a roof over their heads, phone numbers to call, a change of clothes, and a shower. Numbnuts.

  81. Mew says:

    You know, 200$ a day is not much for what you have to endure under the eyes of people who pass you by, under because most don’t even look directly at you.
    You have money at the end of the day, but it’s not easy money, nor a happy day. Did you ever HAD to ask for change, because you forgot your wallet and absolutely had to catch the last metro or whatever, and ended up preferring the way around it, walking 45 minutes home in the middle of the night or whatever? Yeah. Not fun. Kindda demeaning.
    People who do it all day are in that place, all the time. Peace out. Smile.

  82. C-Reg says:

    speak on brother!!!

  83. ChineseInCanada says:

    To Canadian: Where in Canada to you live?! In a small town? *rolls eyes*
    It’s just as hard in Canada to get a job. The major cities are terrible for finding jobs AND finding a place to live that doesn’t cost some ridiculous price.

    Most people who live in my city need two, sometimes THREE jobs to afford APARTMENTS. (unless they have a very high paying job.)

    Getting a job at some McDonald’s place wouldn’t even pay enough money for someone needing a place to stay.

    Financial aid organizations like the low-income housing in my city are very hard to get put on their lists, and even if you DO get on the list, you have a 4 year wait to get a place to live.

    Getting on a disability pension is a good idea.(which is how I pay for my home), (Now don’t read me wrong, if you are a lazy ass, then you deserve what you get. But if you are in a condition where you CAN’T work, or are severely disabled and need this then this is totally acceptable and the best thing to do.

    But this can be VERY difficult to get on here, even if you have a life debilitating chronic illness, and for some people, take a long time for paperwork to come through.

    There are TONS of other reasons than this that cause homelessness. Many that the person CANNOT CONTROL.

    YES some homeless people are doing NOTHING for their situation.

    But A LOT OF THEM CAN’T do anything. They need SOMEONE ELSE to help them.

    I was homeless once, but because of help and support from some people along they way I am now paying for my own home, have a education in medicine, and despite now having developed an illness that is going to KILL me, I am not a lazy person who is just letting others serve me. I have never intended to become someone like that, even when I was homeless.
    Yes I needed help when I had no home, and I did beg for money but I needed to do this to get the money I needed to help myself get by. All this time though, I was looking for a way to get an income, I had contacted places to see if I could get help for my situation and eventually –it worked.)

    There ARE more people out there who COULD do something for themselves if they are given the help they need to get out of the situation they’re in….maybe you can’t do that exactly, but you could at least give them the change if they need it.

    Those of you who say, “Oh, they’re going to use it for dope, booze, etc.”
    That is their fucking business, you have no clue what they’ve seen in their lives that most people couldn’t fathom.

    To the original post;

    Lmfao, this post was awesome. I loved the signs! (I’d like to see more.

  84. crsfc says:

    I’ve seen a few of those in person. San Francisco definitely has the most clever homeless. Probably the dirtiest too.

  85. could somebody think please says:

    @ thatgal, thatdude and Canadian:
    It’s true that there are those who abuse people’s generosity by panhandling when they don’t need to. Also, some have just fallen into bad times and need a leg up. But a lot of these people are mentally ill (though not necessarily dangerous) and couldn’t hold down a job if they tried. Just because they’re clever doesn’t mean they don’t need help.

  86. Totallydewd says:

    Yeah, I saw the “Alcohol Research” guy in San Fran. I believe I actually gave him some money too.

  87. thatdude says:

    go play in traffic blindfolded. muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. oooh cramp. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. oo bathroom break ..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ooo a QUARTER…hahahahahahahahaoo mommy…hahahahahahaaaaaa

  88. bunny says:

    Some very clever signs!
    I used to work for the Visiting Nurse Assoc. here in Cleveland OH. Part of our service is to attend to homeless folk. We always offered assistance to the homeless with referrals to agencies that can provide food, job training, places to stay, etc.
    98% of them do NOT want help to get out of their “situation”. This is a chosen life style.
    They know how to work the system enough to get medical care delivered to them right there on Public Square, so I’m pretty sure that they also know how to work the system to get other stuff, too.

  89. B says:

    Im suprised no one said anything about the ‘cuss out your mother-in-law’ one. I thought that was great!

    On the ‘homeless making more money on the streets so dont give them any’ thinking… I think most of them probably do make quiete a bit but I still occasionally give them the benefit of the doubt and throw them a dollar. Also, as far as Im conscerned they can go ahead and make money on the streets at least that means they aren’t taking up a job-opening. Leave space for the people willing to work. If they want to risk starving and being out in the weather, so be it.

  90. homeless :( says:

    i use to be homeless and sleep in a tent and it sux, so i always help them out with money or change when ever i can

  91. stuka says:

    does no one see the irony? they’re unable to hold a job, but they’re waiting for me every morning as i drag my tired ass to work!

    no one bailed me out for my stupid choices, and i’ll be dammed if i’ll act as these guys’ enabler!

  92. Baby_gurl says:

    Nope…still haven’t found my dad… :(

  93. Maxwell says:

    If I saw any one of these guys I’d give them half the cash in my wallet– just for showing a little ingeniuty. And for the laugh. Love these guys. and although I”m not a “church type” religious person, I could throw up a prayer or two for them too. Can’t hurt, might help.
    Later, friends.

  94. Maxwell says:

    My personal favorite was the guy who needed money for pot, hookers and weed…and at least he wasn’t “bullshittin’ ya”. That was great!

  95. Anonymous Dude says:

    A President that believes in the Constitution and wants to do what’s best for the country? I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but Bush’s offenses against the Constitution are far more egregious. Nobody has been a proponent of the Constitution since the inception of the United States, in case you don’t know your history.

  96. Jamie says:

    This is for JHelebrant. You should know it’s just as hard for us to get a job as anyone else. Stop making excuses for the clever lazy people. Only a bleeding heart couldn’t see the forest of vacuum people for the trees of 40s.

  97. laughing says:

    There was a guy in the paper here in australia the other day that makes over $50,000 a year begging. Which is more than alot of people who work full time.

  98. jmj godville says:

    me too…
    i need a home, a cyber home
    please give money for build a website :)

  99. mean gene says:

    Once thought of a marketing pamphlet for panhandlers. I figured, in the spirit of “teach a man to fish”, I’d give them out instead of a buck. People will pay to be entertained.

    For example,anyone trying to get change at an off-ramp should hold up a big bulls eye over a box and invite people to try their skill.

    I once had a pan handler actively inviting people to join him partying under the bridge. He engaged a lot of people and most gave him something. He flipped the entire relationship dynamic by offering something.

  100. dj eclectik says:

    Best thing I’ve found on the net this week – thanks!

  101. splitter says:

    Fing bums should get a job.

  102. Tanzanette says:


  103. Homer Sexual says:

    All homeless people should be euthanized. They stink like shit (real shit). They are awful to look at on the street. They always take your money and go get wasted. I really hate the dirty skunks. I say get a job or have the State euthanize the lazy lousy bastards. The only good bum is a dead and buried one!

  104. Izzy Gaye says:

    These signs aren’t funny. They just show disgusting dirty hobos who think it’s funny or cool to not work and live off other people’s hard earned money. I say fuck ‘em…..fuck ‘em all up the butt with a red hot poker!!! Let’s see ‘em laff with their asses on fire!! HA! HA! HA! HA!

  105. supermanlymangunowner says:

    i hope JD gets violent diarrhea and finally shits that gerbil out of his colon.

  106. Jim L says:

    I love these! First of all these guys spell better than most of the people on the web. The fact that they spelled loose correctly is great.

    Also, this is the type of creativity we need! Hire these guys to create some new shows for CBS!

    I love the big guy that wants Kung-Fu lessons…

    The guy that said you can’t hit him with a quarter is brilliant. I would throw all my quarters at him. What a great idea.

  107. Emily says:

    People need to chill. They want to make you laugh so you’ll give them money. Sheesh.

  108. B says:

    best comment by far!

  109. sugarnspike613 says:

    Wish I’d taken a picture of the one I saw downtown about a week ago. Can’t remember exactly what it said, something hilarious about masturbation.

  110. Silverfang says:


    Some cute bears up there :)


  111. js says:

    figures the guy who wants weed is in downtown Portland Oregon!

  112. fartepiphany says:

    The only difference between these guys and ad copywriters is where they grew up.

  113. what-a-tool says:

    so youre telling me that people actually get PAID for taking verbal abuse? im totally charging admission to my life from now on. (anyone who replies will be charged ten cents, and i do accept paypal.)

  114. francfist says:

    Rather give them my money than give it to bankers!

  115. Craziecory says:

    People looking at this wrong.

    They are not homeless, they are street marketing. Now it is true that a good percentage of them make more than you do (not all) they have to sit outside in the weather all day long to do so.

    With some of the signs it’s sort of a francise now at days, you hear one guy is doing well and you adopt the sign in a diffrent city.

