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25 Bizarre Bagged Foods

only puke

Science can’t explain it, but some foods just become terribly unappetizing when they’re put in a bag.

rap snacks

bagged shrimpy something

bagged pickle

bagged cheese curds

bagged cereal

bagged pork

bagged cheese cereal?

bagged fat back

bagged pizza

bagged mojito

bagged mayo

bagged ice cream

dirty biker chips

bagged beer

bagged beetlesbagged water

bagged salsa

bagged food

bagged chili

bagged egg

fake cheese

bagged banana

bagged lasagna

bagged Canada

9 Responses to "25 Bizarre Bagged Foods"

  1. Boo says:

    those bagged mojitos are pretty bitchin’

  2. Gonzobot says:

    Hey, piss off with the milk bag hate, it works perfectly eh. Just cause you’re too dumb to use it, doesn’t make it an inferior system of milk distribution.

    • IDEAL says:

      i had some of that parmalot milk in a bag and it was delicious! keeps for a long time unopened in the cabinet too. i got it from a food bank but i wish i knew where to purchase it.

  3. Blah says:

    My favorite is the the pickle with the top hat saying “DILL.”

  4. Eric says:

    We have bagged milk in Wisconsin too.

    • Saage says:

      Bagged milk is prevalent in areas that do not have much refrigeration. With a shelf life of 6 months, it is really good in those areas. Usually sold in 1 liter bags of cartons, it is usually consumed quickly.


    stay in school or youll end up on dancing with the stars

  6. BS'er says:

    is that beer in a bag? if so… sweet