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25 Best Memes of 2009

I like memes, you like memes, we all scream at other people who like memes!


37 Responses to "25 Best Memes of 2009"

  1. Demosthenes says:

    Cyanide and Happiness isn’t a meme…

  2. Lord Satan says:

    I bet you to name them all…
    I know… I’m evil.

  3. What??? says:

    Did you really just say that Kanye is a great musician? Really, Donzaloog?

  4. daym says:

    Did you really just read donzaloog’s wall o’ text?

  5. Anonymouss says:

    I think you are confusing “meme” with “random stuff that got popular on the internet.” One does not necessarily mean the other. Case in point C&H and photobombs.

  6. Anonopotamous says:

    So much of this shit has been around well before 2009. Also, in the few instances that you actually DID manage to post a recent meme, you posted the most unfunny of the lot.

    And yeah, Cyanide and Happiness is less of a meme than Milhouse.

  7. Bob from enzyte says:

    hey you.

    shut up.

  8. Assault Commander says:

    The post was ok but the comments are way better.

  9. Mr rage says:

    Lol @ ragetoons meme

    see ragetoons.com for more

  10. no-ty says:

    What a fail list. So much shit on here pre-’09

  11. Reginald says:

    The majority of these have been around LONG before 2009. Great job, dumbass.

  12. donzaloog says:

    That David Caruso one was hilarious. Is he putting on a second pair of shades? That one legged chick is pretty hot, didn’t even notice she had one leg until somebody commented on it, I’d still fuck her. The handicapped need love too. Kanye West is cunt. Great musician but still a cunt. That beard takes that baby’s face perfectly. Ceiling cat could watch me masturbate if he wants, the only people I’m gonna stop masturbating for are my parents or if an actual chick shows up or other human beings. Nobody wants their parents to catch them masturbating in front of the family computer, that makes for an awkward conversation.

  13. Mike D says:

    That pancake-bunny picture used to be my msn picture back in 2002.

    /trombone slide at the fail

  14. Shane says:

    Can someone please exzplain the bear and the black dude? I’m pretty dumb. Also, please refrain from shitting in my eyes.

  15. Scantily Clad Middle Aged Man says:

    The bunny with the pancake on its head has been around for about 6 years. My college roommate was using that all the time sophomore year of college. You need to keep up with the times. You’re so 2003!

  16. AnonymousFUCKSTICK says:


  17. Bob from enzyte says:

    your pretty violent for being a girl and all. just saying.

  18. HOT says:

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  19. bluargh says:

    people who are first at commenting are usually last in everything else in life

  20. Just practicing! says:

    I REALLY am looking forward to getting the first “FIRST” of 2010. I am just practicing.

  21. daym says:

    I REALLY am hoping you get the first anal raping of 2010. Why don’t you start practicing that too.

  22. DonkeyXote says:


    you can never go wrong with butt-rape jokes

  23. Couriers says:

    Couriers is coming for the FIRST of 2010.

  24. KingGreat says:

    Couriers, I swear to Jesus, I am going to stop plowing your mom conventionally and stick it in her ass if you get the first comment of 2010. Then I will shit twice as much as I normally do in your eyes. All this can be yours if you get the first comment. That is how much I like fucking your mother, and shitting in your eyes.

  25. daym says:

    I’m pretty sure Ceiling Cat has been around, watching us masturbate since before 09, but nonetheless, great list!!

  26. jethro says:

    keyboard cat is my god

  27. DonkeyXote says:

    Cats rule!

  28. Acai Berry says:

    The Gay Test is #1 for sure.(I passed thank you)

  29. Private Johnson says:

    Did you not see the boat? I mean it’s clearly taking up a large portion of the image, how can you not spot it? The girl is cute and all, but if you can not spot the boat is in there as well, I think you have a problem with your eyesight, not your sexuality.

  30. Plaguebearer says:

    Im getting the first first of this decade

  31. Bob says:

    considering this decade’s first was in the past would imply that you need to use past tense, unless you are referring to the next decade, which would make sense given Thursdays date either way “You ,sir, is a dumb ass!”

  32. GrammarLad says:

    “You, sir, are a dumb ass.”

  33. GrammarLad'sAsshole says:


  34. Al-P says:

    where THE FUCK are the bachelor frogs? once again, you’ve let me down with the shitty list, holy taco.

  35. gpcxii says:

    I didn’t even notice the parking girl was missing a leg.

  36. Michael Schumacher says:

    cause you were busy with your dick

  37. Tom says:

    that actually made me laugh out loud