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25 Blaxploitation Movie Posters

savage sisters
The 70′s were a different time, a time when people thought ‘Hey, black people would make for an interesting movie" and then they set about ensuring anyone with an afro had a gun and/or was looking to do some angry humping.  Enjoy the posters.

human tornado
black six
billy dee
white chicks

17 Responses to "25 Blaxploitation Movie Posters"

  1. D. Harvey says:

    One of my favorites is missing. Blackula. I just don’t know how this could of been overlooked, and in October.

  2. Zung Bee says:

    Wow, thats some pretty cool stuff dude. Amazing.


  3. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:


  4. Spo-dee-oh-dee says:

    Across 110th Street
    The Mack
    Undercover Brother
    The Spook Who Sat by the Door

  5. Shade says:

    LOL. Awesome. Black Six is a pretty good flick. I gotta watch Sugar Hill; I got a box set of 15 blaxploitation movies from wal mart for $5 a while back and haven’t gotten around to all of them.

  6. another says:

    Blackbelt Jones, great movie

  7. Black Shampoo was a major box office hit.

  8. Stillhere says:

    Could these be any more racist. No wonder that the U.S. is still having racial issues.

  9. Billy-Bob says:

    indeed. white man is almost totally off posters. rise against racism against white men!

    btw i noticed there was a white brooklyn-boy Albert Salmi. A true white man with scandinavian heritage.

  10. hatebrand says:


  11. PooDiddy says:

    Wheres Black Dynamite?

  12. Pants alive says:


  13. Simonetta says:

    The original one is missing: Sweet Sweetback’s BadAss Song.

    And the great James Bond/Blaxploitation spoof film “Undercover Brother” is also missing.

  14. Gigger says:

    Um, White Chicks has no place there. Id sooner see Blazing Saddle be there before White Chicks

    You missed alot:

    Pootie Tang
    Boss Nigger
    Nigger Charlie
    the other two mentioned above

  15. orifice jerkoff says:

    welcome to Holy Taco. the last picture is usually a joke.