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25 Bizarre Halloween Candies

Halloween is about a month away, which gives you plenty of time to track down and buy some of these weird candies.


89 Responses to "25 Bizarre Halloween Candies"

  1. terra says:

    sorry, love. but this is the real world. people like a good fight. especially americans (no offense.) but america does enjoy the “not-so-nice”. (football looks like such a painful sport! people getting their noses broken, get their legs into a fix, break a couple bones, black eyes. *shivers* but it IS entertaining. especially in america; football is, after all, one of the greatest american past times, even though it is such a grueling sport.) but hell, i’m from essex, england and we like a little fight here and there ourselves, love!) it’s what makes things so entertaining. for anyone as a matter of fact. i mean, who wants to read a story about a lovely set of birds all getting along, eating their crumpets, on a lovely day in Bruges, eh? we as people stray more towards violence or the absurd because it intrigues us. i wouldn’t be reading all the way down to your post, had i not noticed the violent, yet slightly hilarious, posts that some of these people wrote! but that’s just the way the world works i guess. sorry, love.

  2. terra says:

    now THAT is a sick joke, love……….but i couldn’t stop a chuckle from comin out of me. lolz

  3. terra says:

    ha ha ha! i love that come-back, A. Nell Fisher.
    very nice, love.
    and the word is “anonymous,” love, not “anon e moose.” maybe you should spend more time thinkin up a better nickname than that. to be honest, if i was the person who just had to write a post like that to us all about wasting time, i really wouldn’t care, much less think of a weird username like that unless i was genuinely intrigued as to what people might say about my comment. so clearly you are intrigued and do subconsciously enjoy this. (maybe as much as you enjoy that white stuff on your chin, eh? lolz) if you didn’t really care and you felt so disgusted by all this rubbish we say, i don’t think you’d take much time in writing your little bit. you would’ve just said to yourself “these people are a bunch of wollies,” and turned off your computer to go and do something more useful with your time than sit on a computer thinkin up stupid usernames to use for a supposedly “serious” comment like that.
    and frankly, the fact that you had to stop and think of a name like that to add to such a serious comment is ironic, but mostly it’s quite….oh, what’s the word i’m lookin for, eh? ah, yes: pathetic.

  4. Dr Solerman says:

    “If you eat REAL babies, you will live forever”

    There is medical science that backs this up…I would do it. My sister just had a baby 3 days ago………yum yum little man your uncle is hungry!!

  5. Dr Solerman says:

    The Sleeping Dead Fetus Candy Dish – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIgWd1VnAbQ

    The perfect place for the dead baby candy to go in!

    Welcome to MY World – Anyone who has read this page will be cursed three days from now. To remove this curse go and do one good deed today and post it here! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  6. Anon-E-Moose says:

    Wow. This is ignorant even for me. How did some pictures of gross candy turn into a 2nd grade taunt fest? Do you people feel cool now that you’re old enough to say “fuck”? I bet you giggled every time you typed it. I’m not sure what kind of socially deprived lives you live, but get out of your house and stop posting ridiculously unfunny criticisms of other people just because you have nothing better to do with your time.

    And yes, I realize I’m doing the same thing and wasting MY time, but the fact that I recognize this makes me slightly less pathetic than all of you.

  7. ponyhead says:

    ads by google, your’s is the best reply of the bunch! I LOL’d till I ROFL’d!

  8. JoJo says:

    i didnt bother my sister

  9. YUMMY says:

    I found some of this candy at a dollar store called “Dollar Tree”

  10. Anonymous1 says:

    I donated money towards autism research.

  11. Liz says:

    really creepy…were they supposed to be aborted babies?

  12. YourMamma says:

    I fucked your mom, does that count? Oh and your girlfriend to..she was niceeee

  13. insideofyou says:

    im back duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh. how has the candy been perceived??? will it make for a feast? or simply phaaaaaaaaade awaaaaaay
    if you dont believe me, ask the dishes……
    lolololololol i am the curator of the lololololol museum. get a season pass now!!! save big buckz on admission!!!?

