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25 Bizarre Human Oddities

These are all strange but true, Believe it or Don’t. 


56 Responses to "25 Bizarre Human Oddities"

  1. Mel says:

    You’re right, there is no crime, ignorance or stupidity ANYWHERE else in the world! Keep your eyes closed if it makes you happy…dipshit.

  2. LongLiveTheJews says:

    I’m just here supporting my people. Can the inbred redneck hick hillbilly sister fucks please sit down. Nobody cares what you have to say. (maybe during the bush administration but not anymore) American won’t tolerate your hate anymore. You have more in common with fundamentalist extremist groups than you may think. I hope for your sake that you find happiness and end the hatred in your lives. If not, you will waste your time on this earth practicing hate which will get you nowhere and only bring misery to you and those you love (if there are any). I pity you all. May your ‘god’ forgive for your betrayals against mankind.

  3. Claynoidial says:

    Man id love to have papa smurf disease.

  4. Badass says:

    I’d bang 13 from bottom.

  5. s3xt0y says:

    I agree i’d hit the double headed chick, not that bad lookin, plus to mouths on your dick haha

  6. derek says:

    Just plain ‘ole disturbing…

  7. Shane says:

    Don’t forget about “Tree Man”. Half man, half tree…

  8. nerd says:

    fap fap fap.

  9. yo mama says:

    The girl with the long hair should donate it to Locks of Love…so should the guy 2 pics below her.

  10. fuck canada says:

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that amazon bitch just shit out that midget and the box he’s sitting on. I mean seriously, why else isn’t that little fucker face up heading for the glory hole?

  11. SnakeGirl says:

    Couldn’t agree more :)

  12. Jewish guy says:

    i bet you americans are masturbating to these pics

  13. WolfeMuller says:

    Crybaby Kikes. Go back to Israel, Schlomi. Why else did we give you hooknosed shysters a nice hole in the desert? If Isarael isn’t good enough, just step on board this train.. I swear it goes to Miami.

  14. Stick says:

    It’s not a condition, it’s just something he’s taking. (He thinks it’s good for him.) Doctors told him to stop, that it was hurting him, but he just keeps on taking the shit.

  15. ALL jews are scum says:

    all jews are scumbags, the jews are the only people in history to have been kicked out of every civilization in history

    starting from ancient babylon to germany, jews have spread filth and corruption

    i have seen your crimes in america you motherfucking jews, you will be kicked out, sooner or later

    mother fucking jews

  16. sooljee says:

    I’d be smiling if I had feet like that, too!!!! Dumbass!

  17. Cunt Connasaur says:

    That chick with the long ass hair,gots a long assed cameltoe.But I would still hit it.I would like to climb up on that 8 foot tall bimbo too

  18. NogStomper says:

    Jews are worthless pieces of shit. All jew pictures should be posed on this due to their second heads (nose). GTFO and get gassed you jewbag shyster.

  19. The Bear Jew says:

    Shut the fuck up, ignorant neo-nazi conservatives. Jews are better people than all you jesus christ loving fuckers. Remember your “lord and savor” was jewish also, but i digress. Its pieces of shit like you who make the world hate americans and think we are a bunch of moronic losers. Go fuck yourselves and your crummy lives and families. Just FYI, when you want to put that second mortgage on your trailer home, notice the guys last name who offers you the money. Most likely it is a jew because we are the best at handling money and assets. Fucking LOSERS!!

  20. Nyasia says:

    I’m not the one to judge but those are some pretty weird things.

  21. fuck you jew assholes says:

    fuck you jewish pieces of shit

    you jews have committed the most horrific crimes in american history

    Remember bernard madoff, the guy responsible for the biggest financial scam in human history

    you jews have also been arrested for having sex with children then killing them in front of cameras

    you fucking lousy shit bags

  22. fuck you jew assholes says:

    one more thing, jews are responsible for america’s bad image

    all the military scandals starting from the vietnam war to the iraq war were due to jewish insiders betraying america by using fear and paranoia

    fuck you mother fucking shitty lousy smelly stinky classless mass murdering thieving jews

  23. No me gusta! says:


  24. United Staters are so stupid says:

    You are so stupid, that´s why USA is full of crime, ignorance and stupidity. Ha, ha, ha.