    Here is Seattle we have lots and lots of street marketers, 80% under the age of 20. As a person who once lived on the street I understand the appeal of what they do.

    Right now more and more people are going to be going that way, I mean when unemployment runs out and no where is hireing what are your options? Beg or Steal.

    If you want to give them something offer them some food, if they refuse the food then they are not in need.

  116. stewystayfly says:

    The guy in the wheelchair does sit outside of Bogarts in cincinnati. I used to be a bouncer there. what makes the sign funny is that he doesnt have legs therefore cannot kick you in the face. also he introduces himself as “shoes” on the count of he dont wear any. definately a cool dude tho, hes funny as shit. “women to the left, men to the right, fags in the middle.”

  117. Ashley says:

    I work at AMC…. so that’s what happens to our cups…. Hmmmmm

  118. zomglolcats says:

    I saw one of those in new York once.

  119. GuXta says:

    Replaced by CGI, please help!



  120. Cincisucks says:

    Atleast the homeless in SanFran are clever. I have lived downtown cincinnati for 3 years and I have never seen a homeless person attempt anything creative such as play an instrument. They are even too lazy to beg let alone work. Oh yes and I’m moving from this wretched city soon. You can never be too far away and the city is only 30 years behind all others.

  121. Dan says:

    SCREW all you whiners complaining about how we should feel sorry for them. BS!! I have seen people selling fruit on corners or offering to do work for food. I will buy something from them or give them a job for the day and both of us profit. But one thing I will NOT do is give money to beggers who refuse to do anything for it. Nor will I be shamed into doing so. And NO Vicky it will NOT be me as I had enough common sense to find a minimum wage job and work my way up so now I am making close to $60,000. a year in retirement. If I can do it then so can they as I was injured in the military and STILL worked 60 to 70 hours a week for over 30 years until my injuries forced me to stop.

    And BRD, if you feel that strongly, then why not invite these people to live with you and YOU foot their bills.

    Some people like these two just should not own computers as by posting what they did they proved what two faced morons they really are.

  122. Lefty says:

    Good. Your answer to the guy is felony assault and battery. Clever.

    Here in Akron a law was passed recently requiring these guys to get a license from the city. They get assigned to specific corners and have to wear a city-provided picture ID while they ask for money. There are regulations as to what they can and can’t say or do; if they get too aggressive too often they can lose their license.

  123. Nerdster says:

    I saw the guy holding the “betcha cant hit me with a quarter” sign and I walked up to him and punched him in the face and took a quarter from his stash. he said he would bet with a quarter that I couldnt hit him. I won the bet.

  124. nothin says:

    Hah, so many of those were in Portland.

  125. Dangerous says:

    English homeless people are more polite – and worse off!!

  126. cubix says:

    Wykop.pl pozdrawia

  127. tori says:

    either pdx and san francisco are overlapping in the space time continuum, or none of these people are particularly funny. many of them are obviously in portland from the pics, and for the others, i’ve seen the signs here personally. we have a freaking homeless cartel here.

  128. Fart Face says:

    i once saw a guy runnin’ around laughing with a sign
    “i need some WEED!!!!!!” he probably had TO MUCH weed already. Why give him more? Any more and he would blow up like a fucking rocket. he scared the shit out of me.

  129. dragan says:


  130. project5k says:

    Austin TX, woman standing at the corner of Airport Blvd and 2222. She’s only got one leg, and her sign sais, “On my last leg”

  131. Jennifer says:

    “Ninjas killed my family” has been seen all over the country. One homeless gentleman uses it here in Austin. He also uses, “Why sleep in a $250,000 home when you can sleep under a multimillion dollar bridge?”

  132. Keli says:

    Homeless Bill Needs a Rich Woman is from Anchorage Alaska! That poor guy is out there all seasons, and he’s nice as hell too! He’s had some funny signs!

  133. Mark says:

    londIn SoCal once I saw:

    Please Help”

    That chick got a buck. Then on another corner:

    “Homeless Vegatarian”

    And for those of you who are shocked that some of us find this funny, a good number of these people are homeless by choice. I don’t buy the idea that we’re all “one paycheck away from being homeless”. If that describes you, you’re living beyond your means. Get an education and lay off the crack, and you’ve reduced your chances of being homeless 1000%

  134. Bill says:

    Are you sure the Jedi isn’t John Smoltz? He’ll be needing money now that he’s out of work.

  135. Chanda says:

    I saw a guy at PAX last year with a sign that said “KICK ME IN THE ASS – $5″. I watched for over an hour, but no one took him up on this offer. Then security told him to leave.

  136. Hotrodtuna says:

    I think #20 is that guy from the, “FreeCreditReport.com” ads. Bet you a doller you’ll hum their jingle?

  137. ben says:

    i hate homeless people. especially when they think they’re being clever

  138. hey benny says:

    why? because they seem more clever than you?

  139. Jay says:

    Some of these are funny but to the guy who said it could never be him b/c he works, all it takes in this bad economy is a lay off and your ass is in the same spot.

  140. RipCity says:

    I noticed several of this are from Portland OR.

  141. studleyhungwell says:

    You’re right. I am a junior high teacher and I did this for a summer job in Dallas. Teaching 10 months I made 52,000. Sitting on a corner for 2 months, I made almost 40,000. I really don’t know if I can continue to teach and coach. The only problem I have is that there is no retirement or pension plan. Gotta figure that out. I am seriously considering doing it again during the Christmas and Spring Breaks. And it is all tax free income.

  142. Hugh Jass says:

    Bitch you know you weren’t in the military.
    “If I can do it then so can they as I was injured in the military and STILL worked 60 to 70 hours a week for over 30 years until my injuries forced me to stop.”
    LOL. As freakin if. Seriously, 60-70 hours a week for 30 years? If that isn’t the biggest crock of shit I’ve EVER frickin heard, I don’t even want to think about what is. You wren’t in the military, the closest you’ve ever come to an injury was when that woman kicked you in the nuts before calling the cops on your creepy ass, and if you even HAVE a job, it’s a minimum wage gig.

    I’m Hugh Jass, and I approve this message.

  143. wd40 says:

    obama isn’t the only one who wants change! lol

  144. wd40 says:

    “I saw the guy holding the “betcha cant hit me with a quarter” sign and I walked up to him and punched him in the face and took a quarter from his stash. he said he would bet with a quarter that I couldnt hit him. I won the bet.”

    That’s quite a stretch there nerdster.

  145. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    Yeah, you lost that bet Nerdster, unless your fists are made out of quarters.



  147. bunny says:

    God fearing American, you are obviously a nut case. Seek help.

  148. Michelle Lat says:

    This is unsettling to me as well. I’m a single mom about to be homeless. I’m scared to death. Really very scared. I’m too timid to hold up one of these signs. Been looking for work since the end of July. Savings are gone. I’m terrified.

  149. PhobiaMan says:

    Poor Bastards…

  150. LibraryInternetUser says:

    got any change? really i could use it (not appropriately, but i will indeed use it)

  151. andrea says:

    I work with the homeless and disenfranchised (what political drivel). People keep saying you don’t know the story. Well I have heard enough stories in my career. The majority don’t have mental health issues, the majority don’t want to accept responsibility, the majority care only about themselves and figure they have some sort of entitlement.
    We offer assistance, the problem is we also require some sort of effort on their part and the usual reaction is: You expect me to DO SOMETHING. Just give me whats due.

    You know what is due: nothing.

    I was homeless. I cut lawns in the neighborhood, I pulled weeds in gardens. I am not a landscaper or gardner. I earned a few dollars and worked my way up. It wasn’t easy but never did I expect a free handout.

    I eventually went to college, got my diploma and then actually had to find a job. The problem is everyone has an excuse for failure and not the ambition to succeed.

  152. dorothy says:

    Gee the early settlers were homeless. They lived in a tent, under a tarp and built this country. What a thought.

    @michelle lat are there not any social support services where you live. Room with other people. talk to the local church.

  153. Wow Have a Little Heart People says:

    Point period blank .. some people aret rally Homeless & some are who are you to tell ? so therefore , you could be really helping someone who sincerely needs it .. if you dont want to give then KEEP IT F***ing Moving @Canada for someone who is already soo content with the way he feels about giving hs ” hard earned money”tp a homeless person you sure do have a whole lot to speak on .. seriously It all boils down to if your going to give them money or not so if ur not then go about your business its 2010 people their will be people who tryto scam you EVERYWHERE you go ! Even in your work place , so Take it for what it is , if you dont want to do something then just dont do it . Instead of sitting here bashing them .. because believe it or not there will be a time when (without even knowing) you wil pass by a REAL homeless person who just wants a bite to eat ! why should they all suffer for what SOME of them do ? (rolls eyes) Think about what your saying Before you type On ur keyboard : ) Thanks

  154. roachaholic says:

    darwin’s theory in action. survival of the fittest

  155. somebody from chicago says:

    When i was walking downtown i saw a sign that read, “A gorilla kidnapped my girl…need money for bananas” :D hahaha

  156. iPodLuverStellza1324 says:

    SO funny!!! I just thought I’d say that I saw a really funny homeless sign in San Francisco that said: “Too ugly to get laid need money for a hooker…” yeah, well, I laughed. These are really funny though! Even though i dont think all the people were homeless… o well !! xD

  157. Anonalex says:

    Harvey Danger, oreilley and all you others who look down on people you call bums are the scum of the earth. Vicki I agree it is disgusting that people find these signs to be a good ol time and that they must be lazy to be homeless. Many people living on the streets are there cause Reagan closed the mental hospitals

  158. Hepcat says:

    Yep. But that was the prevailing idea about mental health back in the 70s 80s. It was like ‘Let ‘em go and pick up their lives and we’ll help set ‘em out’ Except it didn’t work out like that. Meds were missed, lost or forgotten.