  14. utah 29-105 says:

    dude, you shroomin

  15. k483 says:

    I think the babies are actually clay figurines, thrown in for humor.

  16. Daneh says:


  17. bringback'deadbaby'jokes says:


    “What is the difference between a dead baby and a bowling ball ?”

    (You can’t boil and eat a bowling ball…)

  18. MyAcneDoesntLookLikeThat says:

    Hey,how come the Acne stuff has the ‘red’ on the top, and the ‘white’ on the bottom ?

    I mean, isn’t that JUST THE OPPOSITE of how they REALLY look ???

  19. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Your comments are valued and appreciated. And there’s some sticky white stuff on your chin.

  20. AlcoLOL says:

    Good observation. Asshole

  21. John F. C. Taylor says:

    Wasn’t it Caddyshack or Meatballs that had the Baby Ruth floating in the pool? I wonder if that’s where they got the idea for the turd candies.

  22. peace says:

    why does every one have to be mean to each other??? cant we all be nice to people????

  23. C. Norris says:


  24. AmomwhoWAS havingabaddayuntil says:

    If Tortugawanda had a web site, youtube, anything where we could go daily and be refreshed by this wisdom, which in the face of what’s really happening in the world is actually quite witty and charming, I and my family would go there as would millions and he or she would get sponsors and be filthy rich. I hope to hear soon that you come out and post opinions on everything. We will read them and pass you on and on to as many new fans as you deserve. Thank you for being in this world and please be a sperm donor to create many more with your genius DNA!
    God Bless

  25. AmomwhoWAS havingabaddayuntil says:

    If Tortugawanda had a web site, youtube, anything where we could go daily and be refreshed by this wisdom, which in the face of what’s really happening in the world is actually quite witty and charming, I and my family would go there as would millions and he or she would get sponsors and be filthy rich. I hope to hear soon that you come out and post opinions on everything. We will read them and pass you on and on to as many new fans as you deserve. Thank you for being in this world and please be a sperm donor to create many more with your genius DNA!
    God Bless

  26. michael-myers says:

    i am assuming by all these lame posts that you all swallowed the real spermies.

  27. Stephhneyy says:

    i wish they said where you could get all the candies

  28. frankis says:

    DID SOMEONE SAY SHROOMS?????????????? IM IN anyway my old lady wants to know where to get SPERMMIES she cant get enough

  29. bebe says:

    hey i like kitty litter box cake my g-ma make it a lot its good

  30. Oh my!..... says:

    I made a “dirt” cake for my kids, I mixed chocolate pudding with crushed oreos,baked a chocolate fudge cake, iced it with fudge icing & the pudding mixture. Then I sprinkled crushed oreos on top of it all & made the realistic gummy worms “crawl” from underneath the icing & lay on top of the cake. My kids loved it, little messy but worth the smiles! I have 8 kids & all of them enjoyed it thouroughly,from the 2 year old to the 12 year old. TIP: Make sure you don’t let them eat on carpet & make sure they have on an old shirt.The cake was pretty cool & we decided it will be on our halloween party treat table.

  31. Looks nummy says:

    I’m pretty sure I had a miniature version of the Pet Rat candy before. It’s delicious!

  32. Zeke says:

    Crackheads are AWESOME. I actually just bought some today. lol

  33. coolgirl says:

    did anyone notice that the word sperm is in the word spermies

  34. coolgirl says:

    are they?????

