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25 Carpet Lickers

carpet licker

We appreciate that the joke title of this is only cute till about picture #3 but whatever, just go with it.  See if you can guess what we did for picture #25 before you scroll down to it.

girl licking a carpet

lizard licking a carpet

carpet licker

carpet licker

chick licking carpet

dude licking a carpet

girl licking a carpet

licking something off the carpet

carpet licker

carpet licker

drinking from the carpet

dog licking carpet

chick licking the rug

corona carpet

slave licking carpet

licking the carpet

licking stuff of the carpet

tongue cleaning the carpet

cleaning the carpet

girl licking a carpet

this isn't even carpet

dude eating a rug

down licking the floor

not ellen

4 Responses to "25 Carpet Lickers"

  1. B Dog says:

    Well they did show a real ‘carpet licker’ at the end which I suspected they would, I just didn’t know how they would pull it off. Very clever, HT, very clever indeed.

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    So disturbing!

  3. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    god damn HT you are on FIAH!