    They didn’t get the help they NEEDED. They just got the prefunctory aid that the social workers and Mental health workers wanted to give them. They are yet more victims of government BS.
    And that happened in Canada, UK, USA and God knows where else.

  159. Anonymous in canada says:

    they should all be given a short length of rope and a tree so they can kill themselves. what a waste of oxygen.

  160. Boozers are lozers says:

    I bet they could make a few bucks suckin dick in a dark alley. Oh, that’s right, the meth heads covered that job market.

  161. wavndav says:

    HA HA HA he said negro…. I have not heard that one in quite a while… Here is to Far Beyond for bringin’ it back….Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

  162. Sebastian says:

    These Republican types believe that hard work pays off. That was true 40 some odd years ago. Not any more. The average job no longer pays a sustainable wage. Try working 2 jobs (30 plus hours a week at McDonald s and about 25 hours a week at K Mart or Wal Mart) and see if you can afford cheap rent,groceries,bus fare,and money left over to do the laundry. Ha! What a joke. Homelessness is going to increase because money doesn’t even have a third of the value it used to have. This is true for Canada,Europe,Australia,New Zealand,Japan,and every other country on the planet. This is a global problem and it’s been gradually taking place for several decades now.

  163. undeadfetuspukingshitbile says:

    jesus FUCK. This was supposed to be funny. Instead everyone had to go and pour their opinions on me, and now I feel like punching a baby. For those people with the epics and walls of text, how many words did you sit there and think about, and look up, and cooberate before you finally finished? PHUAHAHAHAHAH. The fact remains you are ALL smegma huffing gunt fucking smacktards, and one day Kyo will FUCK your parents.

  164. undeadfetuspukingshitbile says:

    *spontaneously combusts from laughing too hard*

  165. friend of homeless says:

    The ‘Original Spiderman’ begs near where i live; his sign says “I’m the original Spider-man – I got them Super Diabetes.” He’s a great guy and we’ve invited him over to our house on a number of occasions to hang out. He doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs and anybody who thinks all homeless people are worthless or that they should get a job should take a stroll in their shoes or at least take a minute to try and get to know the person’s story before passing judgement. PS, i know that this is a VERY old thread.

  166. Barky says:

    @ThatDude & ThatGirl:

    Wow. You guys should run for office if you keep coming up with such wonderful answers for the issues we face as a nation.

    Newsflash, idiots…some of the homeless are not able to join the military either because they suffer from mental disease or, believe it or not, because they have tattoos below their elbows. My son wasn’t even allowed to take the ASVAB because of his tattoos. And he is smarter than 75% of the people I served with in the Navy.

    Keep flipping those burgers and keep dreaming up new ways to solve the country’s problems and you’ll be working the counter in no time.

  167. Been there says:

    Computer use is accesable at any Library. And free to use. Also there are computers to use at homless resource centers so that they may look for and apply for the help/Jobs they need

  168. YoungMan says:

    There was this guy in Buffalo who always rolled around a shopping cart with a little flag on it. Stayed in the same parking lot every day. Always said something like, “Sir, please, could you possibly help me? I’m trying to get back to and I need more money for the bus. I’m a veteran! Here’s my ID card… Oh, thank you, sir! Also, I haven’t eaten for days… could you possible spare a little more? Maybe a $10 or a $20″

    Give him some money, and he goes into the supermarket and comes out with a bundle of scratch-off lottery tickets…

  169. skip martinico says:

    basic urban reality at its finest…kept their sence of humor!

  170. Guy laughing at people says:

    Wtfudge are you guys raging about. Everything you guys say about homeless people are wrong.
    “HEY YOUR SO [Republican/democratic]!”

    All wrong. Homeless people are zombies sent from Valhalla to
    teach you guys that cookies are fudgden important and if you
    don’t donate then you can go die in a hole by yourself


  171. Yve says:

    best one I’ve ever seen is a guy who sit on a busy corner in the downtown business sector; ‘Help Fight Hobophobia’.

  172. thedriver says:

    shit all of you just need to help a little.I give homeless people rides all the time….it’s called giving a helping hand and you know what i have given a person a ride who smelled terrible and wore nasty clothing but yet gave them a ride….when we got to the destination he handed me 50$ and said god bless….he was an impersonator and was giving out money to people who help the homeless….and no i am not a taxi driver

  173. leigh says:

    To adam hates you… anger management my friend… and breathe. You don’t type well being so damned angry. You might even want to talk to your shrink about some medicine for that asinine rant you went on about hating, and sitting @ Starbucks, Macbook blogging…? If you have time to sit in Starbucks and blog on your Macbook, those are MY tax dollars hard at work, so that YOU can sit on your ass. So, can you spare some of my change back bitch?! What the fuck are you on…? Or what the fuck do you need to be on? I just want you to know, just like those dirty, filthy, money hungry bums out there who want YOUR money; there is help my friend. There is help and hope that someday, you will either end up in the system dealing with your shrink and not having enough money to pay for your meds… which you clearly need… and end up on some government subsidy program, which I would be paying for, because those would be MY hard earned tax money hard at work supporting your ass! I HATE people like you. There should be a place that you and the likes of you can hang with the dregs of society.

  174. LykeWyse of Fresno California USA says:

    Hey if you send me a $ to:

    Michael Thompson
    P.O. Box 16046
    Fresno Ca 93755.

    Then maybe I’LL get rich, or at least buy a guitar,learn how to play, become a Rock-N-Roll Star and then with the music I write I’LL say the universe.

    One Love!!! Love Michael.

  175. LykeWyse of Fresno California USA says:

    My name is Michael I’m A homeless dude at FCC Fresno City College of California U.S.A. They give me A grant of $3,000.
    Per semester and on top of that I’LL get a staford student Loan worth $9,000. this is my second semester and I can get an aditional $3,500. Per semester!!! That equates to buying a Kick ASS SUV or Suberban W/full coverage insurance for one year. I,m Taking a Welding class here cuz starting pay is $22.00 an hour and thats if you a real shitty welder I plan on getting at least $33.00 an hour cuz I’m a dirty welder that’s the next level above shitty welder. Hay speakin bout welding Do any cool gals out there want me to get them HOT with my Tourch!!!??? Call me @ (559) 519-2807 or e-mail me at [the.upper.room.mens@gmail.com]
    O.K. Later One Love Love Michael

  176. Samantha says:

    Hay LykeWyse dude don’t you mean save the universe not say!?

  177. SavvyBlue says:

    I liked the “I’ll bet you $1 you’ll read this sign” guy. I already owe him $1!

  178. S**T Does HAPPEN says:

    How does a guy get even a menial job when he is homeless, Things you GOTTA have to get any REGULAR DAILY job. Identification- Hard to get without the means- Clean Clothing and Personal Hygene- Last time i saw a clean and well kept homeless person was… NEVER.. BANK account- Without ANY of the above how can a guy get an account in order to Protect his money if he DID want to get off the street. IM not saying that some have made bad choices, but for the most part once they are THERE… its harder than ever to get OUT. Its less trouble to just continue doing nothing.

  179. Plato says:

    YOu people are insensitive. I was homeless because i sold our house to pay for my wifes heart surgery and she passed away two weeks after. I had no family or loved ones to help so i lived on the streets for over a year untill i found my birth mom and was given a place to stay and a job from her husband.

    NOt everythings black and white assholes

  180. Jason Saint says:

    Hahahaha, the guy with the “kick you in the face” sign is outside every show I go to in Cincinnati. It’s like he knows punk kids are generous. He’s awesome!

  181. mother fucker says:

    they forgot to put the sign up will work fo weed lol

  182. 1 step out of homeless says:

    If you want the guy to have food, buy him food, you want im to have a room for a night then take him to a hotel. If you give him money because he has a sign or sob story don’t bitch about there drinking and drug use. If you think they can work and are weasling out of it then they are in your mind… glad you got that great medical degree… and most employers wont hire you unless you have a phone… My sign says ” I’m too ugly to be an exotic dancer” and you will see me around Tampa FL. I make an average of 100 dollars a day, pay for unlimited cell (50 a month) buy all my soap and shampoo, spend 35 a night on a hotel room (in South Tampa) buy food when hungry, attend AA meetings (and have been sober and clean for 2 years, 5 months, and 24 days right now… I apply for 6 jobs a day, 7 days a week before panhandling and know that I will get a job… DON’T JUDGE, LAUGH WITH US, NOT AT US, and REALIZE I WAS THE GUY THAT USED TO YELL GET A JOB… YOU COULD BE NEXT! Peace.

