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25 Chicks in Granny Panties

You know what looks better on a woman than a nice, big pair of granny panties?  Pretty much anything.  But some chicks choose to rock them anyway.


24 Responses to "25 Chicks in Granny Panties"

  1. baird-fuk-yeah says:

    Wait a freakin minute….I thought you said hot….and chicks?

    I ask the question as I am pretty sure I saw ‘Lady’ Gaga in there, and ‘she’ fulfills neither of those criteria

    Thanks for listening, dont have nightmares

  2. Putting that out there says:

    Yea this probably isnt the most interesting title for a gallery of photos, but i was expecting worse..

    *P.S. You should do a gallery of girls in corsets!*

  3. God's left nut says:

    if holy tacos grannies wear these then ill hit them up :)

  4. Ginger Lover says:

    Most of them weren’t granny panties, just normal ones. Some of them were hot. If my gran wore some of those panties, I might get an erection every time I visit her.

  5. MPS says:

    Must of them are big time granny panties, however there are a couple that are definitely not.

  6. Jenny Craig says:

    Babes in granny pants are hot.

  7. Anonymos says:

    beyonce looks like a dude

  8. Anonymousss says:

    Wait, are anything except thongs granny panties now? If those are granny panties, I have no idea what the ones my mother and grandmother wear would be called.

    A lot of those aren’t even underwear; they’re leotards or bathing suits. Fail.

  9. Timmay! says:

    I’m taking it the dooshnozzle writing this article hasn’t actually seen that many panties since he can’t even identify granny panties. WTF HT? Is this from that same dumb ass that wrote that horrid NuvaRing spoof?

  10. Sydney says:

    Except only 7 of these are actually granny panties. the rest are OUTERWEAR CLOTHING, HIPSTER/CHEEKIES, or BIKINI’S.
    God, men, learn your panty-styles.
    Most of these are actually bikini.

  11. YouSuckness says:

    you THINK thats a guy??? you honestly have to be retarded if u think thats a girl.. get out and see couple more pussies my friends.

  12. blowjay says:


  13. Matt Damon says:

    You’re such a selfish, inconsiderate bitch, Ben! I wanted to see granny panties!

  14. Ben Affleck says:

    honestly, how many of us actually wanted to see granny panties? Be happy they weren’t real grannies.

  15. Mitur_Binesderti says:

    Agreed. These kids now days are so used to thong underwear anything not a thong is automatically a granny panty. Dumbasses.

  16. Dagda says:

    Sorry, but most of those were not granny panties… Granny panties are a lot worse.

  17. Anonymous charlie says:

    i’m pretty sure the last one is a guy

  18. Just me says:

    You stole the words out of my mouth… I was gonna say dude tho

  19. Sacredenginex says:

    I’m pretty sure none of these are granny panties. some of them are actually pretty cute.3,6,9,16, and 17 maybe, but nothing really saggy, or over-sized about any of them. I do appreciate the effort to transform normal panties into “granny panties” in the hearts, and minds of young women all over the planet.

  20. Dagda says:

    I think I owe Sacredenginex a coke.

  21. Banonymous says:

    what about 25 man-ginas that would be great

  22. Just me says:

    The only granny panties were pictures 16 and 19 the rest weren’t. Whatever lady gaga puts on her nasty-ass body I could care less, I would rather see grannies in panties…

  23. Grunt says:

    Can’t even get granny panties right, WTF holytaco!

  24. Anonymousss says:

    No shit this site sucks some major monkey nuts.