  35. Shamsizzle says:

    Do they really give this stuff out to kids on halloween?
    thats really messed up.
    This was a funny article, and I thought the camel balls and spermies were the best one’s. They kept me laughing for 5 minutes.
    But the babies….They were a bit creepy

  36. anonymeps says:

    A different twist to the dirt cake is a litter box cake. my aunt and i make it every year for her halloween party. it’s 1/2 german cake, 1/2 white cake crumbled and mixed together with a box of vanilla pudding, white cookies crushed and sprinkled on top, with some set aside and colored with green food coloring then sprinkled on that, then take tootsie rolls and warm them in microwave for 3seconds and shape into shape of cat poo and place in the cake wherever you think it should be.

    it’s always a hit, no one ever wants to have the first bite. it’s awesome.

  37. anonymeps says:

    p.s. serve in an actual litter box and with a litter scoop. that is what does the cake justice.

  38. insideofyou says:

    i let kurt know about the candies…..he hasn’t come back with the toxicology report yet. looks like we’ve got a manhunt on our hands. WHO WIL SAAAAAAVE YOUR SOULS? exactly jewel, thank you for that.

    remember folks, korea 10 you 0

  39. normal person says:

    You are a disgusting freak!

  40. tortugawanda says:

    OH MY!!! What have we here? Some “wannabe” clever dialogue between the “Tim Leary Twins”. Sounds like mr./ms. inside simply found an old bottle of grandma’s mogan david wine in the fruit cellar while she vacations in Alabama. The rush of genius probably occurred at the end of “Cold Gin” from Kiss live at CoBo Hall. Probably typed in a hurry after remembering to replace Grannie’s missing booze with water and food coloring. Let’s see mr. Utah or Dakota or somewhere nowhere west gets “groovy” by talkin “shrooms” maaan!. Bet the closest connection there would be some dried stems left on a carpet. Closer to truth would be a flashback from Blotter acid, you took at a party, while smoking a cigarette in a dark corner alone, as you watched the fun pass you by?. “SHROOMS”?? – HokaHEY is still waiting at the totem pole “SKIPPY”!!

  41. tortugawanda says:

    Hey “Alco…” I am so proud of you!! Nice to see that you can indeed humble yourself to the truth! Now we can all agree, it was a good observation – you did in fact misspell your name – write it down so you never forget (slowly now) A S S H O L E – good job! Now get some sleep and practice spelling your name again tomorrow

  42. A. Nell Fisher says:

    It’s official, tortugawanda posts the gayest fucking shit I have ever read.

  43. George T says:

    Oh jesus FUCK … epic fucking comment fail.

    Do you have, like, a LOT of cocks up your ass right now, or just a couple? Kill the fuck out of yourself already.

  44. ads by google says:

    better yet, for authenticity, have the cat shit in it and bury it.

  45. terra says:

    I just read these comments about all this crazy candy shit, and seriously, while some of you guys are hilarious, others are getting waaaaaay too worked up about this. i mean c’mon. it’s halloween. candy is supposed to NOT look like candy. lolz

  46. douchepickle says:

    lol no it says no salt added

  47. slutwhore says:

    Very bitter I would think…teehee

  48. Chris says:

    With a hint of bleach

  49. EGON says:


  50. KC's wet dream says:

    I wonder what that candy REALLY taste like.

  51. MrKillson says:


  52. dblack says:

    i also thought it looked like the clay babies!

  53. SheilaRawr says:

    The babies are marzipan.

  54. Grizzley-1 says:

    COOL-I LOVE marzipan.

  55. Ackman says:

    I never liked eating the toes of babies, they’re too crunchy. Everything else is all soft and chewy, it’s so sweet, too.

  56. Keep fuckin that chicken says:

    Mmmmmmmm babies

  57. sav says:

    I think the candy babies is a joke, Where i think they got the picture from is a lady (Camille Allen) that does clay art.

  58. Pezwitch says:

    Nope – the babies are clay made by Camille Allen.


  59. nerd says:

    If you eat REAL babies, you will live forever…

  60. Liz says:

    My aunt used to buy me the gum cigarettes whenever we went to the Flea Market. Those were great, but it is probably a good thing that they aren’t sold anymore (at least nowhere i have seen) because that is definitely one way to tell kids it is okay to smoke.