  183. statesux says:

    I’d laugh at the signs, but i know its about to be a real fashion statement pretty soon. Between chemically poisoning the youth as well as the elderly, trading invisible numbers that realistically mean nothing and could all be brought down to bartering as most americans are doing now anyway. And because we have now equated our rights with those of a corporation without the same obligations that we have, it’s only going to get worse. The situations in places where corporate terrorism and vigilantism happen is soon to be the norm. Yay Us! Lets go out and buy cheap status symbol,earth raping, garbage and give up our civilization completely at a fast overwhelming pace!

  184. Deeez Nutz says:

    1 step from homeless-and now you have a computer?? deeeeeeeeeeeeez nuts!!

  185. Daddy says:

    I know an occasionally homeless guy.

    He gets fired from 2-3 jobs a month. I imagine your self-esteem if you last 30 years like that. He is over 55 now. I am surprised anyone would hire him.

  186. FallingDown says:

    “I have watched the beggars of most of the great cities of America and Europe, and have made some investigation into their methods, and I do not hesitate to say that ninety times our of a hundred, the man who asks for alms on the street corner is a cheat and a fraud. If the public would take my advice and absolutely refrain from giving to beggars, this nuisance might soon be done away with. If the beggar no longer found his calling profitable, he would soon go to work or find other fields of activity.”

    -Harry Houdini, The Right Way To Do Wrong


  187. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

  188. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    *Thumbs up*

  189. Amanda Helms says:

    That was funny! Honesty IS the best policy!

  190. Vanessa says:

    Homeless Jedi. haha that’s epic.

  191. Taylor says:

    I’ve definitely seen a guy with that sign outside a movie theatre in Toronto. It even looks like the same guy.

  192. Is that guy a pedophile? says:

    … 25 kids and still horny…
    Unless I’m mistaken, that’s a list of the animals, etc that he’s f**ked.
    What the F!?!?!???
    Is he a pedophie?

  193. Miss Anthrope says:

    I see the reasoning of the unresolved issues dealing with homelessness today in many of your comments. Congratulations on having opinions that hold no logic behind them.

  194. easily manipulated says:

    It’s sad how easily manipulated people are by politicians and other opinion shapers (media, etc.)
    It’s so easy to make people hate their fellow humans so they feel like they have someone else to blame for their problems.
    What’s even sadder is the number of racist comments on this site.
    In the USA the one’s we love to hate periodically change in the main stream. (not in complete chronological order) the witches, the Irish, the Lithuanians, the Italians, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Communists, the Muslims, etc…
    How many of the people leaving comments are lower, working-class people who let politicians convince them they have more in common with rich white executives, politicians and church leaders than with people of other races in the same boat (struggling to pay the rent, medical bills, etc…)
    Get with the program. We all live on this earth together and blaming other people for our problems will never solve anything. Hatred begets hatred.

  195. Don says:

    Need more hard workers that will hold up a sign for me to
    collect monetary contributions for cheap.

  196. Niggers and Spics says:

    I totally believe the nigger’s sign that says he has 26 kids and is still horny. Why not–he doesn’t pay child support (does any nigger???) and the taxpayers pay for all of the bastard nigger kids. They will just grow up to be welfare whores and deadbeat dads, like 90% of the niggers.

  197. BARACK OBAMA says:

    Hey Obama, you know that a WHITE president could never fix the black welfare scam; free ride gravy train–so why don’t you? Blacks pop out baby after baby after baby … and they don’t pay child support, because they know how to work the system. All they do is have the fat ugly chick that they impregnated, tell the court that they are afraid for their life, if the court tries to get child support—so the court let’s the black guy go free and the welfare whore gets full benefits. Then the black guy gets a free ride; a place to stay (with the HUD apt. that the whore gets); free food stamps; a free piece of ass; etc. THEN, the whore gets pregnant with ANOTHER one of his kids (the guy that she is soooooo afraid of….) and the welfare department gives her more money. If she’s so afraid of this guy, then how did she have ANOTHER kid from him? The niggers are running the welfare department like a clock. Instead of teaching their kids math and English, they teach them how to scam the welfare system.

  198. Lazy suzan says:

    I remember seeing a sign in Flordia.

    Have: Kids, wife, house, truck.
    Need: Boat.

  199. cirujano says:

    “Bollocks”, is it? Your dialect suggests the reason for your failure to comprehend what everyone else here understands. You’re a Brit, so you might not have been, in person, to New York, LA, etc., and seen for yourself the bums all over the place collecting $5 and $10 and notes from inexplicably-guilt-ridden passers-by (and you’d have to watch closely, ’cause the big bills are quickly stashed to avoid other bums seeing them).

    The little tin of 4 or 5 $1 bills and change is a manipulative marketing ploy, sorta like the tip jar in a coffee shop. Nobody puts money in an empty jar, so a smart barista “seeds” the jar with a couple of $1 bills and some change from the register before opening the shop. Customers see the tip jar with money in it, assume it’s from other people, and feel an obligation to follow suit.

    $1/minute would be a pretty slow day for some of these guys. Yeah, probably standard for southern states bums, but slow for metro areas. Maybe you should do some actual investigating of your own before deciding everyone but you is an ignoramus, else you might appear to be a hypocritical wanker.

  200. ramendra says:

    hey u know wats funny……….
    i live in a poor contry called india
    as it has the second largest population in da world
    jobs are never avalible ,jobs pay 1/12th of that in US
    i work in a call center in a HP desktop process (technical support)
    i get paid Rs 400 per day that is $8.50 US dolars /per day of 9 hours work and 8hours on calls…(1 hour break)
    ……..and some beggers in US earn more that me……………..i find that funny dont u??

  201. Nelson Mendella says:

    I remember the day when homeless people were cool.

  202. TechSupport says:

    Well, let me say this to you because I can’t say this to the actual bastard who fucked me over:

    Your job is to help me when I break my computer. You never help me. You’re all too busy reading the Kama Sutra (even though none of you are getting your pee-pee’s wet). Next time I need help, pass it on that I better get the best of the best.

  203. The Padrino says:

    Some of these are really old pics I’ve seen from years old but they are awesome.

    The Godfather

  204. HUZJAK says:

    somewhat sad…ahhh

  205. Not thinking these homeless guy signs are awesome... says:

    These pictures are unsettling, to say the least. As someone who happens to have been related to a person just like the people in these pictures, it’s more like terrifying!! This might be funny if it weren’t so scary! With my “homeless brother, we tried everything from mental health facilities to bringing him home to live with us and making sure that he had work, etc. We couldn’t continue after our children were born, so we admitted him.
    He soon left the facility and that’s when everything started happening on his terms. Do I sound cold? Just have one of these “cleaver dudes show up at your front door (with a filthy dirty “friend or 2, who now know where you live) whenever they feel like it and shake you down for a thousand dollars or more to pay off drug dealers all because you are their family who has money (only because you are “lucky) and you “owe it to them to share. OR bust into your elderly parents home to steal anything that’s not nailed down. Not funny!! Scary!!!
    These people have no boundaries of their own and they “bank’ on your boundaries. Many of them are super intelligent, maybe even genius and they think the rest of us are stupid so it’s a game of intimidation for them. Notice the proud looks on some of these faces as they show off their creative advertising.
    It’s a terrible feeling of relief, mixed with guilt for the relief you feel, when your scary, cleaver, homeless sibling dies of a drug overdose on the street.

    I wish I had solutions, but all I have left is shell shock.

  206. homelesssin8days says:

    this site’s givven me some ideas ^.^if any1 see’s a bum with the sign ‘making a money boat 2 fly 2 the moon’ plz donate 2 me :-)

  207. Try Empathy says:

    It is sad to see such cruel comments the homeless population. Approximately 1/3rd of the homeless are schizophrenic, and many more suffer from other psychological illnesses. Schizophrenia is a debilitating illness that causes hallucinations, paranoia, and memory loss. The side effects of anti-psychotics are extremely uncomfortable as well. Due to the psychological side effects of the illness, many schizophrenics lack insight into their disease, which means it is impossible for them to see a need for medication. In the USA, there used to be programs set up to check on people with schizophrenia, and administer their medications. When those were around, the homeless population was a lot lower, and many schizophrenics were able to lead semi productive lives. However, due to a lack of funding, these programs were shut down.
    Other times, due to debilitating medical expenses, individuals and entire families end up on the streets. Government insurance and assistance programs cannot meet the needs of everyone, and, even with assistance, they often fall short of an individual’s needs.
    My father was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was four years old. He went from being a good father, husband, and provider, to a man who was extremely paranoid and dangerous. Had he not been hospitalized and then sent to live with his mother, he too would be homeless.
    Remember, the problem is not only with the individual, but society as a whole. The homeless are human beings too, and deserve our respect. Until you have walked in another person’s shoes, you cannot judge them.

