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25 Bad Santas

They’re all eating, drinking, sh*tting, f#@king Santa Clauses.


18 Responses to "25 Bad Santas"

  1. Dr. Pepper says:

    why do you need a christmas card? its not like you have friends.

  2. omgwtfbbq says:

    Check & mate.

  3. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    Between the flasher Santa, the posing nude Santa, or the headstone Santa, I now have my next Christmas card.

  4. Chess is gay says:


  5. Hong Kong Fuey says:

    Hispanic Santa being locked up by Hispanic cop! Awesome!

  6. supermanlymangunowner says:

    idk man that cop is a toss up between gook,spook and spic

  7. you're an ass says:

    Yea and your mom was licking my nuts last night

  8. I guess your the ass says:

    Well, It was classy. I mean She was being as neat as she could while she gobbled my shnobble.

  9. Who is an ass?? says:

    Oh, that was classy.

  10. keeper of the Playboy archives says:

    that last one is downright hilarious

  11. WTF?? says:

    Where is Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa fucking Lauren Graham in the ass??? “You won’t shit right for a week!”

  12. pratik says:

    That’s what I expected the last pic to be.

  13. kneegrow please says:

    Im going to dip my ballbag in vermont maple syrup, and drop them on your foreheard while i create a replica of the mona lisa with my ass hairs. then while thats going on ill be baking a tray of cinnamon walnut cookies to give to your mother after I absolutely pulverize her mctitties with my 8 inch manhammer. All the while, your sister is outside washing my 1992 ford taurus wagon. Just when you thought it couldnt get any shittier, youre little brother gives me a sandwich he bought at the deli for me with his own lunch money.

  14. kneegrow is a douch says:

    Could you just shit on my face instead?

  15. Dr. Pepper says:

    Who gave you permission to go on the internet? Go away. Nobody loves you and your adopted.

  16. Clark W. Griswald says:

    can i has treacle instead of maple syrup?

  17. Noob says:

    Where can I find some pickled flavored chips?

  18. Noob says:

    Kneegrow please – LOL!!