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25 Celebrities in Ridiculous Disguises

mel gibson

Mel Gibson recently showed us how creative celebrities can truly be when trying to have some privacy by investing in what is arguably the worst, apparently sincere, disguise in the history of ever.  If he’d put a condom over his head and blown it up it only would have been slightly more sad.  Anyway, in honor of his weak attempt at privacy (silly celebrity) here are 25 people who traded their normal existence for fame and fortune and now feel bad about it.




Pete Wentz

pete wentz
Neil Diamond
neil diamond
Ice Cube
ice cube
Dustin Hoffman
dustin hoffman
Jim Carrey
jim carrey
Heather Mills
Heather Mills
Michael Jackson & Crew
Russel Brand
russel brand
Spencer Pratt
spencer pratt
Charlie Sheen
charlie sheen

Kim Kardashian
KiM kardashian
Michael Jackson
michael jackson

Robbie Williams
robbie williams
Steven Spielberg
steven spielberg
Katy Perry
Katy Perry
Pete Wentz….again
pete wentz
Paris Hilton
Gordon Ramsay
gordon ramsay
Katy Perry…again
katy perry

19 Responses to "25 Celebrities in Ridiculous Disguises"

  1. squirly says:

    Yet another click grabbing top 25 list. Half of these aren’t disguises at all…. jim carrie dressed as a hippy was for an award show years ago… try some real research

  2. Urzella says:

    I trade that for a Dollar

  3. JIng Moo says:

    LOL, pretty funny dude!


  4. Peter Jones says:

    Charlie sheen looks like he is about to rob a bank, its the same as on this youtube video, whre he is drunk http://www.onlyrooms.com/en/hotel/information/budapest_locust_tree_apartments/

  5. Justin Bieber says:

    Why are over half of them unknown or worthless of our time anyways? Cmon.

  6. MinnesotaToker says:


  7. Popeye says:

    I wouldn’t know 85% of these clowns even if they were wearing name tags . . .

  8. jeremy says:

    i’m pretty sure the last one is danny devito.

  9. Urzella says:

    Those poor unfortunate soulszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Nevada says:

    Ciara looks like more of a man than Ian Fortey does.

  11. Cansas says:

    I don’t know or care who either of them are, and you are a douche.

  12. YouSuckness says:

    some of these arent even disguises..

  13. Ian Fortey says:
    I disagree.  If Katy Perry isn’t showing her boobs, she’s in disguise.  Everyone else was trying to hide in some way.
  14. H8er says:

    Who is that last one?? Mom??

  15. Ian is Gay with Obama (allegedly) says:

    gay like Ian (allegedly)

  16. Anaughtybear says:

    I don’t know who the hell Pete Wentz is, so he doesn’t really warrant a disguise.

  17. Orifice Jerq says:

    They day that Holy Taco merged with People magazine.