  208. Kev117 says:

    They say half of all homeless are mental patients who went off their meds for various reasons.

    Releasing them from hospitals with nothing but a med script was a cost cutting idea from the Reagan era.

    The taxes really didn’t go down but crime sure went up.

  209. I'd employ THEM over YOU says:

    These creative people are showing way more smarts than the ignorant uneducated common sense challenged buffoons claiming that the homeless are making any kind of money. You show yourselves to be backward suspicious dopes from the dark ages, stuck on believing something incredibly dim because it supports your shriveled sense of humanity and generosity and your resentful miserliness.
    You refuse to investigate or calculate, on no evidence whatsoever you vocalize absolute bollocks about them making $300 a day, in a few hours no less.

    AT a dollar a minute consistently it would take 5 hours of generous donations to reach $300 and that just isn’t going to happen on this planet. That is with everyone giving a dollar instead of occasional people giving change.
    So, reality check, at a dollar in change every 20 minutes, still unlikely, it would make a full day’s take of between 15 to 24 dollars.
    I would employ these creative people long before I would have any of you buttwipes near me, for sure!

  210. Writeonbro says:

    I thought some of these signs were good and creative enough to include them in a video on effective advertising. You can view it brotobro.blogspot.com.

  211. tim says:

    send this to michele

  212. JoanOfan says:

    they are funny signs. But those guys are in bad situations for the most part. How’d that happen?

  213. Ariel says:

    i kinda like this site… :D

    this is hillarious. If I saw these guys, I would take em out to eat, maybe somewhere like Chucky Cheese’s, or AppleBee’s.

    Yay for the homeless man.

  214. jenny says:

    I think the “Homeless Jedi” might be in Ann Arbor. If that is him, his current sign is “Jokes $.25 or 3 for $1.00″.

  215. BullPup says:


  216. P.R says:

    there was a guy who used to play a child xylophone very badly in nottingham, he had a home when people asked him why he said it was just too make people smile, he has a statue now… search the xylophone man :)

  217. Holly says:

    I love the guy in the wheelchair who says he’ll kick you. There’s someone with a great sense of humor. He looks like he’d be funny as hell.

  218. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    Excellent post!

  219. par says:

    ive seen the guy in the sixth one down in nyc back in january, hes got loads of signs, funny guy too

  220. Jorge says:

    Feeling very bad for all these people. I am a doctor, I can advise any medicine not home. Anyway have ever heard about flexeril a muscle relaxant pain reliever.

  221. zy says:

    Time Traveler and CGI are both from Toronto!

  222. MissHavana says:

    Beautifully done, lots of originality. 1 step, & 14 yr old said it best. God bless & merry Christmas 2009 2 All

  223. cirujano says:

    Oh yea, thats exactly what we need, more religious bigots and fundamentalist fuckwits. Like the ones currently lobbing artillery at each other in the Middle East over who has the biggest, bestest baddest god of all and thus possesses the One True Faith. Always been a big help to everyone, back in the days of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Salem trials, etc. Muslim extremists aren’t any worse than Christian extremists; they’re equally gullible, equally stupid, equally convinced of their righteousness, and equally determined to wipe each other off the planet. I just wish they’d hurry it up.

    Churches are corporate machines that use unproven and unprovable claims and fear of the unknown to impose arbitrary and frequently bizarre rules upon their congregations in order to control their minds and thus their wallets. Thanks to this clever strategy, the church now owns more land than any other corporate entity, period. It owns more valuable trinkets, more pieces of art, more historical artifacts, and takes in more money every year than all the banks in the world; billions and billions of dollars anually, worldwide. It pays NO TAX on any of it, and has almost no overhead as compared to it’s income.

    I just have one question. WHERE DOES IT ALL GO? If it’s all going to “worthy causes”, world hunger should have ended decades ago and “homeless” people should no longer exist. Even the ridiculous excesses of some so-called preachers with their personal jets and drug habits and hookers and mansions and cosmetic surgeries can’t explain the disappearance of THAT much money. Presumably, then, there’s a hell of a lot of dough stashed somewhere.

    So, how about those pointy-hatted religious hypocrites get off their self-righteous asses, stop telling everyone to look after each other, and instead turn some of their millions of acres of land and billions of dollars of hoarded cash into homes for the homeless and kitchens for the hungry?

    Failing that, lets start taxing churches. They’re operated as businesses; why shouldn’t they pay taxes like everyone else? With that much tax money we could eradicate homelessness and hunger, and elevate the piss-poor educational standards in this idiot-infested land to something closer to the European average.

    Nah! Let’s just keep up the infantile pretense that there’s some omnipotent buffoon up there whose will can’t be determined by mere mortals (except for a few in pointy hats) and who has a Grand Plan for everything and everyone, which involves great suffering and misery and occasional large-scale disasters — all for our own good, because he “loves us”, and all of which may be subject to random change by the power of “prayer” as long as you “have enough faith”. Yep. That’ll solve all our problems for sure.

  224. STREETRACEN4U says:

    !! i just wanna say this to cirujano:
    you know how you said were does all that money go if there so rich? click on this link
    i dont know if that went through as a link but its a picture of an ATM thats probly were they keep there money!think about it if ur walkin down the road with 1000 dollars and ur homeless!
    first of all 1000$ is not enough to get back on ur feet but thats an example. sence its very dangerouse being homeless y would u wanna carry around all that cash? u also cant keep it back at the alley you stay at because when you get back u might find the trash man threw out all ur stuff. or some other bum stole it. so most likely they put there money in the bank. at least the ones that have money and are just scamming you might. because just because ur homless dosent mean u cant have a bank account. im sure that alot of homeless people are scamming you but really you wont really know unless you see the guy 10 seconds l8r hoppin into a 2010 caddilac on 24″s and headin str8 to the bank. but i mean just if you see someone wearing average clothes o the corner begging dont mean they scammin you. some people are just really fucked up and they need help but some are scamming you. me personly i really dont pay them any attention some1 ax me 4 money they better fuck off (im bout to start censering in a sec. tryin ta keep it PG but its the truth) I mean its hard to get money nowwa days and sum dirty A** F*** wanna come and take that from me? then hop in your nice car and leave? F*** no! thats not gone happen im not gettin played by no homless person. because really i dont got money like that i just caint be givin every mutha F**KA a handout. its not like i dont care or anything but most of them are out there on there own damn faults they dont got no1 2 blame but themselfs and maby the government 4 lettin this S*** happen. now ME i live in AMERICA and america is on a crash course and im tellin people we need to get out while we can b4 each country goes n2 lockdown or sum S*** and nobody leaves & nobody kums. thats y me personally i say in 10 years i wanna be out of this country and im going to move to Saudi Arabia. now i know ur wondering y the fuck would (oops i ment y the F***) would i go and move to the middle east with all the violence and terrism? honestly i think it will be calmer over there then in america in 10 years.. i think it will be america that will have the violence bye then… but again i get off topic sometimes ADHD long story well maby not i guess those 4 letters just about sums up y i get off topic and y im not even bothering with my grammer in this LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG A** comment. but anyways back to the homeless subject. i just really dont know how som1 can go on a day to day basis walking around town knowing u have nuthing… if i were homless i would try and stay at the big citys i know theres more crime but its better then being homless in the middle of F****IN nowhere were u dont got no chance of surviving. but really as im typing this and i know as ur reading this (reallly i woulda been gave up reading this lett alone type it if i was you. kudos : )) BUT its 1:05 A.M.
    jan,2nd,2010 and im tired so im just gonna stop reading this… not reading im mean typing! see how tired i am i caint even type! but 4real no offense if i affended anyone. im not saying i dont care for homless but im saying most r out there because of them and if you were 1 of them that did somthing about it then good for you you want a cookie?? no im 4reall if u made it u can actually go to the store and by a cockie i mean cookie or a cockie cookie idontcare but yeah what im tryin ta say is u made it and now u can buy stuff now…. idk.
    but if u made it hears what i h8 how 10 years l8r UR STILL FUCKIN PLLAYIN THE VIOLIN SOB STORRY ABOUT HARD TIMES! THEN U HOP IN UR MERCEDESE! (i know i spellt that wrong) but ok gnight yall nice typing to you…..

  225. 1 step from homeless says:

    never thought it’d happen to me. Work’d all my life, taught my kids to feed animals before breakfast. Dug my own garden, have overcome death, over come tragedies so many times, educated, more than one career, yada yada….
    you never know….
    and I’m gorgeous and not yet fifty

    slept out doors, am ‘happy’ to be in my motel room for 2 years.
    sorry, I never wanted to be a cynic either.