  25. holy shizzz says:

    i love how this collection of pictures is about human odities and the comments end with arguments about weather or not jews betray america. i love holy taco :]

  26. Thallia says:

    That’s from ingesting colloidal silver, which was used for various ailments before antibiotics were invented and can still be found for sale in some countries. Only this guy took too much.

  27. Cat man due says:


  28. USArulesTHEworld says:

    If not for the USA, the rest of civilization would be well, uncivilized!

  29. kristi tackett says:

    these things are truly sad and remember if you make fun u could have one that looks just likes anyone of these

  30. Benjamin Rix says:

    The guy at the very end with the red hair, his name is Jack Punshon, you can find him on facebook here http://www.facebook.com//JJdAP?ref=search&sid=796228538.3659055765..1#/JJdAP?ref=search&sid=796228538.2143275972..1

  31. Matt Bentley says:

    hi my names Matt but u can call me the FIDDLER i went to school with that guy with the big head.. his name is jack punshon my number is 0424370991 ( aus mobile ) call me.

    .>>>> WOW!@

  32. People are People says:

    Yep, you hit the nail on the head, holy shizzz.

    The pictures are of human oddities, but the morons making hate comments on here are the true freaks. The people being portrayed as oddities undoubtedly have a better understanding of humanity than all of the loser/haters combined.

  33. JustinTime says:

    Maxi Mounds. Mmmmmm -_-!
    That fat mexican guy?
    Lazy. Just fucking Lazy.

  34. Captain Sparklehorse says:

    What about this chick? Hot, but what?

  35. Somebody :) says:

    U know ur pretty messed up . what if u were one of those kids and u got laughed at and got given weird looks ? & u know what , u should use the word retarded cuz tht could hurt people emotionaly . u just dont THINK do u? i can tell ur that kind of person who doesnt care for other people and is very selfish . PLUS Ur the one thats fucked up

  36. DaveLovesBacon says:

    Somebody :)

    Did you type that retarded response from a flip phone using a number keypad?!?!?

    You fucking idiots that spend all day texting, even on a computer with a full keyboard, need to try and remember that some of us prefer to read words, not your retarded short-hand.

  37. Thought Sausage says:


  38. fuck canada says:

    @ somebody :)

    If my kid came out like that I’d find the nearest dumpster.

  39. the_lord says:

    watadoosh. lol new word copyright

  40. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    Too bad your Mom and Dad weren’t so lucky.

  41. sooljee says:

    Somebody :) = big girl

  42. pines monkey says:

    fuck canada if i ever see your ass I will find the nearest dumpster

  43. Hot Sauce says:

    Wow. These kids were fucked up. I’m glad I’m not a parent to a retard kid.

  44. I just threw up six times.

  45. BlackZepellin says:

    Some of these are extremely disturbing

  46. sooljee says:

    Nope, it’s Eric Stoltz from “The Fly II,” my mature fellows.

  47. Ghosted says:

    is that last one Carrot Top?

  48. Scurvy says:

    No it’s the main character on the movie “Mask.” Carrot Top doesn’t look much better though.

  49. Finnegan says:

    Nope just your mom !

  50. AssMaster says:


  51. NinJay says:

    Laf at Rocky

  52. lunchboy's gay butt sex partner says:

    Sixth one from the bottom can tongue my sack anyday.

    Also, 3rd from the bottom = Greg Oden.

  53. office jerk says:

    the beardstache was fucking epic

  54. Anonymous.. says:

    Jesus christ. i just ate tacos for supper.
    this was not a good thing to look at.
    The only funny one was the ruling mustache, the others are really nauseating and not awesome.

    Damn you,holy taco.

  55. jablowme, heywood says:

    giggity, most of these people gotta say “why me”? disturbing!

  56. kill em all says:

    A large majority of these people should just off themselves, seriously why live like that?