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25 Beautiful Boxing Babes

In lieu of all the domestic violence allogations and infidelily, we’d like to take the time to post 25 girls you shouldn’t f*ck with.


27 Responses to "25 Beautiful Boxing Babes"

  1. God says:

    your wrong id definitely fuck with theme

  2. heynowdude says:

    Don’t know # 1, but # 2 is Sara Jean Underwood a smokin’ piece of ass!

  3. BillyBlaze says:

    What’s up with all the photoshopped pics?

  4. remymar says:

    They forgot the hottest Russian boxing babe who is really a world champ fighter, unlike these posers.
    Sexy lingere photos: http://tinyurl.com/yzs477r

  5. suck it says:

    fucken losers!

  6. suck it says:

    fuckin losers

  7. xavier says:

    thats what ur mom said last night

  8. brandon420 says:

    sweet comeback homo. go shove a vibrator up your nose

  9. godsend says:

    shut up both of you. im having sex with both of your mothers right now. and to be honest, ive had better

  10. godsent says:

    shutup godsend. im having sex with you right now. and im not either of thier mothers. and pass me the lube please. and thank you. fuckin losers

  11. godsending says:

    theres clearly some confusion here. Im sitting here masturbating to both of you as you watch golden girls while sharing a pint of ice cream.

  12. godrecieved says:

    ok, all of you were clearly lying. im the mother of both of those two. and godsend is my husband. and all of us are playing tag, naked in the backyard right now. don’t be rediculous.

  13. godmailer-daemon says:

    *TAG! u’r it

  14. Godsendsdog says:


  15. GoDoGo says:

    The blue dog is in.
    The red dog is out.

  16. suck it says:

    fucken losers

  17. Weight Loss says:

    Easy now. Some of these woman are truly hot.

  18. xavier says:

    ok the vibrator is in my ear. now what?

  19. LX says:

    Everlast? I would be lucky to last 2 minutes!

  20. Diet Cleanse says:

    1/2 of these photos are totally hot the other half are total BS. The chicks have never boxed a day in their lives and had someone put some gloves on them and told them to cover their tits.

  21. JacktheStripper says:


  22. jim aiken says:


    your a fuckin pro

  23. brain colonic says:

    Your comment is BS. You looked at all the pictures, then sat there and typed with your fingers about how those photos were done. All on your computer too, in english, using words and punctuation, while breathing, on earth.

  24. T-Bag says:

    anyone know who girl #1 is?
    i need more..

  25. pratik says:

    I didn’t know that you could box while wearing a fancy haltertop.

  26. MOWREZ says:

    The last one looks like your moms pussy

  27. St. Pete's finest says:

    Jenna Shiver is a real Boxing babe! A local girl in St. Petersburg FL, and I think she fights for a world title this weekend, it will be on VS, check it out! Also check out Jennashiver.com