    I fed the homeless years ago. Just to be Christian. took my 3 youngest kids, did meals on wheels…

    I think Forest said it best…
    “shit Happens”

    and get off these peoples backs. at least they are ‘handling’ it, some just lay down and die. check your statistics in America.
    compare that to the last 100 years on a progressive scale.

    and keep kicking God out of the country….

    just an observation from experience.

  226. Kit says:

    These signs were priceless! What I find funnier though is everyone bickering over the fact that they think ‘every’ homeless person is a lazy bastard who should be sent to Iraq, to earn their keep.

    If they could do that-they would have been able to stay on their psych medications/in therapy, or not been alcoholics/drug addicts & kept their jobs & hopefully wouldn’t have lost their homes & ended up in this predicament in the 1st place.

    There was a mail order bride from Greece who wanted to STAY in Greece who was forced to move to Michigan-(basically sold by her parents to her American Husband)who happened to be a Schizophrenic who was so miserable in America & wanted to go HOME to Greece but her husband wouldn’t let her-she kept running away..even after she gave birth to their children. She lived on the streets. She lived in Greek Town-the Detroit Police Department let her wash her clothing at the Police Station, sometimes she even dried her clothing outside-on a line there-they even gave her a nitestick so she could help protect herself from assailants-& the Greek Town Merchants would Feed her meals. She just died-they had a very larger turn out for her funeral too, she was a bit of a local celebrity in her own right-not that ‘she’ ever realized it.

    So everyone can take their self righteous ‘Street People’ Bashing & Sanctimonious ‘I would nevers’ & stuff them, because if you’ve never known hardship, good for you. I hope you never have to tighten your wallet/purses. I hope your family/friends never lose their homes in a naturual disaster or foreclosure.

    And I can understand thinking-I don’t want someone to get stoned or drunk with my hard earned cash..that doesn’t mean you can’t come out of a restaraunt with a sandwich. Or give the person a juice box, or a piece of fruit. And use your brains, don’t give them something that they need a can opener for, or that they need to cook-they don’t have a microwave. They’ll have to peel off the top of the ravioli’s, so give them the plastic utinsils if you give them soup or something like that, and they’re NOT animals, give them napkins. And some handiwipes. You’d reek too if you didn’t have running water, or a commode. It’s common sense…and No..our Soliders DON’T have it any damn better than a Homeless Person. They don’t have effing Plumbing either–that’s why it’s called WAR–they need disposable wipes & ask for Depends a LOT of the times because they can’t leave the Tank/Jeep and if they can’t urinate in a bottle they’ll piss/deficate their diaper & use wipes later. And don’t get me started on how hard it is for female soldiers & the need for tampons & birth control (for either sex) & the need to send E.P.T. Kits. Yes that was a real request on stuff that was requested.

    So back to Homeless People Posters that were here? They were a Riot. Everyone else…not so much.

  227. a 14 year old that is concerned for you says:

    god loves us all and you should not be saying this

  228. Doggie says:

    1 step from homeless:
    very well put – has nearly happened to me.
    and if one does not have a phone for prospective employers to call back on, simply tell them and check back with the job offer – shows the employer you really want to work when you show back up (even several times). I say that from experience.
    Had no phone and no car – but I got the job at McDonalds. Then Burger King, then . . . . . . .

  229. ChineseInCanada says:

    1 step from homeless, great post. I can relate with you! You’re a good person to do what you did, back then. :)

  230. I burn homeless people says:

    I think we should take all the homeless people and stack them up in water-ways as brdges! Wait… the oil from BP might harm them.

  231. philosopher says:

    really nice

  232. Anonymous says:

    Take a lesson from these guys. Might I suggest: “Will Tell You To ‘GO DIE,’ For Food”?

    Think it over. You’ll thank me.

  233. Me-Mo says:

    There was a special show,on 60 Minutes about a”homeless”guy
    in New York.He drove his Mercedes in from the suburbs,parked it in his personal space in an underground parking lot.That cost about 15k,per year.Changed clothes,into some dirty and raggedcammo pants,a couple of ratty shirts,and an old jacket.Then he panhandled all day.Before going”home”,he would deposit his daily take in his bank account.He made roughly 100k a year.After seeing that show,I’m kind of jaded against handing out my “spare change”.I’m busting my ass,to make my 35 to 40k a year,and this guy was bumming his way to 100k.That is preying on our sense of,There without the grace of God,goes I.

  234. Silverfang says:

    Don’t let yourself be fooled by this propaganda-shit. Of course there are abusers, as one can find them anywhere one cares to look. But it definitivly is as hard a work as any promotion-activity. Only difference is the homeless being his own “product” to promote while getting “credited” with a lot more aggression. It’s a kind of living not everyone is capable of, straining one’s emotions constantly.

    The point I wanted to say: Please get into discussion with a few homeless yourself and make your own point of view and not let some biased tv-reports point you to the “proper” directions like pigs at the slaughterhouse.


    Alexis of Silverfang

  235. ha ha says:


  236. layne25348 says:


  237. LMAO says:

    “negro says please” I’m hysterical over here! that was funny!!

  238. Oztraylian says:

    What’s a Negro?

  239. FCCFU says:

    “I have no legs,I have no legs,”Polish Style Negro” =8^D


  240. korvin says:

    He’s no negro, he’s an octaroon.

  241. none says:

    hahaha that was great

  242. Latina says:

    How can you be sure he isn’t Puerto Rican?

  243. Negro says:


  244. dethkon says:


  245. Diane says:

    Negro. Seriously.

  246. studleyhungwell says:

    nigga, please

  247. FarBeyond says:

    The negro in the wheelchair lives in Cincinnati… Saw him outside Bogart’s waiting for a show and took a pick of him myself…

  248. Dan daman(London) says:

    They made themselves homeless..the stupid fucks!!

  249. Bob Saget says:

    Yea, there’s this guy in Logansport, IN who acts like he’s homeless. My mom, when she was younger, use to work at Papa John’s and said the fucker ordered a pizza every night and had one of the largest houses in town, but he drives around in an electric wheel chair and asks for change.

  250. Cbreeze says:

    ODST, step into the real world. I use to own a business, a wholesale/retail plant nursery in Florida. All winter long we would have 1 or 2 of these guys a week stop in asking for money. I’d offer them a few hours work and sometimes even offer to through in lunch. They always had an excuse about why they could not do this or that. Never, not once in 15 years did one take me up on the offer and it was usually twice minimum wage.

  251. Anonymous² says:


  252. augydoggy says:

    If they are out there 8 hours a day. 6 days a week pan handling . that is a job. the are self employeed. don’t apy taxes, low over head costs. and if they are hungry they can get food. They show they are cleaver, smart, and intresting people. they just like all of us make the world turn and in some caes make it interesting. So do i feel sorry for these guy. HMMMM? not really. A man has to do what a man has to do.

  253. Abhijeet Deb says:

    I second your thoughts!

  254. LAZMAN says:


  255. beltsnspoons says:

    hey guys, im from dayton, ohio and i was really homeless til just recently, and i panhandled for my living for about 8 months or so. yes, i was a junkie, most days i pulled in about 60 to 80 bux in about 4 or 5 hours of pannin and i spent just about every last dime of it on coke and heroin. shitty right? i know but oh well. there are some truths to what all of you are saying but, i dont think anyone who hasnt been there has the right to say how it “actually” is. youre all entitled to your opinions but in fact, you just dont know. im ashamed for what i did. taking hard earned ppls money for my selfish needs. but there are a small amount of ppl out there who pan that are actually just lookin for a meal or a bus pass or something like that. when i finaly got clean (9 months now!) i went out n panned enuf money to get a nice polo shirty and a monthly bus pass (even put that on my sign). found my self a decent job n got myself back in school at a local com college. the other day i went to my favorite pannin spot with a sign that said “yall know me, to anyone who has helped me out in these last months stop and say hello” the ppl who stopped and asked how i was got a huge thank you and i offered each one of them a dollar. im sure some of em prolly gave me much more than that (one guy gave me a $100 bill once!) but its all i could afford. i took 50 bux with me and left with 35. most ppl didnt accept the money n said they were glad they cld help. i told them thank you and apologized for being dishonest. with the 35 bux i had left…i found a guy pannin who i know doesnt use drugs and gave it to him. funny thing, the ppl who wld harrass n start shit with me, did the same thing when i was trying to give back, “OH ONCE WASNT ENUF FOR YOU YOU FUCKING BUM ALL YOU KNOW IS TAKE TAKE TAKE!?!?!” people who act like that are actually in the minority. like that guy goin off n talkin bout how his shrink wld say he gave up all his power or whatef. you have some valid points but for the most part you jump to conclusions n speak out of ignorance and hatred. its not very impressive bruv, sorry. anyways, just wanted to add to what was being said n give the opinion of one of someone who actually was one of these guys in these pics. hopefully its appreciated by some. sorry for all the typos n misspellings but i was a lil rushed n this being nothing but a stupid comment page one a joke site i cld really care less. anyways, be safe ppl. :*