  61. tortugawanda's Master says:

    Literly this bitch tortugawanda needs to get a life or be locked up so he can be fucked in the ass- oh wait he already is by his mommy

  62. slutwhore says:

    you need some of the vomit candy..it suits you

  63. anonymous19 says:

    and you really need to shut the fuck up ^_^

  64. Dee says:

    Some of that crap looks so nasty…. That gummy stuff like little gummy pizzas etc tastes like rubber it’s digusting candy for halloween or anything.

  65. limned primary says:

    yeah, that’d be NORTH Korea, not South

  66. Vegas says:

    Decent food, hot girls but literally the worst country in the world populated by xenophobic assholes

  67. insideofyou says:

    ive had the zit popping ones, taste like rubber. LOL SO MUCH PHUN @ EET THO FTW!!!FTW!!!! KOREA FOREVER JINTAO!!!~~

  68. Bawk says:

    its sad that ive actually tried some of those candies.

  69. Your all gay says:

    Listen to yourselves. It was an article about gross looking candy. You dumbasses turned it into some argument about everything but the subject. Ridiculous! I bet you are all on the sex offender list, picking up 13yr olds off th internet for “pleasure.” Grow up, if your going to blog, blog about the subject rather than attack each other with moronic insults that I used back in 8th grade!

  70. i like dicks says:

    change your name to you’re* thank you for blowing me!!!

  71. Jill says:

    No kidding, these people are a bit psychotic!!

  72. Dee says:

    Wow talk about people on here w/ major issues…..

  73. frog says:

    Whoever comes up with some of these ideas has way too much time on their hands. These are definatly things that will be on the table at my halloween party.

  74. Nanananananeenoonana says:

    OOOO I had one of those polar bear things except it was a dog.

  75. tonighttheyfly says:

    Then it was one of those dog things then right?

  76. GlamorousGail says:

    The meat balls can be found at a store in seattle called Archee Mcfee thats where alot of candys on the list came from if you google archee mcfee thers an online store

  77. Orphelia says:

    Where can i find the meatball gum and creepy edible babies?

  78. tortugawanda says:

    Deep comedy there; “Chuckles the Fly” WoW at the store – ha ha ho ho cough cough! Good little jokester Funny tee hee hee!
    Did you read that off the back of a koolaid packet? Think hard now “chuckles”. Come on now ZIPPER NECK you can do it??.ro scottish Can’t remember the flavor? Just go to the mirror and look at the color of the stain surrounding your flapping BOLOGNA lips! Good little fly – Dipstick!!!….

  79. tonighttheyfly says:

    at the store

  80. nemesis says:

    it is nearing that time of year

  81. toasty says:

    wow dude. do you really have to be that harsh? granted,it’s kind of stupid to comment on something without saying anything remotely important, but do you really have to put him down like that? this was only a minor offense. my analogy is this: dropping the f-bomb on japan for looking at us funny.

  82. times pomeroy says:

    you must just be mr. fuckin’ personality at parties. great fuckin’ conversational skills there. kill yourself, fucktard.

  83. camelia willam says:

    wall air conditioner unit
    Sweets for my feet
    Sugar for my heart…
    What can I eat?
    You can eat my shoes.
    Is it high in calories?
    Only if it’s got chocolate.
    So I won’t eat…
    my shoes.

  84. soama gillo says:

    The crack, you need to not smoke it.

  85. tortigawandas penis says:

    Im really small

  86. tortugawanda says:

    UHHHHH?? Dee – Just how much experience do you have tasting rubber? Couldn’t possibly be chewing gum. Were you one of those butter and sugar sandwich eating kids, who enjoyed playing on a freshly tar coated street in 98 degree weather?

  87. Dee says:

    nerd not true…….. You are sick and need locked up.

  88. Anony says:

    garbage candy…..now that is classic!

  89. ok says:

    donating to resecreh to CF