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25 Celebirites in Spirit Hoods

Two things you need to know about this gallery.  First, spirit hoods are the latest fashion trend for people whose minds work in such a way as to suggest they should wear what looks like a hollowed out rat on their heads and second, we stretched the definition of celebrity to its absolute limits here and included people we had to Google just to be sure they had a Myspace page and we may have included Ke$ha twice.

3 Responses to "25 Celebirites in Spirit Hoods"

  1. Myles Long says:

    No matter how ridiculous these dumbasses look everyone will follow. I guarantee you they can get all their followers to where pubic hair mustaches if they wanted.

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    My impression, or is that infantile-japanese-cutesy shit catching on? What’s next? westerners piling dozens of teddy bears on their dashboards and the back of their cars?? It wooks sow quute becuz imma 28 yeir baybee!!!

  3. Dennis Nedry says:

    Second from the bottom looks like she peed herself. I guess that’s the price of sheer awesomeness.