  256. Chiisu says:

    Awesome :D

  257. WTF says:


  258. ODST says:

    Not every homeless person is “too lazy to get a job” or just out to con people, a lot of them are seriously f*cked up. Many have serious and deadly drug problems and a lot more have severe mental disorders that hinder them getting a job, let alone keeping one or even taking care of themselves. Do you really honestly truly believe that people out there are just soooo lazy and scheming that they would rather sleep in garbage filled alleys and looked at as pathetic and lazy by most people out there, not have a family or kids or friends, not have enough food to eat everyday, or heavy clothes in the winter or a bed to sleep in, obviously not have a girl/boyfriend, smell and look like shit and go begging people they dont know and degrade themselves just for peoples spare change that the people give them because to them pennies, dimes and coins dont make a difference but to the homeless can make or break a chance to eat or stave off withdrawal for the night/day…..you think all of these people would go through this shit just so they dont have to work and be lazy? While chances are there might be some, it would clearly be a tiny amount or fraction of a small amount because any reasonable person out there who cares about their life wouldn’t choose to go through that life of loneliness and despair. A lot of homeless people are assaulted ALL the time by sick people who figure nobody will give a shit. Some are even murdered. Another danger is from other homeless people who might steal what you have or fight you for it, homeless shelters are notorious for theft, at least where I live. Not to mention disease and lack of any money for medical care. But hey, they’re just lazy right? Why don’t they get a nice cozy job at McDonalds and make minimum wage that won’t even allow them to afford any place to stay or car to buy, who the f*ck is going to hire a homeless man to begin with anyways? But like you guys say, they’re just a bunch of lazy f*cks who just want an easy life of not working….c’mon gimme a f*ckn break…..

    (of that kit-kat bar)

  259. sachin_ds says:

    hey can anyone tell me what ODST n the rest of u guys are tellin..likin in jus bout 4 lines or somethin….feeling too lazy to read..thank you (ps – im not a homeless person…im jus too lazy)

  260. Adam Hates You says:

    To the unjustifyably sensitive bitch that made the first comment. YOU are what’s wrong with the world today, you fucking hippie. Bitch at the working motherfuckers with an internet connection as opposed the hobo begging for my money. If he can beg, daily, he CAN find a job. No, it might not be a chemical engineer but it would be something. These fuckers won’t take that job because they make more begging for my money, my taxed money, and at the end of the day making more than you or me. They don’t look it because they spend it on drugs and boos. Well boo fucking hoo. Yes, they are too lazy, too lazy to change their life for the better. Now, I’m not talking about the one offs that are mentally ill or whatever so don’t go get all convicted on us. And, break me off a piece of that kit kat? Fag. I hate you.

  261. Adam Hates You says:

    And, OPSD or whatever, your mother is a whore. You really pissed me off. So much, I just blogged all that, I feel like as fag now. I feel like I should go get a Volkswagen and sit at Starbucks sipping a caramel macciato triple flipper latte blah blah while blogging on my Macbook. Wow! Yes, I hate that much. My shrink would say I just gave you all my power, I don’t give a fuck.

  262. NotAlways says:

    Short and sweet to the novel writer above. it is true that many homeless have severe mental and substance abuse disorders, but there are plenty that make quite a bit of money panhandling. in my city a “homeless” man was interviewed anonymously and revealed that he sometimes brought in $200-$500 a day. not too bad IMO.

  263. Anonymous... says:

    Ever been downtown Toronto?

  264. homelessforums.com says:

    help @ http://homelessforums.com

  265. If they did that in London they’d clean up.

  266. Jvkb says:

    Adam Hates You.
    props to you sir. haha would you like a hug now that you got all of that out? I think you deserve one.

  267. jar says:

    Wow… you’re one of those talkative people, aren’t you?

  268. TheNamesGummi says:

    lol i double that
    big ole hug waiting for u :3
    u said everything i was going to <3

  269. HorseDick says:

    In Montreal, there was a homeless guy named Hollywood who would try and hold you up with a banana…

    everytime i saw him he always had a fresh banana.

  270. R says:

    Send me back a note…maybe we’ll chat? Got pics?

  271. I feel for the poor guy that needs a hair weave.

  272. Rudy says:

    he said that homeless people need a little help and that normal people would not do this just cause their lazy. people say get a job but how are they supposed to? who’s gonna hire a homeless man? everyone else was saying that he is wrong and that they CAN get a job,even tough they cant.

  273. cherry says:

    Hi I’m Cherry please call me at 780 240-5926, I love to chat!!

  274. obamasucks says:

    obama throws like a girl.

  275. necrophiliac says:

    is the alcohol research guy in sydney??

  276. cirujano says:

    Right on. Total waste of time trying to earn or save money to improve your situation, it’s completely hopeless. Just scrounge what you can, eat garbage, and save all your money for something really worthwhile: the chance to get drunk and/or high for a couple of hours so you can pretend that reality isn’t the shitty circumstance you’re currently in, and isn’t the same shitty place where you’ll inevitably wake up, hungover, hungry as fuck and broke – again.

    You’re so right, dude, I mean, what’s the point? My hat is totally off to your mad problem-solving skillz. A mental giant like yourself will surely never have to worry about being homeless. Oh, wait…

  277. Solamon says:

    Anybody who begrudges homeless people the desire to get high / drunk has obviously never been homeless before. It’s really the only way to escape such a bleak existence even if only for a short while. I have been there and know what it’s like.

    And it’s not as easy as “get a job” when you have to cart your possessions around with you where ever you go, don’t have a place to clean yourself up, find AND pay for daily transportation, plus generally have to wait around 3 weeks to get your first check, THEN find some way to cash it which is a whole ‘nother hassle in itself.

    If you do manage to get that check, just try saving up the next 5 of them (btw, where are you going to keep that money while you are saving it because if any other homeless person finds you sitting on a couple hundred dollars your ass is going to be mugged that night while you try to sleep or worse yet, have a run in with a cop who just can’t understand where “a person like you came across so much money” so they confiscate it because it must be drug money) so you can afford payment on a little shitty apartment.

    It’s a bad spot to be in. I truly commend those who take it with such aplomb.

  278. tiffany says:

    480 310 7778
    text if you wanna sext ;]
    female, 19, arizona

  279. sam23 says:

    for JD: I’ve never heard a statement that was more true. At least someone cares about the Constitution, though it has nearly nothing to do with this page…

    And as for the rest of you, yeah, it’s okay to laugh at the signs, but to laugh at their situation is simply immoral. Hopefully one day you’re in their situation, then we’ll see who’s laughing. And I guarantee it won’t be you. So give them some slack, and if you see a homeless person asking for change, spare a little, because will a few cents really ruin you financially? I honestly don’t think so. Have a heart will you? It’s people like you who are ruining the human race and plunging the world into degeneracy; I’d rather be friends with some of these homeless people than you low-lifes because at least they’re honest and don’t laugh at other people’s misfortune.

  280. jason x says:

    i have seen signs that say will work for food, i have givin thoes same people a business card and said call me i will put you to work making 5-6 dollars an hour no one has ever called,also in galveston tx.a lady and guy were outside a mc donalds asking for mony for food i went in and bought 4 super size big mac meals the wife ate tyhem fast they guy thru his food on the ground and said i really need the mony not food so after that i dont help sry but if i offer and you refuse then i move on and not look back really

  281. Renee Likealizardonawindowpane says:

    Maybe he wasn’t hungry at that time. Were you nice enough to also give him a cooler and ice to keep his food fresh for when he was hungry later? Am I supposed to be impressed that you were willing to spend money on someone but not actually give them the money that they could have found even more useful?

  282. Bob in SC says:

    Very funny stuff. If I ever saw these on the street I’d give money just for their use of wit!

  283. Øsse says:

    Homeless go home!

  284. Iheartpurpl says:

    Gotta LOVE their creativity during hard times

  285. Lerro says:

    Whatever you say about the so-called “HOMELESS” there are several “HOME OWNERS” who have those exact same traits . . . Crazy, stupid, lazy, broke, looking for a meal, or need money for alcohol. So, why waste so much time on those “HOMELESS” and not even show one snap-shot of a “HOME OWNER”?

  286. Your Maker Is Watching says:

    I completley concur with Try Empathy…..

  287. Been there, done that says:

    I have actually been homeless twice in my life. I was lucky enough to not need to panhandle however do not look down on those who do in order to eat. I have a problem with those who are just looking for drugs which is why I almost never give money but will buy someone something to eat.

    And just as an fyi if you don’t have someplace to shower, receive mail and a call back number its almost impossible to get a job, employers don’t hire those who cannot bathe and how do they get a hold of you with no phone and no mailing address? Just something to think about while you are judging those around you and in whose shoes you have never walked.

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover or a person by their scars.

  288. Ed B. says:

    It’s past time to close the borders to illegal aliens and stop providing them with free welfare. Then, maybe there will be more money for affordable housing programs, food programs and tax incentives for manufacturers to create jobs and make their products here instead of sending our dollars abroad. Stop the illegals from mooching our hard-earned tax dollars and help our own citizens who need it most.

  289. Neel S says:

    AWESOME,Mindboggling,compilations….. “At Wits End” ! Amen !

  290. screwybruce says:

    give a man a fish
    you feed him for a day
    teach a man to fish
    you feed him for a life time
    give a man a dollar you buy him a cheap burger
    teach the man to rob banks you get him sentenced for life

  291. Danny M says:

    You should see a doctor. Most smell is exhaust produced by bacteria and some bacteria can really really fuck you up…

  292. dannie78 says:

    fellas help me out here my girl and a friend i have say i smell as bad as one of them homeless
    i shower almost everyday i just get so anxious and man i tell ya i start stinking pe yaw!
    any advice?

  293. Anonymousasaurus says:

    Jesus fucked up the “Give a man a Fish” thing long ago… bible stories is creepy.

    These pics are great! I’m not one for giving hand-outs, but if someone puts the effort in and gets a laugh out of me, they’ll get some coin. and some of the stories about some of these buggers being loaded are true… certainly not all, nor most, but some. as long as they aint lobbin’ cats at me… carry on.

  294. J.Wilder says:

    The guy on the left in the 20th photo, looks like the FreeCreditReport.com guy !!!!!

  295. tammy says:

    yea i love these signs made me laugh so so much, but i will say that at one time or 2 this wa sme, a back pack and a card board sign, traveling and looking for work and thank th e god i found a home here in illinois, and now me and my kids arent homeless, we lost everythingggggggggggggg, home , job , everything , so we traveled in my truck with a camper and looked for work.i made about 100 a day on the corner at wal-mart with my sign, on weekends even more, but with me getting cheep hotel room for the night for me and 2 kids,, plus food, plus gas and do our laundry or whatever else there was , it went quickly, but someone saw my sign one day, took us to thier home and now i work for the federal prison systems, but dammmm clever signs they are,, hehh lmao

  296. yoyoyocheckitout says:

    I would definately pay $.25 to bitch someone out for awhile. Shit, I’d blow $20 just standing there yelling at em for so many things. That’d be great.

  297. Lizzz says:

    Here are some facts that I learned at a seminar about homelessness from the director of the largest organization helping that Boston’s homeless population. More than half of “street people” (in Boston anyway) have severe mental illness. Most of a certain age were thrown out of state-sponsored mental institutions in the 80s when Reagan cut almost all of the funding for such palces and they had nowhere to go. 100% of street people are substance abusers, but in a huge percentage of cases they became substance abusers AFTER being diagnosed with cancer or other severe but untreated medical problem (obviously they have no insurance).

    I keep a supply of protein bars in the car to hand out when I meet folks with signs. In the winter I buy a box of those handwarmer packets and wrap one around each bar. Give it a try and compare your reaction to the way you feel when you call them lazy fucks. There’s a difference.

    If somebody cracks me up with their freaking hilarious sign they get two protein bars ;) .

  298. Lizzz says:

    Oh and another thing. A very large percentage of homeless men over 60 are Vietnam vets. If I had to design a way to screw up a young man’head enough that he would never be able to hold his life together, I think conditions in Vietnam and the circumstances that greeted the troops upon their return would just about do it.

    If you don’t want to give them any money, by all means keep your change in your pocket. But spare us all the holier than thou bullshit.

  299. whoah check it out says:

    OMG!!! I’ve seen the guy with the “Hi i’m harry” sign b4 in real life! he lives in San Fransisco. the sign that he was holding when i saw him wasn’t nearly as good though… guess he upgraded…

  300. Holy Terror says:

    @ everyone who is bitching about everyone. If things are going poorly for you, try shutting up. If you spend all of your time bitching, you wont have much productive time left in your days. Many people start out with very little in life, but if you live in the western world, there is always, always a way to improve your life and at least achieve a decent standard of living. Always. Yes, hard work may be required of you. You may have to work harder than other people who had things handed to them. That simply is the way things are, and they are that way for everybody. So work hard. Pity no one in the same society as you. Try not to make too many mistakes and when you do fuck up, don’t fuck up in the same way again. Viola. The keys to a decent yet mediocre life are yours.

  301. OriginalDavid says:

    hell, i only go to cinci rarely, and i have seen the wheelchair guy. also, the black ninja guy was in knoxville last year, unless he has a doppelganger. damn greyhound station downtown…

  302. Jessica says:

    Lol, the guy in the wheelchair is ALWAYS outside Bogart’s.

  303. pretty fucking stupid shit right here says:

    ur site fucking sucks all all of you niggers are fucking lame

  304. Hepcat says:

    Do the world a favour and don’t breed.

  305. Rich Lady says:

    He probably “cleans up” at the Rich Lady’s house (WINK!)

  306. C-Reg says:

    thats funny, i thought that i had seen him before in anchorage. like 2 yrs ago, but he look a little different….he had shaved.

  307. Jayne says:

    Homeless Bill! I was hoping he’d be on here. I’ve seen him with that very sign.

  308. Deeez Nutz says:

    I live off of Tudor/Lake Otis & haven’t seen this dude, where does he hang out? Anchorage has the biggest homeless problem I never saw coming…

  309. Jabes says:

    Homeless Bill lives here in Anchorage, he cleans up.

  310. DeadHorse says:

    Thanks for not ending with a funny twist photo at the end.

  311. rachel says:

    this was classic! keep up the good work

  312. eb says:

    wow, looks like all the clever panhandlers, live elsewhere. all we get here in my city are signs that say. hungry. please help.
    i think the signs posted here are funny.
    i keep bottled water in my car,sometimes lance crackers. and that is what i hand out to the people asking for help, i see them all over the city.
    i’ve never had a single person not look at me with gratitude. you guys that think these people are in it for the cash, spend your money on a hooker, they’ll surely fuck you for your money.

  313. tom says:

    do roboty czarnuchy!!!

  314. DENNIS STEPHENS says:


  315. niatsabes says:

    RE: Replaced by CGI

    Hey! That’s my street!

  316. jake says:

    I loved this article, I loved it even more when I read it last Friday on Oddee.com.

  317. hipn0tiik says:

    if i saw some of these signs id throw them a 5 dolla bill

  318. Wykop says:

    W Y K O P K U R W A A A A !!!!!!!1

  319. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    I’d pay that guy to cuss people out. I’d start with my boss.

  320. JoanOfan says:

    you’re a sweetie.

  321. Carol says:

    Those signs are good. I do admit that I might be tempted to give some of them some money if I had it to give. My husband and I are barely making it now ourselves especially since I am now on unemployment and he receives unemployment 1 day a week through a job share program his work arranged. When I can I hand out some Trio bars to people that I see on the street with signs. I am a diabetic who usually keeps Trio bars in my vehicle in case I need them when my blood sugars drop. I give out the extra bars if I am heading home and see some one with a sign. I figure at least they can have a little something to eat that is good for them as Trio bars have nuts and fruit in them and are a healthy snack.

  322. 1whohasovercome says:

    sounds like you got it all figured out cirujaino.what happens 2 u when when u die.u can b prepared.u can fail 2plan or u plan 2fail.sounds 2me like u should have a brilliant plan.lets just hope 4 your sake HE sees it that way.till then …..bprayin4u

  323. Anonymouser says:

    Shout out to 3rd from the bottom….Eureka, CA! – Peace ya’ll

  324. oxsaddle says:

    panhandling has been around since the western days when fiddle players or piano players plied their trade i personally have been doing it for over ten years and find it rewarding in not just money

  325. oxsaddle says:

    i also give back its not just an all take no give thing with me if im doing good somebody else is too i share when i can thats what its all about

  326. oxsaddle says:

    did it ever occur to anybody that some people find away to meet people some type of weird social interaction ive been flying for over ten years and the stories i could tell you would make a comedy show i do it for a vareity of reasons but money is not always my M.O.i met my current wife after becoming homeless,i meet lots of interresting people,i get jobs,sometimes i get tittie shots and yes sex if i want it.so dont be so hasty their my ignorant friends some people are just as smart about panhandling as you are about whatever you specialize in maybe more so PEACE!!!!!!!

  327. iPodLuverStellza1324 says:

    Haha! That’s so funny. I just wanted to say that I saw a homeless guy sign in San Francisco that said: “Too ugly to get laid, need money for a hooker…” haha just thought that was funny.. but these are great xD

  328. Hailey says:

    Why is everyone mad at the homeless pan-handlers, I mean if you could sit on your ass and make money begging, and didn’t care about your self-dignity wouldnt you do it too? I know I would. They wouldn’t make so much if people didn’t give to them. I for one love reading their signs and find them mainly to be funny and light hearted. I feel sorry for the real homeless though because people beat them up and hurt them all the time. Much love to the bums :)

  329. dumbass says:

    Mine’d say “Proffesional autonomous robot technician, I’m under cover, need $2.00 to buy Opimus a quart of transmission fluid.”

  330. super_starr162001 says:

    This is too funny!